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  1. Beantree

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Been making candles, for no other reason than we have a bucket full of wax bits; remnants of candles that won't burn properly because the wicks have disintegrated. This is something I've never tried before, so some trial and error occurred. Started with some free coloured glasses from a local supermarket; collect stickers with purchases until you have a card full to exchange. Next the wick. Ended up using brown string (from the shed) which draws the wax very well (too well really) but doesn't burn away so needs trimming. I may try the cotton string next? Next was melting the wax in a tin placed into a pan of boiling water. The wick was held to the bottom of the glass with a metal weight and the wax poured in. Problem was the amount of shrinkage of the wax pulled the wick down so it had to be tied up tight during cooling. Needed 3 fills to get the wax level at the top. They burn OK and were basically free, so a good job for cold wet weather when gardening is impossible.
  2. Beantree

    Old chickens

    Chickens do realise they are behind fencing and are 'safe', so don't get alarmed by anything on the ground. Here ours only alarm when there are airborne predators, even the youngsters. Old chickens do slow down a lot anyway and their eyesight can start to fail, so perhaps they can't see the fox at a distance? We had a problem last month with two oldies that couldn't see their black perch anymore, crashed into it, fell off and got spooked so won't go into the coop now. We have to put them in every night and the perch has been wrapped in white tape, which they can see. No idea how long it will take for them to go back in on their own: perhaps never?
  3. Beantree

    Bitzas/cross breeds

    For a random breed mix as described you'll need to find someone with a mixed flock of hens purebred hens and an unrelated cockerel selling eating eggs Hellis. They do exist as we had such a flock at one time. A chap came along to buy eggs and asked if they were fertile, because his friend wanted a cockerel and some hens. We didn't get chance to tell him some were pure bred Transylvanian Naked Necks, so perhaps his friend had a bit of a shock when they hatched? But I don't think you will be able to buy what you are looking for as garden hens and unfortunately hatching and rearing can be an expensive minefield. We also had Wyandottes either way with Orpingtons, which turn out very strong and fluffy as we discovered by accident. Looking back on it we were a bit daft selling eating eggs at £2.40p a dozen when TNN eggs for hatching were worth £36.
  4. Beantree

    Dog owners travelling to the EU beware!

    The Irish passport backlog for British applicants was reported on French TV Patricia, but they didn't say how long it was? I have just renewed my British passport and was quite surprised to say the least. The £105 fee was a surprise as well, but it did include courier costs for the new passport and the old one sent separately. From posting my old passport to receiving the new one was 10 days, 8 of which were mail times both ways. All done on line, the most difficult part was the photograph; they won't accept ones from a booth and want to crop them down from a larger photo which must have a plain background and no shadow? Took several hours messing with lighting, step ladders and a tripod to get an acceptable one. It's very difficult to get into the French system AndyRoo, made far more so by the UK's S1 system being discontinued, which left both of us 12 months without health cover. No cover for dependents abroad and no transitionary cover either, so when you leave you are on your own. The French healthcare system is complicated, with the Government paying 70% and top-up insurance 'sometimes' paying the rest. But without the basic Government cover, getting 100% private would cost a fortune! Easy to see why the migrants head for England.
  5. Beantree

    Dog owners travelling to the EU beware!

    The French government have recently stated that visas will only issued valid for three months. If you wish to stay longer you will need to be declared tax resident and have either a French passport or a residency permit, which in my case is valid for 5 years. Last week they said the permit system is being changed (permis de sejour) to something else and have stopped issuing them. But they haven't said what the new system is, leaving some people living here stuck here. Yes, dogs in France must be microchipped by law now. I think this was to identify the owners in case of injury or damage claims?
  6. Beantree

    The Weather Thread #9

    Our previous owner left a maximum/ minimum thermometer Valkyrie and it's been very useful. Seems the temperature in the open barn reflects the forecast +2C and outside in the vegetable plot and the car parking it reflects the forecast -2C. Everywhere else is 'right'. But the forecast temperatures can sometimes be wildly inaccurate as the proximity of the Pyrenees can either protect us or work against us by up to 4C.
  7. Beantree

    TV narration

    In 'theory' Ursula123 (according to the internet reception charts), your 80cm dish won't work: so much for theory. You are a bit further North than us, so perhaps that 100 miles makes a big difference. Our last house had to be fitted with a 120cm dish as the 80cm received nothing after the changeover. We have a 110cm here (10km South) and it's subject to weather/ sunspots or something which affects the HD programmes only? Mind you it may improve a bit when we've got the moss off! When we lived in the Dordogne in our first year here we had no TV at all Patricia, but because there was so much going on we didn't miss it at all. Problem there was the tree covered hill to the South which blocked any signal. We had a 100cm portable dish which, when we moved here became surplus to requirements and which has now been converted into a chicken feeder shelter; just turned it upside down and added 3 legs.
  8. Beantree

    Dog owners travelling to the EU beware!

