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  1. What breed is he?

    An orp! Of course!
  2. What breed is he?

    Give it some time, but justkeep in mind that if it is scaly leg mites, those are very contagious.
  3. What breed is he?

    Have say that scaly leg mites do look more scaly than his, although can’t really see his feet. Don’t know how you test for them. It might be something else completely, although limping is not normal.
  4. What breed is he?

    Haven’t got the faintest. But his legs look a bit like a hen I’ve seen with scaley leg mites. It did look more “scaley” on the hen though. Do you know how old he is?
  5. Much excitement!

    How are your new piggies doing?
  6. What breed is he?

    He looks like a Wyandotte, but I don’t have the breed or a cockerel for that matter. He is a stunning looking boy though. His ankles look massive though! This a picture I found online searching for buff wyandotte cockerel:
  7. So how is the season so far?

    Watched the great Monty Don last Friday and he was planting some seedlings of soy beans. I love edame beans and thought I needed to give them a try growing my own. Ordered seeds and planted them today together with some peas. Come on beans! Grow!
  8. Sick chicken

    Not really sure what you mean by jerking, or what that could possibly be. But being defensive of a nest/eggs sounds a lot like your pekin is broody. When hens are broody, they will want to try and start hatch eggs and will defend their clutch to intruders. Which is also you. If it was my chicken, I would chuck her of the nest and put her back in the run and close the access to the nest for a bit to see if she otherwise acts normal. If she is broody, most likely she will cluck a lot and walk around all puffed up. But she shouldn’t walk with her legs spread or hunching down often as if to poo. Hope this helps!
  9. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Lipton is having a good moult! It’s almost like someone killed a pillow out there! It’s snowing little white feathers.
  10. Winnie is broody!

    Can’t remember, but are your chickens youngish? Younger hens sometimes take a few goes to get properly broody, so she might take a bit longer to get over it. Two of mine were broody. Merel at least 3/4 weeks, Pickwick about a week and half, but finaly both snapped out of it. But I don’t use a broody pen, because of all the racket they make and can’t afford the noise with all my neighbours. I just chuck them of the nest as often as possible and close the coop once the others are done laying.
  11. How to stop my dog barking

    This topic is from 2013. I’m pretty sure they managed to get their dogs barking less in 5 years time.
  12. Tigger!

    Mine ate the tomato leaves too...
  13. Tigger!

    Or tomatoes...
  14. Guinea Fowl

    I love guinea fowl! But as Lewis said, I couldn’t keep them because of the noise they make. They chatter all day long. They do love a good dusty dust bath. If ever I get a little house on the prairie, I will have guinea fowl too!