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  1. Would you use these wood chips?

    Well to add to the choice: mine are on bare earth. According to people on here hardwood chips will last you quite a long time. Ordinary wood chips are cheaper, but will need replacing more often. But if you are convinced your run will keep dry enough, you could definitely go for aubiose.
  2. Think round wood could promote bumble foot, but not sure about that. I made small slits in the wood on either side, which fit snugly over the run wire, so they stay in place. Well, most of the time. My new hen is rather a heavyweight.
  3. Would you use these wood chips?

    Aubiose only works if your run is completely dry, so no rain can get in.
  4. Would you use these wood chips?

    I would rather use that in the flower beds than in my chicken run. It looks a very damp and it will be a nightmare to poo pick. I wouldn’t chance it and go for something else.
  5. That’s what I thought too regarding the round perches. They now have two bits of spare wood, both square. I might need to find something else to buy.
  6. Has anyone bought the Omlet chicken perch yet? I won a €50 voucher from Omlet with a Facebook thingy, so trying to figure out what to get. But the perches are €20 which I find a bit hefty. So I was wondering if anyone has any experience with them.
  7. Poorly red chicken

    On the back, it almost looks like a sunburn. But a sunburn on her behind is a bit odd...
  8. I don’t have a chicken swing. Was tempted to buy one, but the shipping costs to the Netherlands are so high, it’s often not worth ordering. Foxes can actually bite through chicken wire, so most here use welded mesh instead.
  9. Lovely looking run! Great design too. It’s something I have been considering too. Just remember that chicken wire is great at keeping chickens in, but lousy at keeping foxes out.
  10. The Weather Thread #9

    It’s raining and I’m on the couch under a blanket! Couldn’t be happier!
  11. Been accepted for a degree!!

    I work as a secondary school teacher and I have a phone jail in my classroom. All phones go in there at the beginning of the lesson.
  12. What have you all been making...part two...

    Not too long, but I have a holiday now anyway. And most of it is very straightforward crocheting.
  13. What have you all been making...part two...

    Made this playmat for a friend who had her second grandson. Made the farm playmat for her first grandson, if anyone remembers it. Both lovely free patterns on Ravelry. It has a ribbon around the rim so you can close it up with all the toys inside.
  14. The Weather Thread #9

    Same here! Finally a lovely cool 21 degrees right now, where it was a sweltering 34 yesterday.
  15. Don’t beat yourself up over it. It can happen to any of us with a determined enough fox. It’s like protecting your house against burglary: you can only make it a bit more difficult than your neighbours and hope they think it’s not worth it. But no house is absolutely impenetrable.