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  1. Oooh I love to see those! How exciting!
  2. Isn’t it all great that we decided it must be hatching eggs? For all we know, @mullethunter bought a black market kidney! 😂😂
  3. Mesh is definitely not small enough to keep wood chip in. Mesh is even big enough to let mice and rats in. But some old wooden boarding along the underside will do the trick. It has some rounded shape to the roof. My dad doesn’t have any issues with water collecting in the tarps. Think the door is narrower than the drawer of a Go. But you could easily take a tub/large bucket into the run and empty the drawer in that.
  4. Eggers!!! Barnevelder perhaps??
  5. Had myself a cup of tea and some apple cranberry oatmeal cake. Opened my box to find such lovely things! An amazing blue kitty with little legs that move. A colourful rainbow hanger. A beautiful notepad with guinea pigs on it. And a mystery pouch which contained the most amazing chicken bunting! I feel so spoiled! Thank you secret swappee!
  6. I just stuffed my cake in the oven! Waiting with opening till it’s ready!
  7. I keep mine on the egg skelter and even the 25 gram tinies from my Sebright stay on there. Only when they have to take the corner, they sometimes fall through. You need to put them on in the right direction though, with the pointy end to the side.
  8. Here is a photo so you can see the size. 😂
  9. Got an egg from Mus the Sebright today! So she isn’t an oversized budgie! Although… her egg weighs a whopping 25 grams! 😂
  10. Me too! Maybe we should swap cake recipes along with our swaps next times. So we can bake each others cakes!

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