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  1. I understand it’s hard when your resources are limited. And I really think you are trying your best. But there is a point when you have to accept neither you, the internet or us here are vets. Keep strong! ❤️
  2. I would still ring a vet and enquire about the costs. It’s never fair to leave an animal suffering. And bearing costs is part of having animals.
  3. Depends on if you worm preventative or on infection. Some here worm twice to four times a year to prevent them getting a high wormload. But most vets will also check a poo sample on worms. Which means you only worm when it’s really needed. Most here use medicated pellets with Flubenvet, which you give for a week, without anything else, no free ranging and no treats. I live in the Netherlands and use an oral wormer, I get from my vet.
  4. I have no patience for Lewis his method.... so I do boil mine
  5. Definitely possible but you do need to coat them well in oil and I turn the grill setting on for at least the last 5 min. Turns them nice and golden crisp
  6. Was sent this, made me laugh!
  7. Gave up on nail varnish long ago when starting chemistry studies... was no point with all the solvents.
  8. The feathers will grow back, with a good moult. With young hens it’s worth checking regularly as they do a number of mini moults.
  9. Well it is very inventive! I’m glad my motorcycle garage isn’t doing the same thing and I could still drop it off today! 😂
  10. Hahaha thanks Soapy! But it’s not my birthday 😉 One of my best friends had planned a great big party, but now we are going to have a great big party online! Will have to get my own cake though!
  11. We just heard that schools will be closed till April 28th. Which means actually May 6th as the first date falls in the May break. So a whole month more teaching from my kitchen...
  12. A little splash of Spring!
  13. Here you go: although many links and pictures are broken I think

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