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  1. Cat tails

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Unless you live next door to a pig farm, I don’t see how this would cause a direct effect on people. The air quality in the Rotterdam-The Hague-Amsterdam area can be quite bad, but that’s down to the motorway traffic. I personally find the air quality in London worse, as a few days London will have coated the inside of my nose with black soot, something I never experience at home.
  2. People have cried over having membranes down. Slabs are definitely better. I have mine dug in and backfilled with soil. But made sure there are gabs of at least 1 cm between slabs so water can drain (and in my case, earthworms can get through to clean the soil) Placing your slabs a few cm apart shouldn’t be too difficult right? And it would solve any pooling of water.
  3. If the bunnies have lived outside all summer, they should be developing a good winter coat right now and should be able to keep warm in winter. Just make sure they have a (mostly) dry run and definitely a dry hutch. It’s wet bunnies that can get into trouble. They are just ordinary fur bunnies right? The long haired/angora bunnies can’t be kept outside in winter as they don’t have a water resistant coat.
  4. Either have a dry and completely covered run, so your bedding stays dry, or have really good drainage. With paving slabs underneath, it will never give brilliant drainage. To keep your run dry, it is not only important to have a good cover, but also make sure with paving slabs that no water is running in from the sides. If your coop and paving slabs are sitting slightly proud of the ground, you prevent it turning into one big puddle. For now I would get rid of the wood chips, give it a good clean, solve any issues with the paving slabs and sort out your covering. And then you can start again with clean and dry bedding.
  5. Cat tails

    Maisie off her legs

    Is it both legs or just one? If it was one leg, I would suggest Mareks, but both is a bit of a puzzle. Does she still have feeling in her claws and legs? And is it just the claws or her whole leg that is paralysed?
  6. Cat tails

    Where in the world

    Come over to the dark side! Yes I thought about that, but ideally the house would be on a hillside with some fields in the valley. One can dream right?
  7. Cat tails

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    😂 unfortunately I have to work, so alas no!
  8. Cat tails

    Where in the world

    Canada for me, but in truth just a forest anywhere would do. I’ve decided I want to live in a proper forest one day.
  9. Go Up runs don’t have poles. But the sides slope quite a bit, so can’t really see how this would work.
  10. Cat tails

    Bunny died in spaying operation

    Sorry to hear you lost your bunny. Try and contact a rescue. They often offer coupling your female to a new castrated male. Bunny pairs tend to work best if they are male and female. If you have a (already) castrated male, your female can stay unneutered.
  11. Cat tails

    Mixed public toilets

    This is exactly what is said in the book I mentioned. Women who have no access to single gender loos are at far greater risk to get assaulted. This mostly true for third world countries.
  12. Although some risk isn’t worth taking.
  13. Sorry but you don’t have to have a compromised immune system to be able to die from salmonella poisoning. A colleague and his whole family ended up in hospital after making a pasta and finishing it of with a raw egg yolk, like the Italians do. His two daughters nearly died. This is the same reason why you have to be careful handling and cooking chicken meat.