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  1. Is her front bald or her underside chest? The bit she rests on while sitting/laying? Broody hens will pluck their chest to line the nesting box, to keep the eggs warm.
  2. Look @mullethunter! Here is another one! See how long it takes to unveil… 😉
  3. I would say, have a read in the several topics on autodoors.
  4. How is she doing right now? That does sound puzzling, but could mean many things. Maybe you best contact a vet.
  5. If they are still very young and small, they might struggle reaching the food. I used to put a brick in front of it, to help them. A different type of feeder might be better suitable.
  6. We use things like your corner toilet as hay buckets too. I know Zooplus does a wooden hay rack with a lid.
  7. Hay racks are a bit notorious, not just in the Go. Some bunnies in the rescue are banned from hay racks as they do tend go sit in them and yes, they can get feet caught. Someone at the rescue made little wooden lids from just some off cuts to hinge on top of the hay rack to prevent them from getting stuck. A sturdy plastic container can act as a good hay box too. Bunnies like to munch on hay in their litter tray. So combining a hay rack/box with their toilet is a very good idea. Trying them on a bottle might still be a good idea though. They are easier to keep frost free in winter. Remember to provide PLENTY of hay. Their diet should be about 80% hay.
  8. Yes, definitely possible. Cubed aren’t sold with a standard autodoor. https://www.omlet.co.uk/shop/chicken_keeping/eglu_cube/
  9. VermX isn’t a dewormer. If a hen has worms, it doesn’t do anything to get rid of them. Ask your vet to do a worm count on her poo to see if she has worms. Some hens can get hayfever like symptoms and suffer from allergies. How old is she? It really does depend on the vet if they advice eating eggs or not from hens that have been treated with antibiotics. The precaution is because of the risks of antibiotic resistance. But personally I don’t understand why you wouldn’t ever be able to eat her eggs again. Antibiotics don’t stay in a body for ever. Otherwise we wouldn’t get infections again after one treatment of antibiotics.
  10. The Omlet autodoor doesn’t fit. Hentronix does a autodoor the Go though: https://www.hentronix.co.uk/mainstore/hentronix-handle-operated-coop-opener
  11. Sadly there is no converting kit for the Cube available. Also the Cube has separate drawers, so just taking out the roosting bars isn’t an option either. You’ll have to use a Classic or Go for rabbits.
  12. A rabbit hole in the ground is MUCH darker. 😉 It will be perfectly fine.
  13. It’s important to vaccinate bunnies, so well done there! Litter trained technically is poop and wee, but not all bunnies agree on that… 😅 You’ll just have to see I guess.
  14. Best to contact your vet about this. Do remember when you bring your boy to get neutered, take the female as well. They need to be together at all time. Otherwise you possibly need to match them again. Really not worth it. The bunny rescue had a pair in that was separated as the vet didn’t think it necessary to keep them together. So they had to reintroduce them all over again. Lots of hassle and stress.
  15. The guesstimate is 6 months or so. Still quite young.
  16. Think my gerbils are house trained! They use their sand bath as toilet, even for a wee. So I can just sieve the sand!
  17. You can give her a good feel. Pick her up and feel her breast and bottom. You should be able to feel the breastbone, but also the “breast filets” on each side. Bottom should feel well filled but not squishy like a water filled balloon.
  18. They entertain themselves mainly! Complete redecoration every day! Luckily they are in the glass tank, otherwise the litter and hay would literally fly around. They are very cheeky and will nibble my fingers if I try to give them the wrong treat.
  19. What is she like with eating, moving around, interacting with the others?
  20. Thanks! The cage is a loan from the bunny rescue, but might invest in a new one eventually. There is a webshop that makes gerbilariums to order, including glass plateaus. But the prices are pretty rye watering. The young ladies who gave them up for adoption had them in a pretty small cage, which was probably the reason it didn’t work out for them.
  21. They just discovered the existence of ‘sun’.
  22. So…. The last day I volunteered before I had to go back to school, three gerbils were brought in. And of course I couldn’t resist! But as they are with three I needed larger accommodations. So now I have a 120x 50 cm glass terrarium in my kitchen for Orfeo, Flavio and Vasco!
  23. I’m not sharing my recipe! They’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands! 😂

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