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  1. They stay in their run full time, we haven't completely sealed in the garden yet so don't want to loose them through holes in the fence! Will cut back on treats and worm them this week!
  2. They're on layers mash as Henrietta won't eat pellets! They get corn in the evening and mealworms in a ball as a treat.. Will try worming again Thanks
  3. Ok so Henrietta is 3 or 4 and stopped laying last summer when her buddies passed away, so not really expecting her to lay again to be honest (Pekin Bantam). However I bought Snowy and Leia last October as Point of lay. Snowy started laying in February however Leia is yet to lay a single egg! Should I be concerned by this? They are both the same age and are both Light Sussex Bantams. Advice please?
  4. So Snowy is now laying again, but no sign of anything from Leia, who is about the same age as her... I doubt Henrietta will lay again to be honest
  5. So we have an egg today!!!!! Over a week of no eggs and at last we have them again. Now just need the other two to come into lay now!
  6. She seems fine (fingers crossed!) now the big question is when will she start laying again? I was hoping for a fresh egg for my Mothering Sunday breakfast tomorrow!
  7. She seems much less aggressive now, will pop her back in the run in the morning as I won't be home until late tomorrow night and hubby won't deal with her!
  8. Well she's surviving the cooler so far, felt a bit sorry for her yesterday with all that damp weather! One more night and I'll pop her back in the run tomorrow morning...
  9. How will I know when she's ready to go back into the eglu?
  10. Well she's survived her first night in the broody cage in the greenhouse! Put her back alongside the run this morning and she seems to have settled to it Hubby has said she needs to stay in there until Wednesday morning!
  11. Just looked, won't fit the cage through the drop of the run, so will move her into the greenhouse for the night!
  12. We've only got a classic so not a huge amount of space in the run, I can move her in there overnight though
  13. Well we've bought a small dog cage and put her in that, she's really not a happy chook! It's raised on wood. Will she be alright in it overnight? How will I know when she's ready to go back into the eglu?
  14. The one book I have suggests putting ice packs in the nest box

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