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  1. Just short of 6 weeks! Im due on 3rd April. Its gone rather quick... Cathy X
  2. Yes please. I will have plenty of time. Unless sproglet comes early. So i should get making now Cathy X
  3. I think this was the chefs salt recipe I used I have a few, I could be wrong...but they are all similar 1 cup salt 1 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon black pepper 1 teaspoon white pepper 1/4 teaspoon celery salt 1/4 teaspoon garlic salt shove everything in a bowl and mix use on whatever you put salt in. enjoy cathy x
  4. Congratulations! Yes, im also expecting! And it must be the wrigglyest baby in the world Im due on 3rd april. I finish work on 7th march. When are you expecting your bundle? Cathy X
  5. are you a little bored today Mr RIR? It would be interesting to see how many of those members have ever posted, or regularly post (and no, im not giving you more work to do ) cathy x
  6. No idea. Its not in my Simply Knitting magazine. But I will keep looking for you. Cathy X
  7. if you heat up a spikey thing (skewer?) and push it through, then you will be able to sew it on cathy x
  8. I don't know about paint, but what about those glow in the dark sticker things that you can get for kids bedrooms, you could sew them on the coat? then you could put stars and planets on your dogs coat and freak people out I think glow in the dark coats are a fab idea Cathy x
  9. Ithink I would be inclined to go with gut reaction. Cathy X
  10. Ive just prepared everything for tomorrow nights tea. Braising steak and a pile of veg in the slow cooker for stew im going to put a bread on to dunk Love our slow cooker. Cathy X
  11. what do they feel like? are they soft and fluffy? or is the furry stuff wiry? I think they should be fluffy and soft, but I bet they aren't what will you do with them all? Cathy x
  12. Oh, My, Word!! you have humbugs on legs How totally scrummy are they? I have piglet adoration Cathy x
  13. I watched something like this on tv the other day, not sure what programme it was on, but it wasn't this family. I found it really quite scary, it looks unnatural doesn't it. I hope everyone there was ok. Cathy x
  14. Awwwwww, I love little piggles! Congratulations! (Any chance of a photo? ) Cathy X
  15. Ive joined all baby clubs recommended by which? Cathy X
  16. Do you think I can have a baby and still be frugal? I am trying it! So far, ive bought nothing new, im sure I will do soon, but if I can get it for a deal I will do! We are also planning meals and bulk cooking which im sure will be hsndy when bambino gets here I'll keep you informed of my progress Cathy X
  17. Happy new year from here too Im sat chilling and watching Gary Barlow Cathy X
  18. The food processor lives! Which means I have a bit of time to choose a new one I think its on its way out tho, cos it shouldn't stop like that, should it Im going to look at all the suggestions and pick one. Thank you for the help Cathy X
  19. Thank you to my santa Ive got a jar of home made mincemeat and home made medlar jelly Ive never had medlar jelly before. Ive just put some bread on (yes, in the middle of christmas dinner) so I can have some on fresh bread later Thank you Merry Christmas Everyone Cathy x
  20. Thank you I got a cupcake pincushion and 6 little boxes of chocolates (that is on top of the 3 beady bells that I have on the tree and .... a little baby nail clipper/scissor set Thank you soo much to my santa. and for chief elf egluntyne for organising this Merry Christmas Everyone. cathy x
  21. oh no, poor lad Sending healing snuggles from us and Piperkit (obviously from the other room, cos she is little and well, Cyrus is big) Cathy x

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