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  1. I’ve attached a clear tarpaulin tent to the chicken’s run so that they can have a bit of extra ground. So long as the open end is covered with fine mesh and there are no gaps to let anything in, I’m assuming that this counts as ‘indoors’, the same as a covered run?
  2. Not to worry - just wondering. I do find that if I use essential oils in the eglu, I can smell them for a few days. Would that mean they are still sufficiently present to be significant? And do you think it would be irritating for the chickens always to have smellable oils in the eglu?
  3. The government website also says this: “The AIPZ now in force across Great Britain, does not include a requirement to house birds. However, this is being kept under constant review.”
  4. I was looking at an old post by Lewis about neem, thyme and garlic oils used against mites. Hoping Lewis might see this: what concentration would be suitable, and how often would you need to spray a coop to make it have some deterrent effect - and would too much be overwhelming for the chickens? Thanks for any advice.
  5. Will do, mullethunter - thanks. No sign of it during the day at the moment. She has had a bumpa bit before, when she went through a patch of being particularly mean to one of the others, so at least I’m prepared…
  6. I don’t think she can still be moulting - she’s already moulted this autumn and seemed to be finished a few weeks ago (unless the tail end of moulting can dribble on for weeks and weeks?). I’m a little wary of forcing them together against their will, because Penny isn’t the most laid back of chickens and I’m worried that she’ll start pecking the new girls if she doesn’t want them in her eglu, even though things are going well outside - she’s only doing reasonable ‘top chicken’ pecking during the day, but that’s enough to make the new girls a bit wary of her. Not sure if there’s an obvious course of action…
  7. Is it possible for a chicken to peck out its own feathers out of stress? My elderly hen Penny (now nearly eight) always used to peck feathers out of my bottom chicken. Bottom chicken died recently and I got a couple of young ones and integrated them after 3 weeks of living side by side; however, they are still choosing to sleep in their separate eglus. In the last couple of weeks or so I’ve noticed a lot of small downy feathers when I open up the eglu of my solitary-sleeping older chicken in the mornings, and it seemed particularly bad after the night of the big fireworks display. I’ve checked her for lice and checked the eglu for red mites and can’t find any signs of either. Could she be doing this because she’s on her own at night and stressed (but not stressed enough to join the two new girls)?
  8. With avian flu appearing again, I’m wondering if there are any advantages to registering voluntarily with DEFRA. Or any definite disadvantages. Looking at old posts, it seems like a lot of people (not everyone) have been quite wary of registering - but these are posts from maybe 15 years ago. What are people’s views these days?
  9. Do any experienced chicken keepers out there have views on wormwood for chickens? I’ve seen a couple of ‘worming’ products available based on wormwood (plus cloves, garlic, etc- Farm and Yard Remedies and Pets Purest), and though I wouldn’t use this in dealing with a case of actual worms, I’m interested in it as part of an anti-worm regime for healthy chickens. Does anyone know of any concerning side effects on chickens? And would it affect the eggs? Thanks for any thoughts.
  10. I'll be keeping the chickens in their 4m x 4m covered run for the next 30 days and am wondering how to improve ventilation, given all the tarpaulin draped over them. Any suggestions?
  11. DE isn't good to breathe in. I wouldn't use it indoors.
  12. I think 3 in the Go should be fine - my three are in a Go Up and tend to huddle together, leaving nearly half of it empty. The bigger the run the better, though.

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