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  1. Hi everyone - I got my first chickens (5 ex batts) a couple of months ago and they have made me so happy I am seriously considering getting a couple of bunnies. I would house the rabbits separately with their own run but my garden isn't huge and the ideal place to situate the rabbit hutch / run would be next to the chicken run. However - I have been reading up about rabbits and I am worried about the possibility of Flystrike - it sounds terrible, and although there aren't too many flies around my chicken run and I am following all sensible proceedures to keep it clean, I am worried that housing the rabbits near the chickens would increase the chances of flystrike. Does anyone have any experience or advice? I have read about herbs that can discourage flies. Would it be advisable to situate the rabbits as far away from the chickens as possible? This would them mean animals were occupying every area of my garden! Thanks for your time
  2. It's been a day of toe injuries! Glad yours is feeling better - ours too.
  3. Thanks beantree - dont know why I didn't think of a bandage.
  4. One of my chickens - bottom of the pecking order has a bleeding toe. I assume it was caused by the top hen who pickles on her quite a bit. We have had them 5 weeks - 5 ex batts. I isolated the inked girl lady night and today she can be free outside the run - but tomorrow we will be at work and so she really needs to be in with the others. If she had stopped bleeding tonight ca I just put some purple spray on the route and put her back in with the others - she is usually t on in the wall in run as there are places to hide - think she got injured when they were out and she got backed into a corner. Also - I know the pecking order is normal but I'd it normal for one to nave go spend most of the day hiding / miss out on treats/ be pecked energy gone the top hen see her? I'm finding it hard not to dislike the bully. Thanks
  5. Thanks for asking this question as I was just wondering the same thing! I have just shaken some Biodry - which I'm pretty sure does the same thing on some grass in the run as it was getting quite poopy - the packet said it was not harmful and safe for animals so I hoped it would be ok. I am looking for something to put down on the floor of the run as I 'm sure the grass wont survive too much longer, but finding it really hard to find a supplier of wood chips and I have heard good and bad things about sharp sand.
  6. She spends the day on the main part of the cube. I did see some off the others peck her while she was at the to off the lladder before and it looked horrible - no wonder she's scared. Are they likely to get over this with time and space or is it possible they will never accept her? When you say I should take her out so you mean to a run on her own for a few days? Thought I should try to put a non pecking hen in with her to help her make a friend? They're are no marks on her to indicate bad pecking bit that may be because she's been on hiding.
  7. Advice please - Had my first set of rescue hens for a week now. I thought they were settling in quite well, I can tell who the boss is and who is at the bottom but I've not witnessed any bad pecking - yet yesterday I realised that the most timid one hadn't come out of the eglu cube into the run at all - tried to encourage/Usher her out but she wasn't keen at all - dont think it is the ladder that is causing her problems- she just seems scared of the others. Put her in a separate run for an hour so that she could get some food and water while the rain was at bay. Shes stayed insode all day today too - put some food and water in the cube for her, but my partner said i am just encouraging her to stay iinside. I'm worried about her - how can I help her integrate? At the moment they just have the eglu cube run but within the week we will have built a 12 foot by 6 foot walk in run for them. I'm sure space will help but in the mean time do I force her to go or with the others? Sad to watch
  8. Thanks for your help, I'm based in Sheffield. I'll have a look at that mud management advice
  9. Hi, I got my first chickens last week (5 from the BHWT, living in a green cube (sleeping in the nest box!)) and so far, - I am enjoying chicken ownership even more than I thought I would - they're lovely. I'm sure I will have lots of questions for yo all over the next few weeks, but my most pressing concern is finding some wood chips (or possibly gravel) to go on the floor of their walk in run. I have read that Bark chips are no good as they contain spore that can make them ill when they get damp, and I am really struggling to find anywhere I can buy hardwood chips (they seem to be intended for children's play areas). I found a few places online, but the delivery costs are prohibitive. People have suggested local garden centers and I have tried wikes / B and Q but not to much avail. What do you all use on the bottom of your chicken run and where did you get it from? Many thanks, Helen
  10. Thanks for the advice everyone, I'll keep reading up on this stuff. One more question - Why is it that only hybrids seem to get vacinated?
  11. I'm about to become a first time chicken keeper and trying to decide between 3 rescue hens, followed by 3 pullets (probably welsummers) when the rescues have settled in - or just 6 rescue hens. Just read this blog which states you should never add new adult hens to your flock (just breed your own - which I don;t intend to do any time soon!). The mostly seem concerned about infection (particularly mycoplasm) and suggest several weeks of quarentine, which I can't imagine doing with my set up. I have a large dog crate that I could put new chickens in inside the run during the day - but obviously this wouldn't help with infection control, just introductions. I also know your can't let your flock drop to only one (too lonely) so not sure what is best. Does anyone have any advice - is this article just scaremongering? Is several weeks quarentine necessary and how do people manage this? Many thanks for your advice http://www.bloglovin.com/frame?post=2728895179&group=0&frame_type=a&blog=5203869&link=aHR0cDovL25hdHVyYWxjaGlja2Vua2VlcGluZy5ibG9nc3BvdC5jb20vMjAxNC8wNC93aGF0LWdvZXMtYXJvdW5kLW5hdHVyYWwtcHJldmVudGlvbi1vZi5odG1s&frame=1&click=0&user=0
  12. I have emailed omlet to ask if it possible to buy a replacement door mechanism. Fingers crossed
  13. I just picked up and assembeled my second hand Eglu cube and it is fab - appart from one big problem - the door opening mechanism doesn't work. I will be contactting the people I bought it from, but I imagine they will say it worked for them and that something has got dislodged in transit. It is hard to describe the problem, but it seems that the pole that you should be able to twist and then slide the door open and closed with is not slotted into the correct position - the door will slide awkwardly, then sits at a weird angle. Internally it seems that the metal pole is not slotted correctly into the black plastic thingy. Sorry to describe this so badly, but I would really appreciate any advice - has anyone had a similar problem with the cube door mechanism, or know if the door itself can be replaced? Thank you!
  14. Hi Stephen, I own a working type labrador - no chickens yet - but I am expecting her to be good as gold with them. She has never shown the slightest inclination to chase sheep / squirrels or anything. As Chickabee said, getting a pup is probably a good idea as you can desensitise it to the chickens from a young age and get the dog to focus on you / do commands in the presence of the chickens. I find Labradors are really easy to train as they are so greedy! I have taken my lab running with me off lead from 18 months old (you don't want to do it before they are a year as you don't want to put too much strain on their joints while they are growing). She has always been so good as a running partner - she stays close without me having to worry about her. We have kept her very fit, two off lead walks every day and so she is slim and shows no sign of slowing down at 5 1/2 years. My only cautionary note about labs is that between the age of 6 months - 2 years that can be a bit crazy and hyper if they don't get enough exercise! As far as chickens and dogs go - spaniels are a really lovely breed in many ways, but I have heard they can be tempted to go for chickens and they have a reputation for chasing squirrels etc. Good luck - let us know what breed you get.

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