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  1. We've decided to get chickens!!

    Well you are on the Omlet forum, so most here have Omlet coops. So plastic ones. I have the Eglu Go Up.
  2. I think I need to show this to my spoiled chickens! One snowflake snd they won’t come out of the coop, into the run, for days... They are terrified of snow. I literally have to give them breakfast in bed.
  3. The joys of being a 60 year old

    Happy birthday Valkyrie!!! 🎈🎈🎈
  4. Introducing one chicken to existing two

    I think you might need to take her back and get two new ones. Like Beantree says, it’s down to luck trying to integrate her, but that’s not how you should want to start your chicken keeping life.
  5. Introducing one chicken to existing two

    Introducing new birds to an existing flock can be very difficult, although some manage without much fuss. Adding a single bird is not something that is generally adviced and I think the chicken breeder shouldn’t have let you leave with a single bird, aspecially as new chicken owners. Personally I have never added a single bird, so someone will probably be along shortly to advice what to do now.
  6. You remember that clip with the goat screaming like a human? Pickwick is the chicken equivalent...
  7. I don’t wonder, I know. Also coming back to the egg laying business makes them on edge. Pickwick is always really antsy about laying and it will take her the best part of an hour, popping in and out of the coop, running around screaming and sitting on the nest screaming... With her I really do understand why her previous owners dumped her. The sound she makes is a ear piercing screeching...
  8. If you have Cube outside in winter, definitely keep clearing snow off the roof. I have A Go Up (yes I know, totally different coop) and even a little snow moves the plastic panels and makes it hard to open the back door.
  9. I think Beantree is right. Sleeping in the cube won’t be a problem I guess, but the chickens running around in -30 would in the long run. Their exposed bits like their comb might get frostbitten.
  10. How frustrating! It really is the strain of Spring! They are so on edge about everything! One of mine has declared a war against pigeons... all the racket they make about it!
  11. Herefordshire here we come!

    At least us Dutch know how to keep (most) from flooding! But really my house is about 1 metre below sealevel and having rivers and canals running in their beds that are higher than your ground floor level is very normal here. Pretty sure the local lake water level is higher than the floor of my house. Edit: I checked, street level is actually 3 metres below sea level...
  12. i need to get cracking! Have been very busy at work and on a schooltrip to Rome. And it turns out my project is more labour intensive than I thought....
  13. There are a few old topics on here regarding raccoons. You can use the search bar at the top. Make sure you are on the main page, otherwise it will just search this page. Regarding the cold, I think a Cube would be better suited as you can buy a protective cover that covers the whole thing. With the Go it’s only the side and top panel. The back and front can’t be insulated. Although housing won’t be your biggest issue, but rather keeping them from getting frostbite on their combs and feet. I assume most will keep their hens indoors in winter in your area? When in doubt, give Omlet a ring?
  14. Newbie Chicken keeper

    I would like Monty Don’s garden!
  15. Oh no! That’s really unfortunate! Hope your swappee hasn’t started yet. Hope it won’t make things too difficult for Luv to reorganise the swappees.