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  1. Beantree

    The Weather Thread #9

    Goodness it's hot already; 31C inside the garage. Forecast says 38C today and a blistering 43C tomorrow, which I hope is wrong. So we are set for another 4 day heatwave with a third predicted in mid-August. We might get some rain on Saturday, when it gets cooler, which we really need now as almost all the grass is burned, something we haven't seen here before. So 7000 litres of tap water now used and we will be watering the chicken enclosure for the next few days which means a rather large bill due in October!
  2. Beantree

    Dirty knickers and softies

    Problem with antibiotics is the wreck the digestive flora, so whilst she appears to be eating she won't be digesting much and her poo will be sloppy. I'd give her a dose of Avipro Avian Luvachicken. Takes a week before you will notice any change, but it's something we use quite a lot.
  3. Beantree

    The Weather Thread #9

    Good news about our red alert drought; it only applies to the NW of the Department and the rest of us are not on any drought alert level whatsoever. So we continue to use tap water on the vegetables, left for 4 days to allow the Chlorine to come out. Most of our veg is out now (potatoes and onions), so our usage has dropped considerably, but we've still used 6000 litres of tap water this year and with a heatwave forecast for next week, with still no rain, we are set to use even more.
  4. Beantree

    Is this a lash?

    The rubbery stuff is the lash; layers of shed oviduct lining. Perhaps the liquid was egg white?
  5. Beantree

    Is this a lash?

    It looked huge, until I saw the end of the key, so I would say yes. To be sure cut it in half. It should be the same creamy layered material all through, although the few I've seen were paler in colour. Perhaps there is a yolk inside?
  6. Beantree

    The Weather Thread #9

    Well we survived the heatwave, as did all the chickens. The eagerly anticipated thunderstorms didn't arrive yesterday so we only got 10mm of rain, whereas 20Km North they recorded 38mm. So now we are 'red alert' for drought and are not allowed to use tap water for our plants. So looks like we are going to have pump out our little (2m3) pool to keep our stuff alive!
  7. I wouldn't bother HappyFeet. There may or may not be a legal definition somewhere, but you won't find that out from the builder. In fact you would need to employ a barrister via a solicitor to make any headway, but believe me getting legal definitions that way will be very expensive. I think you asked any pet owner if they thought chickens were included the answer would be a resounding yes. Problem people will be those who have no pets at all and have never even thought about animals in that way.
  8. The builder probably doesn't know the scope of 'normal domestic household pets' HappyFeet, because the solicitor will have included that phrase because it has been used before, but they probably won't know the definition either. To me it is any animal kept without intent to profit financially and given the number of domestic chicken keepers there are (Defra defines a domestic flock as 19 or less) I can't see chickens being excluded.
  9. Beantree

    Keeping Chickens 4

    Nice job Peter, but you will need to fix weld mesh over the window aperture inside to prevent rats and mice getting in at night.
  10. Beantree

    Keeping Chickens 3

    Good idea to make it so it can be dismantled Peter. Know someone who spent a lot of time building a lovely big coop then discovered it was far too heavy to carry and left it behind when they moved house. Makes it a lot easier to repair and paint as well. All of ours except one we bought are 'flat pack', simply so they could be transported from England to France. The one that was too heavy to move stayed behind. Internal pop-holes are inherently secure although more difficult to build, whereas external ones can be easily torn off. Like the thought of opening them from your bedroom window, then going back to bed.
  11. Beantree

    Keeping Chickens 1

    That looks like a nice spot for chickens Peter. We have ours on lawn in front of the house; saves cutting it as well. One thing worth mentioning. Before you put chickens on grass it needs to be cut very short, the reason being because sometimes they gorge on it (if they haven't been reared on grass) and if it is long it will impact their crop.
  12. Beantree

    Mon emmenager en france/My move to France

    Oh that did make me laugh Cattails! They open all the windows with the aircon switched on; I wouldn't like their electricity bill.
  13. Beantree

    Mon emmenager en france/My move to France

    Controlling the temperature inside a house here is a bit of a juggling act and requires the basics to be in place. We have 9" of loft insulation under a ventilated roof space and all the small windows are shuttered. All the windows and doors are opened just before daybreak, when the temperature outside is low and everything is closed up tight as soon as the outside temperate reaches the inside temperature. All sources of heat inside need to be avoided, so energy saving bulbs and absolutely no cooking in the house. Based on experience, things that don't work here are open staircases, loft conversions and Velux windows. We had those in the last place and the bedroom was often 34C and so we had to sleep downstairs. Problem is once the heat is inside the building you struggle to reduce it unless you have expensive air conditioning. Sometimes it just doesn't get cool enough at night so the house gets rather stuffy. The inside temperature got to 24.5C in the heatwave, which isn't a lot but means or fridge goes into overload without a fan blowing air through the heat exchanger at the back.
  14. Beantree

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Yes they are great photos and of two species we don't have here. I've never seen a grey squirrel in France but dozens of red ones and we have one that wanders down the lane to take our walnuts; plenty enough to share. We don't have mice now after two years of concerted pest control as the house and out-buildings were infested, but we do have short-tailed long haired field voles which our terrier is controlling. Problem is they get into the veg plot and eat everything, as do the slugs and did the 40+ snails which have now been re-homed.
  15. Beantree

    Mon emmenager en france/My move to France

    Nice garden and chickens . What works well for shade is bamboo as it allows the hot air to escape. Of course it isn't water proof so only drinkers can go underneath. We have tarps on the runs but have discovered that they only last one season before the sunlight destroys them. We've considering rearing for the pot, primarily because of the cost of chicken here. It is reared to high standards and that's probably why it costs so much, but €10 seems a bit too much. Hope you are managing in this record heatwave.