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  1. Thank you for posting this here Egluntyne, I share your sadness at the news, Sarah was a remarkable, spirited and accomplished woman in so many ways and we became friends through this forum. She and Stephen were an amazing couple and I feel privileged to have met them. Rest in peace Sarah and long live your memory.
  2. Because till rolls are very expensive! The cost means some shops understandably restrict issuing receipts to customers who request one. There's your answer!
  3. My sons and I were working flat out to finish painting business premises to an opening deadline. I was in an 18th century dungeon like basement, near a castle. Hearing footsteps approaching, I put on a deep, gruff, loud, slow voice to call "Halt, who goes there, friend or foe?" The young builder coming downstairs had a shock! My sons were mortified but I can't stop laughing thinking about it.
  4. Thanks Clare, for the greeting and really good advice. Thank you everyone, the meeting was successful! Beautiful dog, and all went well. I felt very relaxed thanks to Omleteers and I completely forgot any anxieties I had before. I'm so pleased I asked, thank you.
  5. Thanks so much! I've always wondered about this, other dog owners are so natural about it. It's a bit like toddlers really, no parent wants their child wound up, but a calm greeting, a gentle interest and plenty of verbal compliments to the parents. I'm looking forward to it now, thanks! Omleteers are amazing, I don't have to ask this idiot question on FB now!
  6. Thank you so much both of you, I feel more confident knowing those tips. What's the next stage, when the dog knows you. Do people judge others if they don't hug and fuss over there dog, or is calm always ok? Will they think I don't like their dog if I don't fuss and hug it? Feeling judged, lol!
  7. Hello Omleteer friends old and new, it's been a while. I've posted a topic about greeting dogs which a moderator has kindly moved to the Animal section. I appreciate this may seem more appropriate, but I need the advice in the next few hours! I don't mind what section it's in after that, but if you know about dogs please take a look and reply. Thanks in advance. I can't find a specific answer on the wider Internet and Omleteers know the answer to everything! Meanwhile, it's been interesting reading the forum, hello!
  8. Hello Omleteers, I need some advice please. I like dogs but don't have much experience of interacting with them. I'm meeting a friend with her 10 month old Labrador and I have no idea how to behave when I meet a dog! I want to be at ease and friendly without making the dog over excited or agitated. I don't know anything, talk, look directly, crouch, stand, pat, stroke, ignore: I'm totally clueless! Do I greet my friend or the dog first? Please talk me through how to say hello to this dog, and also any dog, I've never known! This may seem barmy if you love dogs, but I always fe
  9. Making the assumption that I'm an oldie: I'm still here, but not so often. Hello everyone!
  10. Lovely news, hope you don't have to wait too long now. Do tell us more when they arrive.
  11. Yes, Chuckles was a Mrs.Pepperpot. How lovely to hear about your 7 year old, H. They're rather special birds aren't they?
  12. Sorry to hear of the attacks. I'm posting to dispel any myths about daytime safety and warn everyone. It may vary according to where you live, and many foxes hunt at dusk and dawn, but... ...foxes do attack in broad daylight, please heed this warning!
  13. Thank you all for your kind responses, I'd mainly posted as a personal record, it was a pleasant surprise to read your replies. It does feel like the end of an era, Chuckles had seen many companions come and go. At one time my flock totalled 11, and now I have just three hens. Two were bought about 4 years ago, the other was adopted and is about 3, my chicken keeping days are numbered. Chuckles was always of a "matronly" build, but always sweet and gentle and way down the pecking order until more recent times. Latterly she had become Mother Hen, always vocal in greeting me and telling the ot
  14. Chuckles was one of my original Omlet pair, delivered 9 years ago! I'll miss her.

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