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  1. Not sure how the 60+ million will be distributed Daphne? Of the Post Offices only 25% are open and only for 3 days. They may get the Mayor out delivering; we have just completed a nationwide census so the exact population in this town is known. All our addresses have changed to pinpoint the location as well. We are number XXX but the only house on the road; it's the distance in metres from the start measured from the end nearest the town centre.
  2. We have a big whip snake living in the loft Daphne, so they certainly can climb. We've seen the shed skin in the guttering and heard it wriggling about under the glass fibre insulation. Probably eating lizards, because hopefully we've eliminated the mice. Unfortunately we haven't got any hedgehogs here. There isn't that much to eat now since we dealt with all the slugs and snails that were eating our veg. We do have a lot of very large toads though and if you go out after dark you need to be careful where you tread. The next thing to arrive, now it's getting warmer, will be the queen hornets.
  3. Lots of good wishes to Boris from around the world; made headlines here in France this morning. Bad news on the numbers front, with figures nearly doubling the lockdown will be extended past 15th April. Masks will be available for the entire population in 8-10 days and wearing them when out will be compulsory.
  4. We've never had much success with electric fencing because keeps shorting to earth because it sags between the posts reducing the voltage dramatically. The best solution is to use the fence as the earth circuit and run separate electric lines around the outside at about 8" and 18" height on insulated posts. You will not need a ground spike with that method and you will get a good voltage all around. The chickens won't get shocked either. I assume you have a tester?
  5. We only use our car for short journeys generally; 3Km to town and back. The problem we encountered was repeated starting discharged the battery which wouldn't then charge back on the return trip. Subsequently the battery appeared to fail and another was bought. However once recharged it worked perfectly. Problem with our car is the battery can't be charged without disconnecting the terminals which then means resetting the windows, clock, CD and steering. Problem was resolved by leaving the engine running during a short stop, which is going to be very risky in UK but not so much down here. There is no car tax or Sorn here and insurance/ recovery is paid monthly by direct debit with a 1 year contract.
  6. We bought a second roll of weld mesh from a local supplier in the UK. The first, after 10 years, is still in perfect condition, the second after 3 years has rusted badly to the extent that the remainder of the roll is scrap. Simply not worth using it. The problem is the thickness of the zinc protection. 'Zinc plated' is no good, even though it is cheaper, it needs to be 'hot dip galvanised' which could be twice the price. Something to watch for Patricia.
  7. Just been to the supermarket; a very surreal experience. Not many people and clearly none wanted to be there. It's quite an aged population here so most are in the high risk category. Couldn't use the Intermarché Drive that Ursula123 suggested because what we wanted wasn't on their list, but I kept 3 metres distance and applied plenty of hand gel. Town is deserted. I only saw two people, one walking a dog and the other cutting a hedge. Didn't get stopped and checked because I kept to the back streets and avoided the main road. So now I wait 2 weeks to see if I get sick and have to repeat the trip in a month. On the bright side no problem getting fuel for the garden equipment, so no jungle to deal with because stuff grows so fast here it rapidly overtakes you. Last year the big strimmer broke and the parts took 6 weeks to arrive. The resulting growth took 3 months to get under control.
  8. It's snowing down here, which is very unusual, but fortunately not settling. Very cold NW wind as well so the central heating will be back on for a few days.
  9. I decided to switch to dwarf French Beans this year because the climbing frame which took hours to make blew down in a storm. That may be a mistake because my back isn't great, which is why we grew a climbing variety in the first place. I was about to compost the bed and tiller it ready for them then read the seed packet which said NOT to plant in soil which has had compost added because the variety thrives in poor soil only. That might explain why half of the ones last year died; I originally put that down to residual weedkiller, which the previous owner put everywhere. We haven't got a greenhouse either DM (would blow down), nor do we have window sills because all our windows open inwards (the trade of window cleaner doesn't exist here) so our seeds are in a tray on a barstool in the window recess. Perhaps I should set up a cold frame Mullethunter. We've got some pallets that could be broken up and some secondary double glazing with aluminium frames. Problem I foresee is forgetting to take the glass off when the sun hits it and cooking the plants.
  10. Lots of tomatoes now with the second leaves starting to grow. Been told that tomato seeds can last 10 years by someone else who found a free packet with 12 in it and they all germinated. Our Agata potatoes are just showing, so 10 days since they were put in. Frosts for the next few days so the fleece has to go on. Hopefully the Bintje will be much later because we haven't enough fleece for those as well and now can't buy any. All the beds are now allocated with a timetable and parsnips going in after the early potatoes; parsnip chips are delicious!
  11. France lockdown has been extended until at least 15 April because the number of cases hasn't peaked as they wanted and is still rising at 10% per day. I've got to go shopping on Tuesday and am dreading it, but postponing it may put me in a higher risk situation if cases continue to rise. We're perfectly safe here unless we go out, but supplies are running low.
  12. We've done something along the same lines but used lavender oil mixed with water and sprayed; they smell nice using that.
  13. We have two flocks of two and three flocks of three Winginglt. They are all fine, but we know that if we lose some and get to singles we may have a problem and will need to add a young pair quickly. Some hens are fine on their own but often they slip into a sort of trance and stop eating. We can tell that we'll certainly have a problem with both the pairs because they are inseparable at the moment and go everywhere together. It's a case of planning ahead and deciding on a supplier if you need a new pair in a hurry, but otherwise leave your girls as they are.
  14. That's a first for me Vallot, but it is Spring and birds are getting territorial. We have crows and magpies fighting here. As DM says about Lucy, but my main concern is you as I'm sure crows carry some nasty bacteria. Get some antiseptic cream on your injury and make sure it doesn't get infected or it's an urgent trip to the doctor.
  15. We've been in lockdown for a week here in France and now it has been tightened up. Two days ago there were 22,500 breaches and fines in one day and with people ignoring what is necessary and that is delaying the effects. The idea is to stop the rapid spread and avoid overloading the health services thus keeping the mortality rate to a minimum, otherwise we'll be in the same situation as Italy at 8%. Fines have gone up to €1500; surely that will discourage people? So now you are limited to 1 hour walking outside a maximum of 1 km from your home. No markets now and no-one but essentials are working. It must be terrible living in a flat; fortunately we have a large garden and plenty of work to do in it. Problem is we can't buy materials we need. Seems the virus can live on plastic, like supermarket trolley handles, for three days. If you touch that then touch your eyes, nose or mouth, the virus can enter your system. They tell us that the first symptom is a loss of smell, if anyone would notice that? Now 20,000 known cases in France, with 8,000 hospitalised and 2,000 in intensive care. But there are many people carrying the virus without getting symptoms so who knows. The peak of infections, if people obey the rules, will now be another 14 days away.

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