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  1. Hi, and thanks for your reply I decided to go for the go, Mainly because of the run having the built in wire, also with it being square I felt it would offer more space for them rather than the curved classic, as I would like to put a corner litter tray in as they are litter trained. I had to get the 1m as my garden is so small, the 2m would literally take up half of my grass! It's only for when I'm at work really, as their playhouse can get hot in the summer and although they have access to a run which is on AstroTurf they never go in it, just lie in the heat! It's due to be delivered Monday so time will tell As I say it's literally for 5 hours 2 days a week, they also get to go free range a lot of the time too, but since the recent fox attack a few streets away I've been extra cautious with them, I looked at other metal runs and at looking at getting one and just a plastic shelter for them but I would just worry while I was at work that something might happen to them, very paranoid rabbit mommy!!
  2. Hi, I'm new to the forum so hope I'm posting in the right section, I have 2 small rabbits, they currently live in a 6foot square playhouse, with an attatched run which is on AstroTurf as our garden is very clay and gets boggy in the winter. I would like to buy a secure run for them for daytime use only, like when I'm at work and evenings when I can't supervise them. I heard that a fox took a rabbit a few streets away recently so don't want them out on their own, Cost is not an issue, I love the look of the classic, but the go has the wire underneath, also the go seems to have a more usable hutch area being more square, I just can't decide, I'm looking at the guinea pig version as my rabbits are tiny and it's also only for a few hours a day. Any advice would be much appreciated x

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