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  1. Slipped Achilles tendon

    But have to say: well done for not letting him suffer!
  2. Chicks Hatching

    Very fluffy lovelies!
  3. The Cube clear cover fits almost perfectly over the Go Up run. It’s about 5 cm smaller in width and about 20 cm in length.
  4. Closing the coop door at night

    Lovely cheepers! Look around 8 weekish? Clipping wings is easy. Just remember only doing one wing. Found it easiest done with a pair of nail clippers for cats. Fit nicely over the feathers. Normal scissors slip on the round pens of the feathers. Regarding roaming the allotment: foxes also visit during the day and chickens eat everything and anything. Regarding the Go: if you want it to go Up, you need a different run as well. the biggest problem I had was the chickens digging out rather than things finding their way in. Mine are on earth as well, but my dad dug some paving stones in, with gaps in between and filled it back up. Now they can’t dig their way to China anymore!
  5. Closing the coop door at night

    They should be fine. Locking them in is no problem, but no requirement either. As extra security measures, you can weigh down the skirt of the run with big logs or paving stones. Make sure you always close the run correctly and the coop hatches as well. Soooo... what kind of eglu do you have and more importantly, what kind of chickens?!
  6. No worries. It is advice you see very often on websites to lock them in the coop for two days straight. Which does nothing but stress them out. Mine where far from tempted to go out and explore at first too, but I had them in May, so chucked them out to get on with it. They were 10 weeks though, so little bit more independent (well technically 😉)
  7. Do I need to check if she's egg bound?

    It is treatable, but I think it depends on the condition of the hen and the severity. One of mine did perk up after treatment, but fell ill again a few months after and had to be pts. Nothing much you can do about this. Some breeds/hens seem to be more prone to this. I have hen since 2014 and so far have lost 3. 1 to peritonitis, 1 to recurring prolapse and 1 to mareks. All of them around the 2 year mark.
  8. Do I need to check if she's egg bound?

    Squishy underside sounds more like peritonitis, but like Mullet says, wait to see what the vet says. One of my hens got a antibiotics injection and daily antibiotic drops to be administered in the beak. Wait to see what the vet says, but maybe see if you can find a chickensavvy sitter or boarding place for your holiday.
  9. Do I need to check if she's egg bound?

    Luckily YOU don’t do anything, since YOU are on holiday! but would leave the vets phone number with your chicken sitter. Sitting around with tail up isn’t such a worry. One of my chickens doesn’t always perch, but sometimes sits around in the dirt too. Chickens are funny little things. When in doubt, I would ring a vet.
  10. Do I need to check if she's egg bound?

    Sitting around with tail down is not really normal behaviour. When you pick her up, feel her tummy with your. You should be able to feel her breastbone, but it shouldn’t feel “sharp”. So the muscle on the sides of the bone should still feel firm and not sucken in. Also feel between her legs. Her underside should be firm and not squishy. Squishy could also be compaired with a waterfilled balloon. Her crop should be full, but not really big and feel firm, but not a hard ball. Squishy crop isn’t good either. (Really... no part of a chicken should be squishy...)
  11. Eglu netting

    Only if the eglu is closed. And bear in mind, foxes also visit during the day as many here can sadly tell you. Any open topped enclosure won’t be completely safe and even walk-in runs might not always be enough to keep foxes from visiting.
  12. Eglu netting

    My smaller bantams can reach around 1.60m, wings clipped and all... but ex-industry hens aren’t that nimble and light. Although like mullet says, you always have that one hen.
  13. Do I need to check if she's egg bound?

    Oh no! have you managed to give her a once over? If you do, do the same to a healthy hen, so you know what to feel for. If I take a hen to the vet, I bring two. So the vet has a comparison too. My vet is really good, but doesn’t see chickens very regularly. At first he thought I was a bit silly for bringing a healthy chicken, but soon discovered that it was quite handy to have a healthy comparison.
  14. Might be a good indicator, but deff not always the case. One of my black Dutch bantams had white earlobes, but layed cream eggs. My white Dutch lays white to whitish eggs, but don’t think she has white earlobes.
  15. I would really advice against leaving your chickens in a coop during the daytime. Especially in summer, temperatures can easily get much too high. Also, they will decide the coop is home in their own time and really don’t have to be shut in for that.