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  1. Straw is generally not recommended as nesting material as it can harbour mites and lice. I use woodchips in the nesting dip. Works well and stays mostly in place. Others here use things like aubiose or easychick bedding. I find woodchips last long and don’t go mouldy.
  2. Trier, short but sweet visit

    Gorgeous photos! Have been to Trier quite a few times wit work.
  3. Welcome to the New Omlet Forum!

    Ooooh! Gives me a whole new opportunity to get creative!
  4. Cruise holidays

    And the Netherlands!
  5. Unexpected advantage of the Rocky Peck toy

    6:00 for me this morning... it’s still even dark... sillies
  6. Retainers after Braces?

    I never had braces and only had my retainer for a few years. I have it because of teeth grinding, but wear it all nights as it lets me sleep better. I definitely will keep wearing it!
  7. Unexpected advantage of the Rocky Peck toy

    Sounds great! I was really tempted to buy one, but the cost of sending was higher than the thing itself... so I might have made my own...
  8. Goshawk

    He is gorgeous!
  9. What have you all been making...part two...

    It was a free pattern! 😉 Hamster Amigurumi plus Pattern
  10. Hi! I have a Go Up with standard run and attached my own make shift run to it (no foxes here). 3 bantams will be fine in a 3 m run. I have had 3 in the standard run with some free ranging. And now 4 permanently confined. Do add some perches as it will give them more use of space. Most people on here have the coops and runs in a permanent place and I think you will be moving them around a lot if you want to keep your grass green. Personally I would go for a permanent set up with paving slabs underneath the run. This will also make it much harder for foxes to dig in, if they can at all. Don’t think bantams will scratch any less than full sized birds. Mine have been known to dig them selves out of the run, before I put paving slabs in the ground. Also I think moving a Go Up with 3 metre run will be a two people job. The run is surprisingly heavy. Picture shows what I did this summer. Filled the hole up with earth, which is now around 15 cm deep. I left the gaps in between for better drainage. I don’t poo pick, but hose the earth down once in a while. They love taking dustbaths in the dry earth. To give your chickens shelter I can really recommend the clear 1 m tarp for the Cube. This fits the run of the Go Up quite good. It is only about 20 cm shorter so 10 cm on each side .
  11. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I used to work at a bilingual school and the expat teachers did find it very difficult to get to learn Dutch, because there is very little need for it. Everyone at work speaks English and most people in shops etc will at least understand basic English. Since I started work at an ordinary school, I find my English is suffering now! Have an English colleague on whom I practise now and then. And he comes and asks me stuff he doesn’t understand. If a Dutch person yells: Niet doen or Je moet dat niet doen! You know you are in trouble!
  12. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Yes = Ja No = Nee Not = Niet Thank you = Dank je wel Where is ...= Waar is ... How much is ..... = Hoeveel is .... Good morning = Goedemorgen Good night = Goedenavond Hello = Hallo But what I said was: Dutch isn't difficult at all! Although... Try saying "bagagedrager"
  13. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Well start scrubbing up on your Dutch then! Nederlands is helemaal niet moeilijk!