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  1. Christmas swap 2018

    Oh yes Luv I forgot to say I rather not post to other countries....
  2. What have you all been making...part two...

    They are incredibly lovely Plum!
  3. Christmas swap 2018

    1. Definitely cats! 2. Love yellow, teal, petrol blue, pink 3. Winter, spring, autumn 4. Mountains and forests. 5. Red and white Christmas! Although any Christmas is a good Christmas 6. Would love anything! 7. See 6, although I really don’t have a hat head.
  4. Christmas swap 2018

    Jeeeh! Sooooo on the list so far are: Luvachicken Cat tails Ursula Patricia W Plum Redhotchic Soapdragon Valkyrie
  5. Intermittent violent sneezing

    Poor Pepsi! It’s always sad to lose a bird. I would report back to the auction facility or breeder. You shouldn’t have to expect to lose a bird within a week of purchase. (it does depend how big your bantams get. Merel is pretty typical in size for the breed, about 700 g. Leentje was absolutely tiny, about 450 g, and her eggs often slipped through the slit in the egg skelter. Pickwick2 is very large for the breed, must be over 1 kg, and her eggs are just as big as my New Hampshire.)
  6. Intermittent violent sneezing

    Left is an egg of Merel, right shop bought “Large” egg.
  7. Intermittent violent sneezing

    Don’t underestimate the Dutchies! Although they mine don’t lay every day, their eggs are normally very good quality shell wise. Just be prepared for a lot of broodyness...
  8. Injured squiggle

    Squirrel! I found it hard to imagine you having a pet named Squiggle!
  9. Intermittent violent sneezing

    Well at least the vet had an idea and treatment. Hope she recovers soon! 🤞🏻
  10. Intermittent violent sneezing

    My cat has asthma... I hope the little doodle will be all right.
  11. I would give them a soak in hot water (boiling from the kettle) with a good splash of vinegar. Mostlikely the alge is trapped in a buildup of scale. Which is harder to see on plastic, but definitely still there.
  12. Christmas swap 2018

    Think I might have decided what to make. Although I have to send my mom for an errant... Unless Andyroo decides to come out of hiding and stopts ignoring the swap. Although who knows, he might appreciate pink fluffy slippers!
  13. Christmas swap 2018

  14. Doctor Who

    Interesting! I caught myself thinking that after so many years (last docter I really followed was David Tenant) it still looked as if some of the props were made in someone’s garage... and that technology has moved way past this. But it must be part of the charm I guess.
  15. Doctor Who

    It was the first episode in a VERY long time I actually saw again. And I wasn’t disappointed! Thought Jodie Whittaker was great!