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  1. Hi folks, its going to be another 5 weeks or so before we are ready for our chickens but I am starting to get a few bits here and there and wondered what i needed, for example i have heard people mention mite powder, purple spray and a few other things and I want to be prepared, can you let me know the essentials and how ofter or what i use them for please so i can make a shopping list! I also want to be able to compare prices too!
  2. We are just getting the area where we want to put our go set up, but I am a bit stuck as to what to put the eglu on, I had read hat if you put it onto slabs then there is less chance of rats and mice living underneath it so this was my plan but I don't know what's best, do you move yours around a bit or keep it in the same place? I would love to see pics of your set up if you have any!
  3. Thanks folks I picked up some chard seeds today and some salad leaves for us! I have plenty of weeds for them to feast upon when we get them! Is there anything that is poisonous to them that could be growing in the garden? I plan to get some omelet netting so I can section off where they free range
  4. We are not getting our chickens until the end of April but I am starting work in the garden and the greenhouse and wondered if anyone grows anything for their girls? I have read that they like cabbage, lettuce and spinach all of which I was going to have a to at but wondered if you had any recommendations?
  5. Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous thread I have found out tonight that one of my partners friends breeds chickens! So I think the plan is to get 3 from him, I want 3 different ones and my choices are warrens, light Sussex, bluebells, speckledy, and black rocks they are 3 weeks old at the minute so I have lots of time to choose and get all my set up ready I wonderd what your experiences were with the breeds, I had read that bluebells don't like to be picked up is this the case with yours if you have them? I will do some googling but if you have any photos that would be fantastic Lisa x
  6. Another question I have regarding hybrids and pure breeds - do they both drop off laying eggs after a certain amount of time?
  7. My plan is to start with some point of lay birds and look for another eglu to rescue some as there is a long wait for them! I didn't realise choosing my occupants would be so difficult!!! I do want eggs over winter so I guess that makes it a bit easier Can I mix pure breeds and hybrids of the same size? Say having one pure breed and 2 hybrids? I am not sure I could cope with all 3 dying around the same time which is why I was thinking of having a mix!!! We have a poultry market here which seems to be where people go for thier birds but I don't know what will be available so was planning to go with a list of possibles! And do as much research as possible before hand so I didn't just go for the pretty ones lol
  8. Thank you, Is there anywhere that tells you the size of eggs produced with a photo for comparison? I hope to be able to sell some eggs to go in a pot to cover vets bills treats etc but was worried people would not pay for little eggs
  9. I work part time in a garden centre and it was a display model, we used to have chickens in a area with several display houses and the lads were struggling with looking after them and they were struggling with rats so they got moved to another site and all the houses were put for sale, I had always said that I wanted it and got a message Saturday that it was going up for £50 so I went down Sunday took it all apart and then came home and cleaned it all! It was filthy and took me 5 hours to clean! The only damage is that the poop tray has been nibbled by a furry friend but other than that's it's come up really nice, it has an all weather cover too! It's missing 2 screws but I will give omelet a call about those! Thanks for the advice on chicken breeds, is the general feeling that I would be better with larger breeds?
  10. Hi folks, I hope some go you are able to help me, I picked up an eglu go on Sunday for the bargain price of £50! So plan to buy the run extension kit for it to make it a 3m run. I have quite a large garden and work part time so plan to let them free range when I can but this will be less often in the winter I had hoped I would get 4 - 5 bantams in there with the extension but have read that the eggs are very small and they lay less often so now feel really confused! Would I get 4 medium breeds in this space? This will be my first time keeping chickens and I want to get breeds that will be friendly and happy to be handled and have some character, I also wanted a variety of different coloured layers too I just don't know where to start now with breeds the is so much to read and take in, I could do with some advice on personality and size really! Can anyone help? Lisa x

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