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  1. So, three months ago I bought a second hand omlet classic eglu off eBay. Two months ago I bought a light sussex, an Aracuana cross and two Peckins. Six weeks ago I bought a 1m extension to the classic run. Four weeks ago I bought a walk in run to attach the extended run to. Three weeks ago I decided to let the girls free-range all day. Last week I ordered an Eglu cube... and a pair of Miss Pepperpots... Omlet are really busy and can't deliver them until the 2nd June... I clearly need help!!!!
  2. Thats great thanks for the info... guess what just made it onto the shopping list!!
  3. Hi all - I'm new to chickens and have recently bought a second hand eglu classic and a new extension on the run (giving my 2 light sussex and 2 peckin a 3m run) They are in the run most of the day, only allowed to free range for an hour or so a day as we have lots of foxes... I am considering buying a walk in run (as I hate the crawling into the run/topping up feed etc and I want to give the girls more space) but I am thinking I may want to extend my flock in the future... if I buy a walk in run that fit the eglu classic with run, and then in the future buy a cube, will I be able to attach a new cube and run to the existing walk in run?? Advice welcome... Lizzie

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