    We have a pet passport to take our dog from France to Spain. The rabies vaccination isn't considered active until three weeks after administration, so if you happen to travel to Spain without it active the dog would be put into Quarantine until it was: blood tests within that period won't be considered. Here it costs €58 for a passport, but we know that the UK entry requirements are much stricter anyway, so that will be what you are paying for Patricia. We know of people here who have been caught without a valid passport and have had the cost of three weeks boarding plus the treatment and costs of collection. You should have had this passport in place anyway; Brexit has nothing to do with it. So you've been lucky to get away with it so far.
  9. Beantree

    TV narration

    No it's not Patricia. We're receiving UK TV via a UK freesat box, just the same as if we were in England. The only practical difference is the size of dish required now. Up to a few years ago an 80cm dish was OK, but then the satellite changed and the signal was better concentrated on the UK. This meant that the fringe signal down here became a lot weaker and we now need a 120cm dish; the problem with that is keeping it out of the wind so it doesn't blow over. Further South the dishes have to be even bigger and set on the floor in concrete.
  10. Beantree

    TV narration

    Yes, it's off! The speaker button with the '?' now does nothing, so can't be used to turn Audio Description on again. Presumably the setting on the menu over-rides it.
  11. Beantree

    Advice on vent please?

    Looks like lice eggs to me as well. Not particularly harmful but should be treated immediately. I'd trim off the feathers that have eggs on, because they can't be washed off and will hatch. We use an unlicensed dog and cat product so I won't mention it. You can dust them with Barrier lice powder, but that doesn't kill the eggs.
  12. Beantree

    TV narration

    Thanks Patsylabrador and Ajm200. Our handset must be quite old but I've now found the speaker button with '?' next to it which presumably turns it off on a daily basis. Now I know that it's called 'Audio Description' I turned it off on the main menu, so perhaps it will be off permanently tonight? Can't believe it was that simple, having put up with the irritation for months, last night was the final straw. Pity about the film; sure it will be repeated though.
  13. Beantree

    TV narration

    A few months ago, or perhaps longer, we noticed 'narration' had started on English TV programmes. By that I mean a voice in the background describing the scenes in-between actors talking which somewhat spoils programmes. Last night we tried to watch that JK Rowling film about fantasy animals in a suitcase (forgotten the title). Problem was the volume of the narration was SO much higher than the voices of the actors it was sending us deaf. End result was TV went off halfway through the film. Is there any way to switch the narration off? We're watching via a Humax Freesat box; can't see anything in the menus but perhaps I'm looking for the wrong thing?
  14. Beantree

    Greenhouse fruit

    Ours in England was set on slabs with exterior grade timber under the aluminium frame to give a bit of extra height. The timber makes it easier to set the base level as well. We grew in grow bags which were folded in half, cut and stood on end, acting like plant pots. We grew tomatoes, peppers and always had one cucumber plant. Started the squashes off in it as well. Needed to watch the wind though as it blew off the framework a couple of times and was eventually bolted to it. Worth adding extra loose bolts to the roof members which allows the later addition of plant supports, because extra bolts can't be added after assembly of the frame. Struggling to find somewhere wind protected to put it over here though. We bought one over because they are so expensive here and can't be bought secondhand. Think we have as spot which just means some more soil excavation and removal of years of dumped household refuse from the days before bin collections. It then puts the roof level with the ground to the West, which hopefully means it will survive?
  15. Beantree

    Girls kicking out bedding

    Could well be the lavender encouraging them Mim. We harvested some last year and put bunches in the wood store to discourage mice (internet said it would). Two things happened; firstly, it had no effect on the mice whatsoever and secondly, the free ranging chickens went in every morning to eat the seeds that had dropped off overnight, digging up the wood chippings and bark to search for it.