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  1. I gather you don’t have an Omlet coop then? Those have double wall to help with insulation.
  2. If you close the coop, they should be perfectly able to keep each other warm. They’ll snuggle with each other. If you are experiencing really low temperatures, you could invest in a cold temperature jacket. But I really wouldn’t go about heating a coop.
  3. Those are some escape artists if they manage to squeeze through the floor wire of a Eglu! 😳 Safest permanent option is to put the whole thing on paving slabs. But probably not the solution your looking for. It will make cleaning easier though. Otherwise you could add some wire bird mesh underneath the run. This has a much smaller gauge.
  4. There are some breeds that are autosexing, meaning the males have a different colouring to females. If taking on chicks, do keep in mind you’ll need an electric hen for quite some time and they can’t go outdoors for a number of weeks.
  5. Just saw an item about stray chickens near a football stadium, that were dumped there by French supporters. And guess what breed was among them? 😉
  6. Closest I could find is this: white lemon quail http://www.kippenencyclopedie.nl/php/index.php?title=Witcitroenkwartel Although your little hen is more silver than the lemon there.
  7. Well good thing you spotted it when it was still probably only one!
  8. I never shut the door unless it might be well below freezing and on New Years eve because of all the fireworks. Other than that they can come and go when they want. They are well insulated with their feathers so they’ll be fine in cold weather.
  9. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  10. Bird flu victims generally go down hill very fast. Within hours rather than days. Often they become very uncoordinated. I’m not a vet, but my guess wouldn’t be AI. If it is, then all your birds will most likely be infected. Hope you vet can get in touch with you. Having her suffering must be hard. ❤️
  11. Hard to see her posture this way, but I would guess hen too.
  12. How is your little hen doing?
  13. If your run is big enough, there shouldn’t be an issue with feather pecking and cannibalism. Not sure what the UK restrictions are, but over here everything has to be under cover. So no more free ranging.

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