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  1. Cat tails

    Updates from Devon

    It’s a young blue tit. Pretty picture!
  2. Cat tails

    Green eglu classic with 3 meter run Peterborough

    Classics are not raised off the ground. Only Cubes and Go Ups have legs.
  3. Cat tails

    Poor fox cub

    Just don’t clean your windows! Everytime I decide to wash them, I get repaid with big greasy prints of pigeons. But that somehow only happens in the first few days. My windows currently are sporting about 4 pigeon prints...
  4. Yes, just get a second connector kit. It replaces one of the panels of the WIR
  5. I have an Up with standard run, but attached my own make shift run. It’s just green garden fencing (the stuff that comes rolled up) covered with bird netting. It’s a very cheap and easy solution. But I have no foxes around. I would suggest you get 3. If one dies, you are not left with a lone hen, which is harder to introduce to new hens.
  6. Cat tails

    Eglu Cube: Teaching chickens to use nesting box

    You don’t need fake eggs, instinct will kick more often then not. You might get the odd egg in an odd place to start with, but they will figure it out on there own. Some hens prefer a nest over a roost to sleep in. You could just close the divider at night to make sure they don’t sleep in the nesting box.
  7. Cat tails

    Worming options

    My vet prescribes Iverquantel oral drops. Dead easy to use. Don’t know if that is an option in the UK too?
  8. Cat tails

    Tiny pond

    Decided to pluck another slab out of the ground to make space for the grass I bought. There was no real other spot it could go and look good.
  9. Cat tails

    Tiny pond

    The ferns and ivy where there when I started. Placed the pond between the ferns and I really like the result too! I hope I get some critters to come and eat any mosquito larvae. Wasn’t planning on fish, but if it gets too bad, I might need one...
  10. Cat tails

    Tiny pond

    Got myself plants and rocks!
  11. Cat tails

    Remember me?

    Yes! Of course we remember you! Have been following your progress in France with an appropriate amount of envy!
  12. Cat tails

    Tiny pond

    No chance of hedgehogs in my garden as it is completely enclosed. I do have a toad and cats. But it is small enough for the cats to get out and don’t think the toad will have issues.
  13. Cat tails

    Tiny pond

    I do have a garden toad, so hope it will be pleased with this addition. Not so sure about frog spawn though... as the pond is very close to my bedroom window... I did buy two of those baskets, as they were only €0,60. But will see how it turns out and what I will get. I want to get a few big rocks to surround the tub, so it looks a bit more attractive.
  14. Cat tails

    Tiny pond

    Made myself a tiny pond in the garden today. Used a cement bucket of 65 L and dug that into the ground. Even got it level! Unreasonably proud of myself! Need to get some substrate or gravel to go on the bottom and some plants. Not planning on fish as it is only 65 L and wasn’t planning on getting a pump either. But will be looking at some snails to go into the pond.
  15. I have no experience with moving a cube. But I do know that most on here have their run and cube on a fixed site. Most on slabs with some form of bedding in it. personally I don’t think moving it every day will be enough to safe your grass. When your chickens are on proper chicken pellets, they don’t need to have grass for their welfare.