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  1. Cat tails

    Handling ex battery hens

    It depends on what you want to get out of handling them. Don’t expect them to come and cuddle up to you on day three. They have never been handled before by humans. Just get them comfortable around you. Spend some time with them talking and sitting Oh and treats do work magic! The odd dried mealworm or few sunflower seeds will often entice them to get closer.
  2. Cat tails

    Easter swap 2019

    Lovely work ladies! Such pretty projects! (And jummy chocolate...)
  3. according this there was an additional locking mechanism for the Eglu Go, which locks in a similar way to the new Cube. Might be an option to give them a ring and ask. You are clearly not the first one.
  4. Just read back a few of the old posts on raccoons. Think most opted for a self build run to place the cube in or electric fencing. Think the latter might be the easiest option.
  5. No not dreaming. Hence the bungy suggestion.
  6. If you place it on dirt/earth the poop definitely disappears. In the books of Dogmother I would definitely count as a lazy chickenparent... I never poop pick, but just leave them too it. Mine are on earth with slabs dug into the ground to prevent the chickens from digging their way out. I never clean the run, but only add some more earth once in while as it sort of turns to dust. In summer I just hose down the run once in while to soak through all the earth. It doesn’t smell and the only flies I ever get are on the poop that they leave on the paved bit of their run.
  7. Do they click/lock as the knob on the Go does? I think it should, but that might not be enough for dexterous racoon paws. I know people in the past used bungy cords around coops to add extra safety.
  8. Cat tails

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Traditional Dutch Easter? Well... big breakfast/brunch with lots of eggs and apparently asparagus... for dinner often it’s gourmetten, which is cooking your own tiny pieces of meat on a table grill and eating uncooked pancakes because they cook so slowly. as for activities? Visit the Keukenhof together with the rest of Europe. There was a complete gridlock yesterday on the roads to the keukenhof. Never been myself though. Oh and Easter Monday, which is called Second Easter Day we all go shopping for furniture. Why? Nobody know, but we do it anyway. I do non of this though. Just had a very sunny walk and now back with my feet up in the garden.😂
  9. Cat tails

    Easter swap 2019

    I have received a lovely hand painted fan with a beautiful daffodil on it! And some cadburry eggs, which probably won’t make it till the expiration date... 😉
  10. Cat tails

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Sure! No problemo!
  11. Cat tails

    Easter swap 2019

    One more sleep till Easter! 🐣
  12. Cat tails

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    The quizzical look wasn’t particularly quizzing but rather eyeing my lunch. 🤣 She recognises bread... the little blighter!
  13. Cat tails

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Love the Peacock! Merel is broody, so “confined” to the rest of the garden instead of the run and coop. She is making the most of it, but still broody! 😂
  14. Think you will get a rather predictable answer on a forum of a coop company... The coop size is much less interesting than the run size. So if a shed would take away of the run space, then definitely go for a coop, ready made or not.
  15. Cat tails

    Hello Devon - We're Home!

    Aaaaawwww! well you do have a whole field now... right?