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  1. It is a great shop, not been into the regent street store, but it is overpriced (rather than expensive!) They have put a lot of money into opening in the UK and they are opening a huge store on the Kings Road later in the year...
  2. Thanks Jools I had a bit of a google after I posted and saw that this is probably the right time for a moult! I'll make sure she has lots of good food and give her some extra cuddles. She is one of those chickens who always sounds cross with her clucking anyway so it is hard to tell when she is actully upset! Flo
  3. I recently lost one of my original Omlet chickens so got a couple of newbies to keep the old, Mabel, company. We have had them for 4 weeks now, introductions went well and they have been living in a divided run. On Sunday we intergrated them all and now Mabel has started a massive moult. She is completely bald is some places and there are feathers everywhere. I first I thought she was being pecked, but they just fall out when you touch her. It seems like a bit of an odd time to have a moult. could it be the stress of having to share her run? Anyone else experienced this? Thanks Flo
  4. OH is a hairdresser and he always says that curly hair looks so much better when it is cut as curly hair. Apparently lots of hair dressers treat it the same as straight hair (when it is clearly not)! A friend of ours has had hers between chin and shoulder length and it looks lovely. Whatever he did she just has to diffuse it a bit and it falls into lovely curls! Not sure that is much help but hope it goes well Flo
  5. Flo

    Poorly Chicken

    Been to the vet this morning - she thinks that it is likely that she has eithr a tumour or an abcese in her abdomen. Confirming this would be very invasive and there probably isn't anything that could be done about it anyway. I have brought her home as OH is at work but we have an appointment to go back tomorrow to have her put to sleep. She has got worse since yesterday so I know it is the right time. Thanks for the messages of support
  6. Flo

    Poorly Chicken

    Thanks everyone She was down this morning but up again this evening. My OH got some mealworms which she woolfed down! My appointment is first thing tomorrow so i will see what the Vet says
  7. I think the other thing you can do is hold the Ctrl key while you click the mouse and you get the same effect??
  8. My chicken Luci has been under the weather for a few months now. She started doing funny poos (watery and with yellow urate sp?) like some of those mentioned in the recent poo picture post. She was also lethargic and not very bright or alert. She has been to the vet twice now where she has been given a course of antibiotics which has cleared up the problem poo and perked her up considerably but she is not back to her usual self. Her comb is also very floppy. This week the poos are starting to look funny again and I don't know what to do. She will be very quiet for a bit and then perk up again. On Tuesday night she was very quiet, so much so that I brought her inside fearing the worst. By the morning she was up and about and in the evening she went slug and snail hunting around the garden. I have booked her back in to the vets for Saturday but I am not sure what they can say? They have talked about a possible kidney problem and doing blood tests (!) but I don't want her to be in pain or discomfort but I can't consider having her put to sleep when she is still so perky. She responds to her name and jumps when I wave to her from the kitchen (I am so sentimental) and does all the other things that chickens do. Is there anything that can be done to treat a kidney problem if it is that? She is about 2 1/2 so not young but not old either. She is a wonderful chicken, she even got a mention on the vets website http://www.sandholevets.com/NewsArea/Braveheart/2009/7/Luci/ I just don't know what to do. I have had animals put to sleep before and I knew it was the right thing to do then but she keeps perking up, oh it is so hard! Any advice or experience of a similar problem would be very much apreciated Flo
  9. Hi South Eastern Trains are cutting a service from Maidstone, Kent to London Cannon Street despite there being lots of demand for the service from commuters like me. The result is that to get to work I will either have to catch 6 trains or pay an extra £350 a year to use the tube A website http://www.keepourtrains.com/index.html and petition has been set up http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/keepourtrains/ If any Kent omleteers could support by signing the petition or writing to their MP it would be a huge help Thanks Flo Mods - I hope this ok to post about - thanks
  10. Hi I have one chicken who always wears a bumper bit as she can be very viscious towards my other chicken. It came off this morning and I realised that I have run out of my last stash! I have just popped some stamps in the post to Wernlas to stock up but if there was anyone in the Maidstone area who had a spare one that I could have I would be very grateful. I'm sure they will be ok for a couple of days but I would rather get one back on her before she remembers just how sharp her beak is Thanks Flo
  11. Thanks for the reminder. I have been meaning to do this for ages! I'm home today so have been able to find my NHS number and have done it! Another thing off the list
  12. I saw my first rat in the garden yesterday afternoon, then in the run at about 10pm when I went to shut the eglu door. I think they got into the run through a gap between the front and side panel but I'm not sure. The other problem is he seemed to come under the fence from next door who has a big patch of decking! I'm not sure whether this was a lone rat on an adventure or a whole family who have set up home next door. I was thinking of speaking to next door and then perhaps calling the council pest control. Any suggestions? And any clues to look out for to see if they have been in the compost bin? I have a plastic barrell style one Flo
  13. Thanks, I thought it was me being silly and not able to find the currency converter. It looks like the seller is on Folksy too http://www.folksy.com/shops/CuppaTeaAndCake which might be easier to use Yay!
  14. Thanks for the link The seller looks UK based but the prices are in dollars so not sure. Shouldn't really be spending but is there any harm in looking...

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