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  1. hi lily - we have almost given up, things went from bad to worse and poor Harry is a bit scuffed up. So for now they are separated again. I think they may have to live the single life - they are out in runs every day where they can see each other and their mum and dad, and touch noses with mum and dad but not each other, and that seems to be quite calm. It seems to me that the only alternative is to get them a friend each, but I really dont want 6 rabbits (only planned on 2)!
  2. has anyone seen this?? we are going to try when the egg count gets a bit higher... click
  3. Today is my first visit back since last year I think.... sometimes real life just gets in the way! But its great to see so many familiar names still. And yes I agree with the 'ask for advice-give advice-see those you advised give advice' theory! Not sure I've got that much to say (or necessarily ask) about chickens anymore, but I still love seeing pics of people's set ups.
  4. hi all - ages since I've been here... but have a bunny bonding issue and hope someone can help. we have mum and dad bunnies who are a beautiful pair; then their 2 sons, Harry and Niall who are now a year old. they were only finally neutered 2 weeks ago, but have been living in separate hutches at night and adjacent runs during the day for the last 6 months with the odd s"Ooops, word censored!" between the bars but generally pretty ok. so today was the day to try and bond them back together. there was intense fur flying for a few minutes, we had a squeezy water bottle on hand for distraction, and they have spent most of the day ignoring each other. Niall is much more confident and seems pretty happy, Harry is hiding in one of the boxes we put in for distraction and looks scared. what do we do tonight?? leave them in the outdoor run together so as not to interrupt the process, or put them back in their hutches (one above the other). thanks in advance if you can advise. bringing them indoors is not an option!
  5. Lady Gaga died in the night... freed from battery hell June 19 2011; so she had 4.5 months of chicken heaven with the sun on her back. she was a bit quiet yesterday and I had to pick her up to put her in the run last night and she was as light as a feather, so must have been fading for a while. RIP little chook.
  6. newcountrygirl - we are in a similar situation, IE not having an 'ordinary' house. it sounds as if you, like us, have the kind of house that someone has to fall in love with.... we had a 2nd viewing today (potential private buyers) - they do love it; but are not in any financial position to move. so we are continuing with the decluttering, finishing off the dodgy bits that we live with, and aiming to put on the market with a posh estate agent in the spring. just a question - does your agent have London/out of area links? because I dont think ours will sell to a local and yours sounds as if it could be the same.
  7. really if you put it on the market in July and you have had 5 or 6 viewings, I think you're doing ok; I wouldnt drop the price again just yet. is renting an option? we're putting our house on the market in spring, and like previous posters have said, the chickens are really (I'm afraid) going to be the least of my worries. maybe your eventual buyer would like to keep them?? good luck and fingers crossed.
  8. well we left deepest darkest south London for the countryside, but we wont be going back to anything like London, so hoping we'll cope. frantically ebaying/amazoning stuff at the moment, boot fairs planned, decorating etc to be done, it's exhausting already!
  9. still need to take more photos.... sexes still not identified but they are so cute! youngest is calling them Harry and Niall out of the 1 Direction boys, but I am sticking with Gremlin and Koala. Arthur is back in with them all, and they are a very happy little bunny family.
  10. Hi all - havent been here for ages, so I hope everyone is well. Life has been hectic. Mostly because we have come to a life-changing decision, which is to move house... We are planning to escape rural bliss and move to a local town - giving up the big house, the huge garden, the direct access to the beach so that we can buy something a bit smaller and cheaper but with the potential for a granny annexe. Cant do that here for various reasons, so a move is the only way to go. I know many people long to do it the other way round but we are quite excited about the prospect of a new start - although I am NOT looking forward to moving 12 chickens, 5 quail, 4 rabbits, 3 cats, 1 hamster, 1 dog and 2 children, not to mention the accumulation of 13 years' worth of household detritus! Someone tell me I will survive all this??
  11. I thought she had post-birth back problems, and was only allowed to wear flatties for a while? if that's true, she wont be doing herself any favours... I really dont know how anyone can walk in shoes like that, anything over an inch and I'm teetering maybe its why she never smiles? too worried about falling over?
  12. hurrah! havent seen her to speak to, but saw Sam and owner trotting along the main road this afternoon while I was driving, so he has obviously survived! huge relief.
  13. neighbours like that are treasures - hope you can reward them with some yummy eggs!
  14. ooooo! kittens! (walks away from thread, I dont need any more kitties)

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