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  1. Cat tails

    Christmas swap 2018

  2. Cat tails

    Forum upgrade?

    Or colleagues that only put a small stack of paper in the tray... really now dear? You think the printer people were too stupid to make the tray big enough for a standard pack of paper? “Oh but I only need a few copies...” 😤
  3. Cat tails

    Cream Legbar vs Aracauna

    If you are dead set on blue eggs, get a mature hen. Though egg colour can even change over the lifetime of a single bird.
  4. Cat tails

    Christmas swap 2018

  5. Cat tails

    Forum upgrade?

    I hate machines with an opinion or that make their own decisions! “Who told you I wanted to install a 3 hour update right now during a lesson???” Or:” I didn’t ask you to print this on A3, did I? So WHYYYYYY?”
  6. Cat tails

    Forum upgrade?

    Hahaha funny you! I am that teacher that will have full conversations with the printer to make it work... or yell at the computer/smartboard...
  7. Cat tails

    Christmas swap 2018

  8. Cat tails

    Christmas swap 2018

  9. Cat tails

    Forum upgrade?

    Star is a topic you posted in before, ball is a topic you haven’t posted in before.
  10. Cat tails

    Forum upgrade?

    Or you just click the little ball/star in front once you navigate from the unread page... Or you just click on the last page next to the bar from the forum page...
  11. Cat tails

    What have you all been making...part two...

    How lovely! You must be a proud Granny! 😉
  12. Cat tails

    Christmas swap 2018

    This is the list I think, so far: Luvachicken Cat tails - received Ursula Patricia W - received Plum  Redhotchick Valkyri - received Willow Soapdragon - received... too many... must be something wrong... 😉
  13. Cat tails

    Christmas swap 2018

  14. Cat tails

    Forum upgrade?

    And it is easier to join now than before. You used to have to wait 5 days or so, now you are instant member. Think loads of people now join and then forget or don’t bother.