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  1. Ive got a parcel and - obviously I've sent mine too Thank you for organising this Cathy x
  2. My mum got her kitchen from Howdens. When you ask for a quote they give you a cook book. If you order your kitchen they give you some chicken mugs Cathy x
  3. Following the kitchens thread... We are having a new bathroom Mum and dad are paying for it for us Now, our bathroom is tiny, does anyone have any suggestions to what we should consider, or totally reject? I have a bathroom designer coming in next week to give us some suggestions and I will get all bathroom companies in the area to do the same, to see what amazing (and expensive) ideas they come up with Any ideas? I really like space chicks idea of the colour changing taps, I wonder if they do them for bathrooms Cathy x
  4. We had a new kitchen about 2 years ago. We went with 2 lots of drawers, one next to the sink like a cuttlery drawer/tea towels, that sort of thing and a large one under the hob - we have a 5 ring hob (I would suggest one ) and double width drawers underneath where we put cooking implements and saucepans we also have high wall units that go right up to the ceiling - we have high celings in here so the wall units a 3 shelvesx high rather than the regulation 2. The only thing is that most "off the shelf" kitchen manufacturers don't make them to measure, they make a standard size and fit it in your kitchen so we had to have ours made to measure, bit more expensive, but we got exactly what we wanted Cathy x
  5. has anyone not posted a photo yet? pm me if you are having problems and ill have a go Cathy x
  6. Freddie sent me her photo as she was having a few technical difficulties This looks amazing - does it smell as good as it looks Freddie? Cathy x
  7. Sorry for the really late post of my present. This is my wall hanging. It is stunning. Cathy x
  8. Am I allowed to join in sfter the near carnage I caused at Christmas. Cathy X
  9. what? I don't know what this is... but I think I might need it C'mon Cat tails, what is it Cathy X
  10. *rushes in late* thank you soo much for my present. I have a quilted wall hanging. with a reindeer on it. its lovely and so professionally made. I would love to be able to make something like that. photo to come. Thank you. Cathy x
  11. How are we all doing for gifts? Mine is here. Thank you Cathy X
  12. Im here. Been super busy. Lsst night we went on the polar express its a train ride from Stanhope station near Durham to the north pole little sproglet loved it, she didn't have a clue what was going on, but she found it all hilarious Cathy X
  13. Maybe I shouldnt be trusted with the organising Can you all check that you have sent me your addresses (check your sent box) I thought I had them all, but it seems not so, I'm claiming baby brain (she is 8 months - how long can I keep this one going) and the fact that I am blonde Cathy x
  14. it is really scary what some people will do isnt it. I would guess it is some kind of program that picks names from your contact list and links them together It worries me that some of these emails go to children who might not be as vigilant as some adults (and also some vulnerable adults) cathy x
  15. sorry people, it was me! only having a few issues with getting photos off my phone... anyway... my parcel my lovely gift I love them Cathy x
  16. I went to see this on Tuesday night (on the recommendation of here ) I thought it was brilliant I found that I really empathised with the monster, even thought he did all of those horrendous things Cathy x
  17. I have just discovered that my (nearly ) 7 month old sproglet loooves Strictly I've recorded them and i've only just got chance to watch (on 2nd show) and Abigail is glued to the tv - admittedly we don't have the telly on very much - maybe she is just interested in the telly so, now I will be watching a little bit more Cathy x
  18. Names have been sent those addresses that I have have also been passed along - I will send the others as soon as I get them in (no hurry!) en excuses aan degenen onder u die uw namen en adressen gekregen in het Nederlands Cathy x

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