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  1. Bluebells don’t lay blue eggs. Araucana and Araucana crosses do. I really fancy Sebrights and might go for one in February. Also Barnevelders are high on the fancy list. Would love a blue/green egger too. There are a number of other typical Dutch breeds I like, but mostly large fowl and much rarer and hard to get. Have a look at the Brabanter! 😉
  2. The country has gone mad over here... We have a curfew as of Saturday. Everyone needs to stay in from 9 pm to 4:30 am. I’m more than fine with that rule. It’s not like I regularly go out in those hours anyway. But loads of people are protesting. No... rioting! We have riots in loads of cities right now, with people plundering stores and setting stuff on fire. I’m soooo done with people! 🤬
  3. Maybe give Hilda something made of similar plastic she CAN chew on? Plastic hamster house or a bit from the other cage? Also the Syrian I had needed more “free ranging” so maybe let her out of the cage in a supervised area. In the end I used Ferplast tubing to connect a Ferplast cage to the Qute. Get your son a haircut and stop him touching it a lot (if he does). And although the first reaction will be to use MORE shampoo, using less is actually better.
  4. Are any of the others still laying? Otherwise just lock her out of the nestbox/coop during the day. You could also try a broody cage. Here is a good video:
  5. Unfortunately not. The door on a Go Up turns instead of slides.
  6. Free ranging doesn’t necessarily create bonding time. As the other three know each other, your existing hen will likely be an outsider for a good while. Also if you are in the UK, hens need to be kept in because of the avian influenza. I would just give it a bit more time, but provide them with a number of extra feeding stations and drinkers.
  7. I would suggest calling them. I know it might be a hassle from the US, but they react the quickest by phone.
  8. Sorry to hear, but it sounds like bad luck. A breeder shouldn’t sell sick chickens. Did you contact them? Also did the breeder sell your chickens as hens? I would look for a different breeder if you decide to add more chickens in future.
  9. You might want to swap to a feeder they will spill less food with. Grandpa’s feeder or a treadle feeder, might be better. I do think this will be more of a marathon than a sprint to get rid of them. It sounds a bit lazy of the rat man to just blame the chickens and just tell you they won’t leave if you don’t get rid of the chickens. A good pest controller will help you block off the house as well.
  10. We are about to get a curfew and finally decided to limit the number of flights from UK (sorry!) and South Africa. Why does it all take such a long time for us over here to decide on these measures???
  11. @Luvachicken Did you find the post you were looking for? A chicken album sounds lovely! I’m a bit jealous actually!
  12. You can search in the searchbox and add things like username and such
  13. I would steer away from gravel. I have never used it, but people on here have said it turns in a poo sludge and is very difficult to clean. Even with woodchips, they will dig those through the gravel in no time and there would be no way of clearing out just the woodchip. Your best bet would be placing the run on paving slabs and then filling it with wood chips.

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