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  1. Storm Gloria hit France as well DM. The West Med coast has just had 5 months of rain in 3 days, many places are flooded and the water is still rising. We've had the tail end with some rain and very strong East winds from which we have little protection; all houses here are designed for protection from winds and rain from the West. The upside is that -4C in the morning has been replaced by +4C. Lots of clouds, so light showers and very little sight of the sun, so basically it's rather damp and gloomy.
  2. It all depends on the location. In England the coops were sheltered from wind and under trees and the weather was quite mild. Here in SW France South facing is essential, together with protection from West winds, shade in Summer and very large coop ventilation for Summer which can be shut off in Winter, subject to wind direction. Here you need custom built coops.
  3. I forgot the Manuka Honey in the fridge. Used for prolapses and fly strike areas. Keep your eye open for a cheap steam cleaner, which we use on our coops to give them a thorough clean without chemical residues. Particularly effective on red mite. Worth mentioning we don't use the vets here. They are divided into pet treatment (dogs and cats) and agricultural treatment (large scale) so probably won't know how to treat a pet chicken and are far too expensive anyway.
  4. Arrowroot powder works for stopping major bleeds (broken nails are difficult to deal with). Sure the proper wound powder is better but our budget is limited. Microporous tape and gauze for bandaging combined with antiseptic cream. Syringes (no needles) of various sizes (1mL, 5mL, 20mL), usually to give water or Avipro Avian solution. We also used a 50mL one to sal*****er flush a case of fly-strike. We bought spray on plastic skin to stop comb bleeds, which works well but the eyes have to be avoided. Stockholm tar is really messy stuff which we now haven't needed for years since all the run sizes were increased; hens will eat a cockerels comb when bored and the cockerel will let them! Applied with a cotton bud. Vaseline for combs in winter. Small scissors; straight cut nail scissors are perfect. We also use a surgical scalpel but I suggest that is really a tool for vet treatment. We use Frontline Spray for Northern Fowl Mites and Flea spray for lice; both unlicensed and so used with caution. Frontline spray has to be vet prescription in England but can be bought over the counter here.
  5. We have an SFR Mifi Ursula, which is just a 'data only' mobile phone. 10Gb per month for €16, which used to be perfectly adequate. The other problem now is frequent Apple upgrades, which we didn't bother with before but have since been advised to keep updated. If we had signed up for a year we could have saved the €60 purchase of the Mifi unit, but at that time we weren't sure it would work. We have a telephone line here but don't use it, just have a cheap mobile for emergencies. In the Dordogne we had an Orange box and landline phone and were basically 'ripped-off', so that went back to the shop as soon as we left. Quite useful really as no hunting for Wifi outlets when we go out and it's far cheaper than data on a fancy mobile phone.
  6. One of our young copper/ black Marans has just left an egg in the coop. They started their first moult in November so stopped laying then. Strangely neither has a red comb but one has been leaving large poos in the coop for a few mornings, which in our experience is a very reliable indicator of coming into lay. Eggs are rather infrequent for us now as all the other hens are over 6 and some will soon be 10, although we still got some eggs from all of them last year, albeit not many. Planning to get some new youngsters this year; we have all the equipment, just need to build the enclosure but it's rather cold at the moment to be outside.
  7. Only just picked up on this thread again. We're having problems caused by exceeding our data allowance, we think because so many sites now contain pop-up adverts. Basically if we exceed the allowance we get cut off until the following month, so if I 'disappear' for periods that's why. Sounds like it was a close thing DM. Pleased she is definitely on the mend. Try speaking Portuguese Daphne. Sounds daft I know but our girl responds far better to French so that's what we use.
  8. Fingers crossed then DM. For reference the liver tablets we were given are 'milk thistle'.
  9. I do hope she's fine DM. Keep us posted.
  10. We've decided against our walk. Although it's a lovely sunny day it's Sunday and the hunters with dogs are out. What worries us is their state after lunch; too many people get shot at here. Last year a wild bore round went straight through a passing car, fortunately missing the driver!
  11. Think you might have the answer there Ursula123. We have a walnut tree and she eats them as they fall, which is fine when they are fresh, but as you say, not when they have started to rot. All we can do is trim the area even shorter and set up some kind of a catch net. Problem we have is the tree blew over many years ago, but survived, however the branches are now on the ground no little room to set up a net; perhaps some pruning is required?
  12. Even chillier this morning at -3C; had frozen drinkers which doesn't happen often under our covered runs in sheltered areas. Not the sort of weather you'd expect in the far South of France. I won't be cycling today DM but perhaps a walk this afternoon as the sky is completely clear so it should warm nicely. We have honeysuckle in flower which is covered in bees. Trouble is they can't take the cold and drop paralysed to the floor, so you have to watch were you are walking in the morning and pick them up to put them in the sun.
  13. After a very chilly start the clouds have vanished and it's a warm sunny day. Needing apples for Kiwi jam and toothpaste I decided to heed my doctor's advice and get more exercise over Winter. So the bicycle was dusted off, checked over and taken to town, which is just 2km away on what I thought was flat road. First surprise was nearly falling off because, after 7 years, my balance isn't what it was. Second surprise was how unfit I have become in just a few months simply because the ground here is too wet to work on. The first hill and I had to walk up! Anyway on the return trip I had already got better, so just 10 minutes and home; exactly the same time as taking the car (different route).
  14. Just to let you all know that she is completely back to normal, so no leg trembling and digestion restored, which is a lot quicker than the vet suggested but she is a very fit dog. We have a theory that she ate something accidentally, perhaps an acorn or a toxic weed root? To catch field voles she enlarges their burrow by digging and tearing the vegetation out with her teeth and frequently returns with a mouth full of soil. Could be an orchid bulb, an acorn or some sappy root like a dandelion. This is her nature and not something we can change unfortunately.
  15. Third party insurance for dogs is included in our house insurance here in France DM, so we're covered in that respect. All dogs have to be microchipped by law so that the owners can be identified because it is quite normal for guard dogs to be left to roam, just like ours. Then there is the problem of hunting dogs, which in some areas is a very big problem, fortunately not here. Postboxes are set at regulation height and positioned against the road so the Postie doesn't have to leave the safety of their van, just wind the window down. It also speeds deliveries of course.

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