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  1. I have a Go Up with currently 3 bantams, but had 5 in there at one point. But two being quite small bantams. 5 bantams is my max in the coop, and as Patricia says, the more run space the better. In my case my garden size is the limiting factor.
  2. No experience with a Classic, so can’t help you there. I do use a fold of 3 pages (6 in total), so it can absorb a bit and won’t rip when cleaning out. Also don’t use straw as it will be a perfect host to all kind of crawlies.
  3. And have a think about how you will be deworming your chickens. You can always ask your local vet for advice. (As there are a lot of opinions on worming in this website... 😉)
  4. Cleaning is easy piecy lemon squeezy! When I just got my coop and chickens, I made this little tutorial. I do have to add that I now clean the roosting bars with hot water and a ecological detergent. In winter it tends to get more mucky.
  5. This is one of the reasons animals aren’t allowed being fed bone meal anymore.
  6. The forum has been rather slow in loading for me the past few days, especially when going to the “unread topics”. Anyone else having issues?
  7. I feed my chickens lots of different things, but I do really draw the line at ... chicken... 😳
  8. My coop is where it fits. 😉 In my case the coop door is actually facing north. If I would want to face it south, I would look at the back and the run would be away from my house. But the coop itself is sat next to a shed, so it has plenty of shade in summer.
  9. I would go for 2, but you don’t slab “over” the run edges! You just make sure the slabs extend beyond the run so that the skirt rests on the slabs as well. Make sure you think about drainage too. If water can get in, it needs to go somewhere. So either angle slightly so it can run off or leave spaces between slabs.
  10. Do realise that the plastic of the Go can be different than that of the Cube. So maybe test out the paint on a small bit first. These are pictures of my Go Up from 2014. It has been continually in use during that time. I don’t really get the green/grey of the white bits anymore.
  11. Only the Feedr should have a lid, not the drinker. Haven’t used mine in ages, but those discoloured quite quickly. My coop doesn’t have wheels zo can’t comment on those, but the ladder does show rust where the paint has come off. Maybe they have used the pressure washer too often? Or your coop is made from two coops? Is the underside of the roof purple? And I don’t mean on the inside where it’s gray, but in between the liner and the outside. I will take a picture when it’s light outside.
  12. I bought my Go Up in 2014. It has discoloured somewhat but not terribly. The item that is the most bleached is actually the front of the poop drawer, which is in front of the pophole. The white bits have greened a bit from algaes and moss. I do have some rust on bits and parts of my run too, but again not terribly. The most rust I have found is on the fixings of the up stand that attach to the coop.
  13. Love them! I’m a fan of stuff like that!

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