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  1. The rescue now has 120 bunnies and “only” 82 this period last year. Many of them are strays.
  2. Might be that 3 days is not enough. My hens can keep this up for weeks. If you want to break them quickly, you need to use a broody cage. That’s the only way to solve it quickly. I don’t have that option because I have to many neighbours close by and one of my hens produces an absolute racket if she can’t go back to the coop at night. Do put a large pot in the nesting box dip at night, do your broody doesn’t just go back brooding at night.
  3. I’ve had chickens moult in their first year. They can do a mini moult.
  4. Yes! Now just a two week wait and I’ll be invincible!
  5. Finally got my second vaccine today!
  6. Hahaha no! One of the 120 bunnies in the rescue right now. And he won’t be mine either, as I am allergic to bunnies. But he is really pretty though.
  7. This is the reason I split my run in two and put the broodies on the non-coop side. So that the laying chickens still can go and lay their eggs. As soon as I know they are done, I close the coop and put them together again.
  8. I’ve never had issues with my hens in their enclosure in sight of the coop. They will normally just settle being very grumpy.
  9. I use a heater in the run in freezing weather, but only during the day. I just take the water in at night. I have one like this: https://www.omlet.co.uk/shop/chicken_keeping/feeders_and_drinkers/15110/eton_drinker_heater_-_30cm/?rf=38f922acbb6fface272c8694693d7905
  10. I would say as little time in the coop as possible!

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