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  1. I think it depends on how far the beak is split, but regardless I would contact a vet. Not something you can do something about with home remedies.
  2. A simple search online will show that these rules don’t exist in all countries outside of the UK and not all of us here live in the UK. I’m perfectly allowed to feed my chickens calci worms or mealworms.
  3. That apparently can last a while. Here you can go out again after day 5 if 24 hours symptom free. You don’t even get to do another pcr for the first 8 weeks as those will be positive anyway. But I’m never symptom free between March and November due to allergies… Hope your OH feels better soon!
  4. Looks like a pigeon chick to me.
  5. Is it with all three on the front? Same spot as in the picture? Are you sure they don’t just stick their heads through a smallish opening to get at something and they just rub their own feathers off in the process?
  6. I can thoroughly recommend whatever variant I have right now. Tired for 2 days, stuffed sinuses and light cough. Just have to spend another 2 days as a hermit in my house, before I get to roam free again, according to the health ministry. As long as I’m symptom free for at least 24 hours I can go out again Friday.
  7. Is she separated from your other hens? You would be better off giving her separate ground floor housing. The young chicks won’t be able to get back up the ladder for weeks.
  8. These two are very cute though!
  9. Yeah did a self test and an almost black line appeared in 2 seconds… Have been taking dozens of the these the past year, as teachers and students were adviced to do two of those a week during the last covid waves. But having an actual positive test is a first for me. Feel rather flu-y, with lots of snot, coughing and fever. But will have to see how this pans out.
  10. Surprise! Who knew this was still a thing??? It only took me 2,5 years!
  11. Pfff I feel for you @Beantree. I would melt… found it very hot today already and it was only 30 degrees here.
  12. Flo has the same issue today. She normally can go out in the garden and come back as she pleases when I’m home. But I now keep the garden door closed to keep the heat out. She’s also trying to get Red to wrestle with her in the garden. But he’s having none of it.
  13. Oh how sad! She looked very pretty and sounds like a real character.
  14. 5 should fit I suppose, but the biggest limiting factor really is run size rather than coop size.

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