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  1. We have a VERY different Aldi ad:
  2. The hamster is a sort of mascot of the supermarket as hoarding is called hamsteren in Dutch. So we have hamster weeks, when they have big discounts. But they are immensely cute in this ad.
  3. This one is from a large online retailer saying goodbye to Sinterklaas:
  4. Kruidvat is a drugstore: the guy coming too early is her ex…😂
  5. I guessed correctly! here we go! Prime video: cute and fun Albert Heijn is a large supermarket: very sweet
  6. Well, were they tiny and rubbish and looked like it took a lot of faffing? Then they probably were your Dutch bantams 😂 The only hen still laying here is my sweet Selma the Barnevelder. Bless her little chocolate heart.
  7. Still waiting on the Dutch Christmas ads as it is Sinterklaas tonight. So probably be on the telly tomorrow.
  8. Female wee is not majorly different from male wee, but they tend to do it in one spot. So they concentrate it more, whereas males wee a little all over the place.
  9. Complying is not going to limit infections in wild birds, but is reducing the risk of infecting your chickens. Like @Patricia W said, bird flu is likely to be a zoonotic disease and able to infect humans to some degree. So limiting your own contact with wild birds is sensible too. In the Netherlands these measures are also in place to protect the poultry industry. If backyard flocks become reservoirs of flu, those can form risks for poultry farms.
  10. It’s December ladies and gentlemen!!! Only 24 more days!
  11. Don’t think the extension has the right dimensions. The Go run starts a bit narrower and sort of fans out. Also the bits that attach to the actual coop are separate small pieces.
  12. I was a very good girl and managed to pack all treats! 😂
  13. Can you maybe post a photo? I struggle to understand what you mean.
  14. What type of run or extension are you talking about? Otherwise we might give you the wrong advice.
  15. At this moment, the Eglu with door open is 4,5 degrees, while outside is 2,7. I like having a thermometer in there. Both gives me some peace of mind and insight. Also in hot summers.
  16. I have an wireless outdoor thermometer in the coop. Last year during a week of -10 at night I did close the coop, because I only have bantams. But to be honest, it didn’t make a lot of difference temperature wise.
  17. We had an actual minister sing an actual song about the fact that the face mask would be gone forever. It was one of the most awkward things I have ever seen… and here we are back wearing them.
  18. They found 65 positive cases on one South Africa flight here in the Netherlands. I can sort of understand why they are singled out.
  19. We’re going to get new measures tonight. Face masks back in school corridors, non essential shops and restaurants and such have to close at 17:00.
  20. Oké, warning: this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it. It’s very very sweet.
  21. @DaphneYou type an @ and then the name. It should go “blue” and offer you all users starting with those letters. You don’t get an email, but it does show a notification in the forum.

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