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  1. Most of my broodies have been the hissing/spitting/biting my hand of kind, but not all are like that. Are they doing the low cluck? As they aren’t laying anyway, I would close the nestbox/house and see if they start doing more normal chicken stuff.
  2. ACV can stop them drinking enough water, so I would remove that. Also are you sure they aren’t broody? Pekins are well known for being broody.
  3. That’s amazing news! Must be such a relief! I packed my hen in a cat carrier in the middle of the night and shipped her off to the petting zoo in the morning, when I couldn’t handle her anymore. It was that or indeed snapping… It actually happened to me twice with very similar looking birds, both partridge coloured. Never settling, constantly pacing and whining/screeching. Especially when needing to lay. Even added hay and a blanket to the nesting box at one point, hoping they would settle. Happy times are coming!
  4. I think I told you before, I had a very similar hen. (Will never get any partridge coloured hen ever again) I rehomed mine at the petting zoo I got her from in the first place. Is the breeder you got her from an option? Otherwise I would inform with an RSPCA close to you. Might not be the best option for the hen, but you also need to consider your own sanity.
  5. Oh gosh @Beantree, hope you are okay again! My dad actually got a special foil put on the windows last week. It will keep 60% of sun heat out, but also 30% of your own heat in. So also beneficial in winter. And it’s compatible with double glazing and near invisible once on. I’m getting my sun screen installed beginning of August, in front of my living room window. One less faff with tarps.
  6. It currently is 23,5 indoors for me, but I have a ground floor flat, so the upstairs neighbours take the most heat. Have every window covered in shade tarps though. I’m guilty of this too! 😅 The coop thermometer is now at 34,3.
  7. It’s 36 in the shade in the back garden, 33 in the front garden, but that is on the west side of my house. Chickens don’t seem bothered much. I gave them some watermelon, which they mostly ignored. And Gerda just decided to sunbath in the little bit of sun getting in their run. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  8. Temperatures likely to reach 38 degrees here today. Not looking forward to that! Yesterday reached 32 degrees in the garden. Chickens were fine, but I did hose done their run last night, so the soil has some moisture in it today, for dust baths. And I add an extra parasol to the coop/run, to keep the worst of the heat out of their coop. Also gave them some frozen peas in a bowl of water yesterday, which kept them amused for a bit, but they weren’t overly impressed.
  9. Cat tails

    Meet Flo

    It’s all a rather one way love affair here too. Red tries with all his might, but often can only count on being bitten, pounced on and chased. The poor lad. In the photo Flo was trying to bite his paws, but I wouldn’t let her until she gave up and went to sleep. She’s a real madam and isn’t afraid to use her teeth to tell the world she doesn’t appreciate something. Very independent, but will come and sleep on my lap every night after dinner.
  10. You can get ground sanitising powder, that does also get rid of smells. You can also try putting wood chips on the paving slabs. I have wood chips on my paved bit of the run and it never smells. I just clean out the chips every 4 to 6 weeks.
  11. Maybe try something else than woodshavings. I use wood chips in mine, other use aubiose. I have used a hand of hay in a case of a very nervous layer, with some succes. are they very young hens? They might just need to get used to things.
  12. Cat tails

    Meet Flo

    Someone got big! Flo’s almost a year now.
  13. I would say a definite boy is your easter egger, from the photos. His stance is really boyish. It’s always hard to be sure if you don’t have a comparison within the same breed though. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more girls!
  14. Flo the poltergeist doesn’t always “help” either… 😂
  15. 6 am ish, 9 pm ish. But one day he/she was up and about intermittently all during the day. Think it was very hungry then, because it ate its way through lots of cat food. But if 6 am ish is okay then I’m definitely less worried. Never been a hedgehog parent before!
  16. Of course I didn’t yet have enough animals to feed… 😂
  17. I actually have two in my tiny garden, trying to make… well … more. They get dry cat food and extra water bowls. Wet cat food just attracts everyone I don’t need around. I have so many videos, but sadly can’t post those here. @mullethunter bit confused though that they are often active well into daylight. Is that because of breeding season?
  18. They aren’t likely to lay eggs at night. Egg laying is a real daytime affair. So if you prefer, you could always close the nestbox at night. Keep an eye on their wattles and combs. Once they start reddening properly you can start expecting some eggs!
  19. I think it depends on how far the beak is split, but regardless I would contact a vet. Not something you can do something about with home remedies.
  20. A simple search online will show that these rules don’t exist in all countries outside of the UK and not all of us here live in the UK. I’m perfectly allowed to feed my chickens calci worms or mealworms.
  21. That apparently can last a while. Here you can go out again after day 5 if 24 hours symptom free. You don’t even get to do another pcr for the first 8 weeks as those will be positive anyway. But I’m never symptom free between March and November due to allergies… Hope your OH feels better soon!
  22. Looks like a pigeon chick to me.
  23. Is it with all three on the front? Same spot as in the picture? Are you sure they don’t just stick their heads through a smallish opening to get at something and they just rub their own feathers off in the process?
  24. I can thoroughly recommend whatever variant I have right now. Tired for 2 days, stuffed sinuses and light cough. Just have to spend another 2 days as a hermit in my house, before I get to roam free again, according to the health ministry. As long as I’m symptom free for at least 24 hours I can go out again Friday.

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