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  1. I think some of it is and some of it - im not too sure. I watched a most haunted at Tamworth Castle (I got married there!!) and I know of someone who works there and was there when Yvette and co did the Most haunted bit. well apparently, Y and co were rather rude and this lady sat and said "if there is anyone there - will you please get rid of these people" - well (apparently again) all fire alarms and everything went crazy and they had to stop filming. there was no one else in the castle -
  2. its funny, Yvette has calmed down a lot since Derek Acorah left - she was obviously playing up to him for the audience. Last night 2 people got lost in a cave ! they only had to follow the cable out!!
  3. Hello, Ive just registered (im Couperwife - Couperman registered the other day and I got fed up with having to sign on as him, - so here I am) did any one watch most haunted live last night - its on again tonight and im suprised the Yvette Fielding hasnt had a nervous breakdown yet. - she shrieks really well. she spends the whole time asking for something to give her a sign - then when something supposedly does make a sign, she screams - hmmmm, confused, why, why, why

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