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  1. Ok glad to see there is so many family members mentioned, I would like to nominate my evil sister and her husband in new Zealand.
  2. My list The Bush family The Clinton family The royal family (except Harry he is OK, oh and his mum Lady Di) All MPs except Nigel F All Rappers All Private parking company people Bloke next door My Mother (parkinsons, dementia, Grumpy old lady) Ex wife Vinnie a bloke from work who everyone dislikes. When will the thread entitled who you can live with come out so I can say my wifey Irene and the cats and chickens.
  3. cs That and controlling the banks and arranging the odd war or two and us normal folk are burgered Ho hum despite what they do we still have the non corrupt girls to cheer us up.
  4. I suppose its my Alzheimer's kicking in but I forgot that I was 40 when I left the RAF in 2001 so I am 54 really I agree with you Geold, When I was in the RAF I did a tour of Gulf War 1 in 1991 and had all the injections/Naps tablets etc etc, after I returned I developed a blood disorder with aching joints and limbs. I was tested in London at the Gulf War Syndrome The army captain doctor suggested that it was the injections that caused my blood disorder which was similar to Lupus SLE. The government denied there was such a thing as "Gulf War Syndrome" but as it is I get a war pension which is given due to injuries caused during military service Make your mind up on that one. I have to pay for my prescription despite being poisoned by my own government, don't get me started on job seekers allowance
  5. Being as I don't trust anyone in charge of the world I tend to think these tablets are all part of a big scam, I take 7 in the morning and 2 at bedtime at least one of the tablets is to counter the effects of one of the others someone is getting very wealthy at my expense I pay for a yearly prescription which is a lot cheaper but still a goodly sum. Damn this getting old, what's it going to be like when I reach 40 ?
  6. I have this awful condition, I keep imagining I see posts about car insurance Sorry Pixiedust
  7. Far to much for me nowadays, I did do the Bruggen 10 Mile marathon once in 1986 when I was stationed in Germany. Me and my mate trained up for the event and were quite confident. Arrived at Bruggen and had a pre run beer in the Malcomb club (we took it seriously honest). Got to the start and there were loads of entrants so me and my mate got split up, bang goes the gun and we were off, I was going well but thinking that Dave was going like the clappers so I kept the pace up, at the 3 mile mark another friend who was a proper marathon man came past me I managed to ask him if he had seen Dave, "Miles back" was the reply soon after my right leg started to hurt badly, I hobbled to the end and got my medal but in the end I had a stress fracture of my fibula. Six weeks in a pot, I was not confident it was fixed because it was one of these walking type casts and my leg was still sore, whatever it was removed on the Friday and that night I tripped up coming out of the bar and ended up in a pot again for another 6 weeks. I gave up running after that Good luck Space Chick I'm sure you will do well
  8. Ali, I love the fact I am older because I do not get embarrassed about speaking my mind. Recently Irene and I were at a MacDonald's car park watching the world go by, into the car park drives a very clean late reg car, after a few minutes the lady passenger tossed some rubbish out of her window. I called over to her and she laughed, I got out picked up said rubbish and tucked it neatly under the rear wiper of the nice shiny car. It made the driver very cross but as I am rather tall and quite well built he did not wish to take it further and took the rubbish to the bin I arrived home on my moped one time just in time to witness a bloke letting his dog pee in my Stone at the front of the house with the number on it, It rather annoyed me especially because we have some lovely pictures of my Grandson picking Ladybirds off the very same stone. I expressed my feelings to him explained where any future deposits would end up and since then he passes on the other side of the road. Result. Dogs are fine its the owners who let them do what they wish to blame.
  9. Women always suffer more when they have flu, blokes just get over it
  10. I have had a sore throat since I read this first, I hope you have not shared your germs through the keyboard Hope your better soon (and my sore throat goes)
  11. Its on TV now so I had a look at this thread so I don't think I will bother. Dogmother and Spacechick. Betty Mutha and Wardrobe are disgusted at your comments, I tried to say you were dispatching them to holiday homes but they did not believe me.
  12. Sorry to hear about your lovely lady, like has been said before you were both lucky to have had each other. Quite a few years ago When Bart the cat was young we lost his sister lucy when she was run over. We had a full service organised by my young daughter and poor lucy was buried at the back of the garden. We decided to keep Bart in that night as we have ever since in fact. Next morning we let him our, we watched as he slowly walked over to poor lucys resting place, it was amazing to watch almost spiritual, so we thought anyway then he went and ruined it all by having a number 2 in the loose soil.
  13. Nice one, another place to visit in the motorhome I could always drink Bitter if Stella is off.
  14. Probably not the right answer but every time I hear "Richard the third" I think of a number two Sorry about that
  15. Took my son out for a meal on Friday as it was his birthday, we asked for a chicken bag and took some left overs home for the girls. They liked the big fat chips and even had a good go at the onion rings in batter, peas went down like a lead balloon though lol
  16. Got ours today very pleased with them, you even get a free metal card holder.
  17. Very good, we both really enjoyed it
  18. Thanks Mary, we will watch it tomorrow
  19. Got this of local Ebay for a massive £4, brand new never been used, we thought it might be fun for the girls when we are away. We were a little concerned they might be scared of it, we needn't have worried It feeds 4 portions so the girls can have there little treats even if we are away. Does anyone else use this sort of thing?
  20. Gavclojak This is the type of thing that I hate, these poor kids wont know what way to go when they grow up. But of course you cannot say anything against it otherwise you will be classed as a "IST". Betty. Mutha and Wardrobe on the other hand will not be getting any Pirate stuff, they can have an toy ironing board if they like but nothing macho.
  21. