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  1. I visited Sunnyside last year when we were looking. Found them to be very helpful/informative however we put our hen keeping ambitions on hold so didn't get any from them in the end but I would of have had no qualms in using them. Sorry can't be more helpful!
  2. That in itself is a very good question!! When I looked last year I'd originally settled on going for bantams because of size but that's not so much of an issue now. Would like reasonably good layers though! Which breeds tend to be best for first timers?
  3. I came on here over a year ago with the aim of starting my own little hen family however following advice we decided to put the idea on hold as I wasn't 100% sure we'd have the room for the right sort of set up in our garden, boo Now for the good news! My parents have also always been keen to start a hen family but despite having a reasonably large garden were concerned the dog mightn't take too kindly to his new companions. That said they are currently in the process of moving to a house with a much bigger garden that would allow for a hen set up (and keep the dog happy!) so we've finally got the green light!! SO excited Now just got to get back researching and buying everything Any advice greatly received for complete newbies starting from scratch!
  4. We are based in Leicester and when we were considering getting some hens (the bug to get them in back hence me being here!) Mini Meadows & Merrydale were all I could find. As has been mentioned though Merrydale seemed to suddenly shut down One other place we looked, however might be a little out of the way, was Sunnyside Poultry in Burton on Trent, Derbyshire.
  5. Yes I have to agree, it can be a bit misleading. My original decision to start hen keeping came because I read an article whereby Omlet suggested you could keep hens in a relatively small space/garden (without impacting their quality of life). It's not clear that it's on the assumption they are allowed out to free range for the majority of the day / placed in large WIRs. I'm starting to think now that unless I can somehow find lots of extra space in my garden, hen keeping will be a no go for us I did consider creating a larger set up at my allotment but can't guarantee I can get there every single day due to other commitments so will put that idea on the back burner.
  6. No not at all! I can't get used to all the terminology In that case the run space is the measurements in my first post.
  7. I've read a couple of topics recently regarding space per bird & have started questioning whether the coop (wooden as will wait to see how we get in before going Omlet!) I purchased is adequate (waiting to buy any chickens until back from summer hols!). We don't have a huge garden so it's by no means the biggest coop in the world, floor space 160 x 60cm. The previous owners said they kept 4 in it which I think is too much. My question is is it too small for any at all? I'd be able to let chooks free range when at home so weekends/evenings. We've visited several farms recently for research who have the same coops on sale and they all say 3 birds would be fine in them but now I'm not so sure!! I've read conflicting articles where some say 1sq m (so we couldn't have any!) and others say 4sq foot (we could have 2!) per chicken. I'm not sure how to add pics but if I figure it out will add!! Thoughts welcome
  8. What type of paint did you use for the window? I want to paint over ours but don't want the fumes to be bad for them!! Though I don't have my chooks yet so plenty of time to dry out etc.
  9. Yeah I've been keeping an eye out, so far the closest is 150 miles away
  10. Yes I think that was the only bantam breed that I can recall said laid well - just can't find a supplier locally to be able to get them
  11. I'd love to hear how you've gone about sound / light proofing for future reference
  12. Welcome I'm a newbie to hen keeping as well & just about to embark on the journey!! We've been toying over which breeds to go for and at the moment am back to thinking Hybrids. Although Bantams are smaller and less destructive to the garden (so I'm told!) I'm not sure as a first timer I would want to be dealing with the frequency they go broody!!
  13. Patience is a virtue so wait we shall all animals behave differently to change so I would hate to bring them here and then disrupt them just for the sake of not waiting a few more weeks (well about 9 it will be!) Can't wait to get started though and join in the full hen keeping experience
  14. We are just about ready to buy our first hens, yay! However, we go on holiday at the end of June... The supplier we're looking to buy from hire out coops and runs & my parents have said they'll hen sit for us which is a good start I'm just wanting some advice... Will it be too disruptive to move them again so soon? It's not really practical for my parents to pop in each day unfortunately. Really keen to get them but if it will cause issues we'll just have to be patient and wait an extra couple of months
  15. Hi Chrissie... I'm considering getting some Merrydale Sweeties, seem to be a popular choice! Do you know what their 'official' breed name is? Want to do a bit of reading up

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