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  1. I will be sending names out later today Can you make sure ive got addresses. I dont have all of them yet, so I will be sending addresses soon Cathy X
  2. I love predictive text One of the best ones I saw was when kev sent his brother a text asking if he wanted to go for a riot. He meant pint! Cathy X
  3. So, what does everyone think about 13th December for last posting (its the last posting date for Western Europe ) And, while I think on - can you start to send me your addresses so that I can put them all into my little cauldron and magic your swappee names oooh, its getting exciting - nearly Christmas Cathy x
  4. I've got a gorgeous knitted/crocheted scarf its a lace pattern. in a gorgeous burnt orange colour - I love it a candle with halloweeny pictures around the outside and a bag of Thornton's classics chocolates (or - I did have... we made a dent in them last night ) I love my gifts I also worry that my recipient wont like the gifts - silly really, cos we all put loads of effort into them and every one is very talented (I think i'm a jack of all trades - master of none ) I'm impressed with everything shown - Ive taken photos of mine, so now I'm going to try and put them on... Cathy x
  5. course you can join in plum So, looks like my job then Cathy X
  6. who is organising this swap? I'm happy to organise if no one else wants to but if anyone else wants - I'm happy to sit back Cathy x
  7. Can I join in again? I promise I wont forget to post (or check the post date) Cathy X
  8. OK! so, maybe I need to check the forum a little bit more often. Mine will be in the post today as I hadn't checked the posting date. luckily I had finished it. so im going to the post office very soon. I will get organised..I will get organised ..I will get organised sorry Cathy x
  9. Halloween sounds good to me it could be a halloweeny theme what about a week before as the last posting date? Cathy x
  10. Me, me, me, me Jumps round excitedly Cathy X
  11. You could learn? I think this could be easy or as difficult as you want to make it. Cathy X
  12. Afternoon people Ive had a thought Anyone fancy doing a surprise knit or crochet a long scarf ? So, my idea is that each week, month or whatever we decide on someone supplies a pattern that we all follow for a set number of rows. You decide on yarn type, colour, etc. We all agree on how many stitches and follow the pattern from there. If we do this quick ish, we could have a scarf for Christmas (there...I said the c word!) What does anyone think? Does this actually make sense? Cathy X
  13. apparently Mark Wright has been confirmed. Apparently he is from TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) I really enjoyed Strictly last year - it was the first year i'd really watched it - looking forward to this years too cathy x
  14. sorry your OH is poorly sending positive thoughts, prayers, etc from here too. what about a subscription for netflix? cathy x
  15. go on then Christian...what did you buy cathy x
  16. Oh no...another Omlet must have!!!! now I NEED a parasol I daren't have a paper one - up here, but the sea it would be in tatters in seconds I love the red one, and the red one with a black inside shame I have no money at the moment (maternity leave it not good on the wages!) birthday soon...... Cathy x
  17. Sarah, you need to tell your manager. if this was one of your girls how would you react...? so, thats how you should act. a few of you need to get together and stop it. what if she did it to someone and broke an arm? what if she did it to someone who punched her back and caused some serious damage (you know what she is like it could seriously escalate - badly) ((hugs)) Cathy x
  18. Wow, Clare, she looks amazing Cathy x
  19. sending hugs. it sounds like one of those nasty bits of road you are not a rubbish driver!! cathy x
  20. Any news? Could you contact them and ask for feedback? maybe give them a shove a little? Fingers crossed (still) cathy x

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