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  1. If -3 is the coldest it gets, there is absolutely no reason to put them in the garage. Chickens are covered in their own duvet! It is worth investing in a good cover for their run. Keeping the run dry is important, you don’t want to have it turn into a muddy mess. The Cube 2 m clear covers fit quite nicely over a Go Up run. You need at least one per meter as they are slightly narrower than the Go Up run.
  2. I’m with Andy on this one. If you only want to hear your own sounds, you need to move to a place without neighbours. Not saying that an aviary full of birds isn’t a nuisance, but the nuisance is in the ear of the beholder so to speak. Same goes for people that love to hear playing kids, but I personally would never want to live next to a playground. I suffer from a form of tinnitus, and the ear doctor literally said I have to learn to live with it. It’s something I can never shut up. Meaning accept it, embrace it. Otherwise I’ll go nuts
  3. I really don’t get the whole “leave your hens in a dark and confined space for 24 hours”. It will only increase stress levels in already stressed hens. Just put them in the coop for an hour or so after getting them home, and then open the coop. It gives them some time to adjust from traveling. Don’t let them free range for the first 2 to 3 weeks, and be ready to put them to bed at night the first time, as they might not realise the Go is bed.
  4. A friend has a chair massage thingy. It looks somewhat like a car seat cover and it’s heaven! It massages, heats, pokes, prods and kneads.
  5. Don’t think you can overdo it, really. I need to apply heat to a jaw muscle and my physio said to do it as often as possible.
  6. I feel we are heading to a new round of measures and I rather have them sooner than later. Had 3000 new cases in the Netherlands today, compaired to around 600 only 3 weeks ago. Pubs can’t accept any new clients after 12 at night and need to close by 1 am, which is a pointless rule. As if all new cases only occur after those hours. We still only have face mask rules in public transport. And increasingly get the feeling I would like to wear them in shops and even at school. On another note, I still planning to go to Germany for a week, but as of 18th of September I need a negative test to be allowed in. Booked the test and chose the extra optional antibody test. For another €35 (test itself is €150...) they’ll tell me if I already had it.
  7. You lot are making it easy to figure out who sent what! 🤣
  8. Not to insult Hilda and Gladys, but I seem to remember Polands not being the brightest lights on the Christmas tree... might take them some more repetition.😅
  9. The Cube doesn’t require insulation between the panels. It can be a home for parasites and will hinder ventilation. The cold temp jacket is made to go on the outside for this reason.
  10. Haven’t had any red mites in mine so far. But be careful with cross contamination from the wooden coop and/or bedding, dirt/earth etc. You can take it apart to clean, but haven’t done it ever myself.
  11. Adding 2 POL’s is probably your best bet. The original hen will still have the upper hand as it’s her home and you risk bullying when adding a single hen.
  12. I give it a scrub once every few weeks, and in between just get rid of the worsed bits. You could get a second set of roosting bars, so you can switch them for clean ones without having to fiddle with freezing temps.
  13. You are probably better off fitting the bully with bumpa bit, which is an anti-pecking clip on their beak.
  14. Wouldn’t worry too much, but make sure you feed them mostly pellets, not too many treats. Have grit available too. Have you wormed them recently?
  15. Hope they settled down by now. They can have some loose poo from stress. But also eating to much fresh leaved plants like grass or lettuce or cucumber can cause loose poo.
  16. Both are standard sized birds (not bantams). I don’t think there is too much difference.
  17. The bunny rescue I volunteer at aren’t too keen on Omlet type hutches either. How large is your run?
  18. I would contact the breeder and see what they say. You shouldn’t accept a sickly chicken, definitely not if she has an eye closed. For now it doesn’t sound really good, so maybe contact a vet too.
  19. Is she still suffering from this? Maybe best to contact a vet if it persists for more than a week.
  20. Cat tails


    How exciting! New chickens! I would skip the diatomaceous earth. There is no real point in two types of bedding. Were are you going to use it? Careful with ACV in hot weather. It affects the eggshell quality. How are you going to worm them? One thing I would really invest in is rain covers! The 2 m clear cover for the Cube Fits over the Go Up run quite nicely.
  21. What type of rabbits are they? Long haired or ordinary short haired? Short haired (apart from rex) should be fine outside, even in rain. Maybe change their bedding in the Go? If the bedding gets to damp or wet they might prefer to stay outside. Also you could cover their run, so they keep dry.
  22. As the butterfly cover isn’t waterproof, ordered a clear tarp and got it in the post today. Really happy with the quality and the protection it offers.

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