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    Chickens in the heat

    They love anything with sugar! Milk products might not be the way to go though. They can’t really digest it and it can cause some tummy upsets. Better keep it to green vegetables.
  2. Cat tails


    If you have a kitchen scale, you can measure out 1 g and then take half. Although it will never be as accurate. But you will be in the right order of magnitude.
  3. Cat tails

    Holiday season, tourists and so on

    Jersey sounds great! I struggle finding trips that suit me and are affordable on my own. If you travel by yourself, you often end up paying for close to two people!
  4. Cat tails


    What does the bottle/box say? 0,05 grams sounds like very little. And I really don’t think it would correspond to 5 mL but it all depends on the density of the powder.
  5. Cat tails

    Holiday season, tourists and so on

    Not counting on many mozzies in October! But be afraid of the giant german tick though! my plan: rain —> read book Sun —> walk sun but might rain —> motorcycle trip
  6. Cat tails

    Holiday season, tourists and so on

    Booked myself a holiday for the Autumn break. Told the lady I wanted forest. And definitely not a group trip or round trip! I like being on my own. So off go Germany on the motorcycle for a week.
  7. Cat tails

    The Customer is Always Right

    Yes! Loving both! But mostly the Repair Shop because of the heart felt stories and because most products from the customer is always right are not available on this side of the water.
  8. Cat tails

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Thanks Soapy! I browse a lot on Ravelry and mostly go for free patterns. There are absolutely loads on there. The dino is for a history teaching colleague. And I just found the fox too cute. Haven’t done any formal commissions, mostly because I’m often afraid I won’t have the time for it. But if you have any serious requests, you can always contact me! 😉
  9. Cat tails

    What have you all been making...part two...

    More baby gifts done!
  10. Cat tails

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I have one of those zapping tennis rackets. Very satisfying to get an annoying fly out of the way! Still have pheromone fly traps outside too. But not the original Red Tops anymore, because I hated removing them when full. And the flies would make more flies inside the trap before it was actually “full”. But I found the same pheromone stuff in a bottle. Bought two of those caps you can stick on a plastic bottle to turn it into a wasp catcher. Just add some of the pheromone powder to an old water bottle, add some water and stick it into the cap and hang it up! And when I need to remove it, I can just screw the bottle cap back on and toss the thing in the trash!
  11. Cat tails

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I have had some large moths flying around in my house lately. Not sure if they just fly in at night, or are hatching somewhere, but they definitely keep the cats busy. I keep waking up in the middle of the night by one or two cats that are busy chasing one... iPoes has already eaten at least 4 of the large bugs, with a lot of crunching... 🤢 So yesterday I found another moth and decided to put it outside to safe it from the chompers of iPoes. Caught it with a big glass and then let it out into the garden. Only for the moth to fly into the chicken run... and be snatched up and eaten by a chicken... 😒 Some days you can’t win.
  12. Cat tails

    Clotted Cream

    Exciting! Can’t buy it here either, but Dutch recipes for clotted cream just mix 4 parts mascarpone with 5 parts crème fraîche.
  13. Cat tails

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Thanks! The butterfly was actually sitting there for a bit, but mostly with his wings closed. Took me some awkward balancing in some brush to get this picture.
  14. Cat tails

    Rescues refusing to home to Omlet hutches

    She wants to rehome Guinea pigs or rabits, not ex bats. It’s still not a common housing in rabbit and guinea pig land.
  15. Cat tails

    Rescues refusing to home to Omlet hutches

    I’m currently volunteering at a bunny and rodent rescue (in the Netherlands, so no use to you), and they too request photos of hutches and runs too. Mostly because there are a lot of unfit houses being sold. They actually recommend wooden chicken coops for bunnies, instead of bunny houses. I would just go by and have a chat and see what they think/say. If they say no, just ask them for other addresses which would be willing to adopt out. Otherwise smaller rescues might be worth having a look at.
  16. Cat tails

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Lovely photo! I love new toys! I took some photos on my few days away last week:
  17. Cat tails

    Rescues refusing to home to Omlet hutches

    There are plastic guinea and rabbit houses that aren’t double layered as an Eglu and get very hot in summer. So I can see where they come from. But if you go by and show pictures of the hutch, a reasonable person should just accept.
  18. Cat tails


    Why would you ever iron both sides of a T-shirt??? 😳 When I still had a crease machine instead of a washing machine, I would iron lots, but I would put the T-shirts flat on top of the ironing board and then just iron the front. And the back would be ironed through the font... it doesn’t work with buttoned shirts, but with almost everything else. Oh and baking paper works well with T-shirts with prints on them.
  19. Cat tails

    The Weather Thread #9

    The serious tornado was a pretty strong whirlwind over Amsterdam. All tv weatherpeople are arguing about the terminology, if it was actually a tornado or a whirlwind. But I think they sort of agreed on whirlwind now. There was a proper tornado in Luxembourg though. I love strong winds, it’s perfect for the Dutch “uitwaaien”. But it is a lot calmer today.
  20. Two pairs simultaneously put in a new coop and run shouldn’t be a big issue. There will be a few squabbles, but probably nothing major. Although there is no way of quarantining this way, which some here would suggest. I’m more of the chuck-em-together method. I’ve never bought anything on a auction or market, but would mostly look for active alert birds. Bright, clear eyes and clean beaks. Stay away from any lethargic (lying around, snoozing a lot, head bobbed down) birds, any sneezing or snotty beaks and scabby rough looking leggs.
  21. Even the tiny eggs of my bantams don’t fit through it, but it certainly isn’t mouse or rat proof. Can’t comment on any other visitors like weasels etc. If you take the food away at night, it can limit problems with rodents. The Go also has insulating inserts, if you worry about the temperature in winter. (Have never used mine though... as chickens have good insulation by nature)
  22. Cat tails

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Oh right! Still well done!!! So if anyone of us need a Cube moved, we know who to call... 😉
  23. Depends on the size of your egg I think! Measured the mesh and it’s about 1 by 3 inch. (See photos) You need to give the guineas time to adjust to the outside temperatures. So don’t get them too late in the year. Haven’t ever had them myself, so can’t comment on winter conditions, but I don’t see a problem in locking them in at night.
  24. Cat tails

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Have no clue what you passed, but well done!!!
  25. Cat tails

    Winter water for chickens Help

    I use one of those heating pads made for my water drinker. You place them under the gravity drinker and plug them into the socket. See picture below.