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  1. ahh well that makes me feel much better about not getting one if they're too much money for me. I just want the best for my hens
  2. I have an Eglu Cube without the run. It says on the Eglu Cube Temperature Jacket shop page that you can't use it without the run, but is there a way I can improvise?
  3. I dealt with red mite the first 3-4 years I kept hens. I tried all the usual spray and powder stuff you get in pet shops to no avail. Eventually I switched to a cheap plastic coop (cheap would be around £200 for plastic ones) and bought a big bucket of diatomaceous powder and covered EVERYTHING with it every time after I cleaned it with a pressure washer. I put the powder on the ends of perches, in the bedding, on the chickens, known mite walkways and in their dust baths. This kept them under control and when the cold weather came last winter I haven't seen them since. Now the warm weather is back I'll probably start using diatomaceous powder again just in case they return. But yeah, I didn't have the room to house my hens anywhere else to let other mite killing products do their job, and diatomaceous powder worked for me!
  4. Just an update on this: I was on holiday for the past week with no internet connection and only recently heard about the M62 crash and all the battery hens that suffered in it. After reading the whole story I was in TEARS. Looks like I'll be getting battery hens again regardless! Oh, and I found out that my one pet shop hen is a Black Rock
  5. Ah yes, great idea! I actually had fun pressure-washing this one just to see it come up brighter!
  6. I found a second hand purple Cube for £450! You can't get much better than that!
  7. Haha I remember watching them high step the first time I got ex-batts too! So lovely to see them freerange I named my last lot after their leg rings too!
  8. I think I'm in love with Orpies! I'll probably get two more ex-batts and two Orpingtons because I love their big, fluffy butts. How many large hens would be comfortable in a Cube without a Cube run? They have a fenced off area, so outdoor space isn't an issue for them.
  9. Well I keep researching if there are any other plastic coops at a cheaper price but nothing seems to come close to the Cube. I think it's going to have to be purple (without a run)! I'm also going to buy one of these Little Tikes Turtle Sandpits http://www.toysrus.co.uk/Toys-R-Us/Outdoor-and-Sports/Sand-and-Water-Toys/Little-Tikes-Turtle-Sandpit(0102564)?searchPosition=9 AND I'm getting a plastic dog kennel for free, so it's all going to look rather colourful in the chicken run! I'm so excited!
  10. I'm intrigued what my pet shop hen is too haha! I should take a photo of her and ask on here what breed she might be sometime. I think it would be nice to have some placid chickens come to think of it - All but one of the 12 I've had were flighty ex-batts. Not too fussed about egg colours - they never last long in my house
  11. Yeah, I'm thinking that maybe I can buy a run later on and have a few lay-ins during the Summer if I leave the coop door open! I'm leaning towards purple today I think - My favourite colour is red but I think purple will look just as good in the garden.
  12. What's a good price for Auboise? I keep seeing it about but haven't bought any before.
  13. At the moment I just use straw in my cheap plastic coop but I'm hoping to get a Cube soon and was wondering what other chicken keepers use. I'll continue to use straw for the nest box, but was wondering if i should consider something else for underneath the perches. So what do you use in your coop?
  14. Once I get my Cube, I'm hoping to expand my flock. At the moment I have a petshop hen and a retired ex-battery hen. I'm thinking maybe picking up a couple more ex-batteries, but I'd like to own some unusual breeds as well (as long they're still good layers). I'm a bit spoilt for choice here in Norfolk when it comes to chicken breeders in the surrounding countryside, so if you could recommend some interesting breeds, I'll have a starting point for my research beyond my chicken encyclopaedia!

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