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  1. I got Isadora, my Spekeldy in October, after my beloved Ruby (original Omlet girl) had to be put to sleep after crop problems. It was very sad, but I have to say Issy has fitted in perfectly, she was only 20 weeks when we got her, but she stood her ground with our Miss Pepperpot and she started laying very soon after - the most delicious dark brown, spekeldy eggs! and she hardly ever misses a day. I don't have a lot of experience of breeds - well non really! But have to say I am thrilled with her! Enjoy deciding, I am sure Maran's are fab too!
  2. Hi Chris and Rob Love the photos - my 'ladies' arrived four weeks ago and after a bit of a bumpy start with Ruby all is going well. Hope to post my photos soon, once I take the time to work out how!! Hope thieir firt night went well - were you up very early this morning to check them? Enjoy, they are great fun!
  3. Congratulations Sarah My 'girls' arrived on the same day as yours and Primrose laid her first egg last Sunday. Poor Ruby has been very poorly and this time last week I was so miserable, thinking she was off to chicken heaven!! Then Sunday came, what a difference a day or should I say egg makes. Ruby much, much better - no eggs, but hey she's alive. Primrose has laid a perfect little egg every day since and they are delicious! Well done Bela
  4. So Sorry to hear about poor Doris, I don't know where you would be able to get a new friend for Mable - hope someone will post some helpful information for you soon. I have just called my vet as Ruby is not well - have appointment for this afternoon, fingers crossed. Hope all goes well for you.
  5. Hi Kate Have only had 'girls' three weeks, and can't believe how excited I am getting about Eglu Cubes!! The photos are fab, I am very happy for you and can't wait to see the real thing.
  6. Hi Flo Reading your message made me smile, I will have had my girls three weeks on friday! I worry a bit about Ruby as she is so sweet and friendly and loves cuddles. Unfortunately she had a rather grubby back end! Have emailed Barbara about this and taken her advice. Hopefully all will be well soon. Primrose on the other hand is rather haughty and would rather be left alone. I have just been out to check them and give them some corn (now more popular than cucumber - which was last weeks favourite!) only to find Primrose having a dust or as you say 'mud' bath. Glad to hear you are so happy - they are great fun. Also, have to mention that Primrose squatted for the first time today when I approached - apparently a sign she may be coming into lay, so excited! P.S. What is bumble foot?
  7. This is my first time on the fourm - Ruby (), Primrose () and their lovely purple eglu arrived on Friday 27th April and what a joy they are, such characters! However still no eggs - probably early days but some of you are getting eggs days after your girls arrive! Lucky you. My girls spend most of the day out of their run exploring the garden - yes even today in the pouring rain! After reading lots of comments I am now worried about foxes. I would never leave the house with them out, but do leave the garden and go into the house. We have Maisie a Jack Russell who is desperate to be friends with Primrose and Ruby, but they are still all getting used to each other and have to be supervised!. Hopefully her presence will keep any foxes away. Really enjoying all the help, advice and stories on the forum, fingers crossed for first egg!

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