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  1. I've got quite a few chickens from him before and he is brilliant, would highly recommend him I've never had any problems with any chickens from him. Good luck !
  2. Has anyone ever bought Chickens from Surbiton Poultry ?
  3. Hi Claret, ok, thanks for letting me know. It's so exciting just watching them
  4. Thanks Redwing, I wasn't sure. It's my first time of hatching so lots to learn !
  5. I think I saw some worms in a freshly laid poo from one of my new chicks this afternoon, obviously I hope i'm wrong but is it ok to worm chicks with Verm X ?
  6. Thanks for your replies, checked again today and that one is definately fertile. Will know for definate how many I have in a few weeks ! Thanks again !
  7. I candled the eggs last night and found that there was one egg which I think is fine but not sure. Wondered if anyone could help. I think it's a good egg but looking at the photos on the post "Day 6 and I've just candled my eggs", i'm beginning to wonder now. The egg had the spidery veins but half the egg was light. Is this normal ? I need to check the rest of the eggs tonight......i'm sooooooooo excited but got to wait until 25th August before they hatch !
  8. Thank you. They don't like having the powder dusted on them (even though I do it when it is dark) and thought the concentrate may be easier, will give it a go, thanks
  9. Is it any good ? Where do you spray it, on the feathers or in amongst the feathers ? Thanks !
  10. I've had a poorly chicken for a few days now and this morning I let her out and found blood spots on her the feathers around her vent and spots of blood in the house. I'll be taking her to the vet tonight but wondered if anyone had experienced this ?
  11. I too find that Fairy liquid is best at removing all stains !
  12. I've only just caught up with this and am so sorry to hear your news. Hugs being sent your way.
  13. gosh, they're too clever with their wording We usually buy our sausages from the butcher too but we never buy enough and always end up nipping out to get bacon or sausage from the co-op. I suppose at least it's not intensively reared. Did they have plenty of room to move around? Did they look well treated? I also love their cakes (all made with free range egg ) but their jam tarts aren't for some reason (I guess the lemon ones must have caged egg in them) They looked well treated but didn't have alot of room but they could move round if you know what I mean
  14. Outdoor reared doesn't mean that it is free range. I was watching Countryfile this morning and saw that Outdoor Reared pigs are kept in pens in a barn (with straw) with half a roof so they do get fresh air but are definately not free range

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