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  1. Well you can't do much until she is healed. We've had hens alongside each other for weeks, but once in the same coop problems started and they were immediately separated permanently. Introducing a single hen is very difficult at the best of times and is really best considered impossible. Your only chance, based on our experience, is to introduce the flock to her. That means that she occupies the eventual coop and run for a few weeks and then the flock is introduced singularly, over a week or so, starting with the lowest in the pecking order. It does work, if you have spare accommodation.
  2. I made a mistake with our carrots DM and didn't thin them. The result is they are so tightly packed I can't pull them out. No problem with the beetroot though. We have self-seeded potatoes on the compost heap which I think are Spunta, but I can't get to them because of the squash plant. The blackbirds and chickens have scratched around and covered the stems, so I'd risk losing squashes if i tried. Thanks for the offer of a cat Daphne, but the dangling CD's seem to be working and our dog would probably eat the cat before it could catch anything.
  3. The Bintje were a bit of a disappointment Daphne. Supposed to be great for chips but, although they tasted good they were all pale and looked unappetising. Perhaps they are too fresh?
  4. Broodies can get very aggressive. Chicks can be trodden on and need separate feed anyway. They are best kept separate until the chicks are 6 weeks old, at which time the mother will lose interest and can be re-introduced to the flock. Chicks need to remain separated until they are old enough to defend themselves. They will be on rearer pellets after 6 weeks. You may run into problems putting them in with the flock as they will be invading the territory.
  5. Lifted two Bintje potato plants yesterday, which wasn't easy as the bed is very poor clay soil and had to be watered to soften it. Lots of small to medium sized which came to 5Kg per metre and as we have 24 metres we are due a bumper 120Kg crop. The second attempt at parsnips was going well as they started to shoot at 11 days, but then DISASTER. Two thirds of one row just disappeared in a few hours and the culprit turned out to be a lizard, darting out from under the lavender bush to grab another shoot! CD's have been hung over the rows now and no more lost this morning.
  6. Lunchtime French TV news headlines said "Pubs open in England" and I just couldn't watch the article because I just knew it would be embarrassing, having been told earlier that people were queueing at 8.00am to get a place inside one Pub in the Midlands. I gather a spokesperson for the emergency services said they are expecting "chaos" later today.
  7. The only thing that I can think of is the smell of everything may be a bit too much or it's too dusty. We stopped using Aubiose because it was too dusty in summer and don't use diatom for health reasons. What do tobacco stems and the spray smell like? Not sure the ventilation can be definitely OK as it will need some breeze for an airflow, so it depends on your location. Certainly looks as though the hens want the safety of the coop, but don't want to be inside it.
  8. The usual answer is red mite in the coop, but perhaps it is too hot or there isn't enough ventilation?
  9. Our raspberries are also great this year; we moved a lot from other beds into just one bed without compost. The squash on the compost heap are big and so are the self seeding potatoes amongst them which can't be reached now. Our strawberries are rubbish this year Mullethunter, even though they should be at their best; we have lizzards eating them. Next year that will be a row of sweetcorn and if we want strawberries we'll go to the market as theirs are very good.
  10. The one we had was very good. The important feature was a thermostat that stopped the fan from switching on until the system was warm enough, so you could leave it on without it blowing cold air and it would switch off when the system went off. Unfortunately I can't remember the make and it wasn't particularly cheap. Fairly quiet, until the fan was turned up to full speed. Did kick out a lot of heat so if the room is small you will need a room thermostat as well, as we did. Plumbing is important, with a good flow and isolating valves, so not suitable for microbore systems.
  11. Just been on the news was an article about these masks printed with the lower half of the face. They had a setup in a supermarket where you went to a photo booth and the picture came out onto a transfer print which was then heat/pressure applied to a mask. The staff are wearing them in restaurants and bars apparently, but at 22€ for a mask than can only be washed 8 to 10 times it's not something I'd buy (and some would say my face is better covered).
  12. French beans have cropped well and the one self seeded squash on the compost heap has been trimmed back many times but still covers 25m2. Had two disasters though; the parsnip rows didn't germinate so have been re-seeded from a new packet and the tomatoes have developed a strange ailment where the stems go brown and shrink. I've cut the areas that I can off, which seems to have slowed the spread, but some trusses have been lost so it will be a poor crop at best. Out Bintje potatoes are ready to lift but it's far too hot for digging so they have been left in the ground for now.
  13. Some of these problems are bred in Booger, because the breeders didn't wait to take out the inherent breed problems; they just went for a fast profit. Breeding shouldn't take place until the hens are at least 3 years old and the cock 2 years old. If they don't get that far the breed is a failure and should be abandoned. We've bred from hens 6 years old with great success and I hope their offspring go further. Hens should get to at least 10 years, cocks 5, any less is a result of bad breeding.
  14. I had to smile when I saw a game show on TV here. To obey the distancing rules the audience has been reduced to a third and put on the empty seats are full size cartoon style cardboard cutouts of people. The real people in the audience are wearing cleverly disguised masks. What has been done is a photo of the persons lower face has been printed onto the mask, so you can see what they actually look like, rather than everyone wearing blue ones. They are so well made that they are not obvious at first glance. Some 'mask snobbery' has emerged. People are having masks custom made and the attempt by a supermarket here to sell half the normal price tissue masks has failed completely. They are now on special offer at half the price again without success; people just don't want to look cheap.
  15. The French are staggered by the beach fiasco and it featured on all the news broadcasts. May be the factor that decides on EU quarantine for UK visitors, same as has been set for Americans, as the virus could be deemed out of control and may well become so when pubs open. With the UK mortality rate running at TEN TIMES the rate in France, which has the same number population, I'm surprised France hasn't imposed quarantine for UK visitors already and I'm surprised Spain has opened its boarders. In the meantime here it still isn't going away. We have approximately 400 a day leaving hospital and 300 going in. Problem is half the people who catch it don't realise, so can potentially infect others for about 10 days. Even those who do develop symptoms are infectious for 2 days before they get them and can then isolate. Social distancing is vital to avoid a second wave. Why aren't people in the UK wearing masks? The other thing featured here is that applying alcohol gel to your hands and then going out in the sun can cause serious burns.

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