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  1. If they are both girls, are you going to keep both? 7 chickens is a lot in a 4 m run.
  2. What about those audiobooks? Something to listen too and get your mind of things, without having to focus too much. Some websites offer coupons for a number of books of their own choice.
  3. I have a whole Pratchett shelf! Although nothing beats the Discworld, I can thoroughly recommend the Long Earth series too.
  4. I experience this now daily. Loads of kids just mentally checked out and they didn’t do squat diddly doo. But now blame school for not providing. I gave a few kids 1.0 (out of 10) because they simply didn’t hand in an assignment, saying that I didn’t tell them! Seriously? You haven’t heard me during all those lessons online???
  5. If she hasn’t had the prolapse since, I think I would put her back with the others. In case of another prolapse, you should consider a vet visit anyway. So I think I would chance it, as it seems that keeping her separate seems worse than the risk of the others damaging her.
  6. That’s some serious electric fencing! 😳 Mine love digging around for things too. In spring I turn out most of my pots in their run, to replenish the kicked out earth and for their entertainment too.
  7. I’m fine with the mice in my garden. They hide out in the shed sometimes. But I have a big tomcat who can’t resist hunting mice. So I know they are kept in check by him. Last year a rather larger tunnel appeared in a corner. Made Red the cat aware of the situation and the tunnel was quickly abandoned. 😉
  8. My Merel has 6 weeks broody spells too, goes back to one week of laying and then back to spitting and growling broody.
  9. Electric underfloor heating isn’t too expensive I guess. Think it was about €250 for my moms small bathroom (2x2).
  10. What about underfloor heating? You have that in electric as well.
  11. Made another lovey for a pregnant colleague. It’s made of a very soft and snuggly yarn. But which leaves a lot of blue fiber bits all over the place, because it fringes A LOT at the yarn ends.
  12. Hydrogen peroxide foams in your mouth. Very bitter and stings. Can absolutely do without.

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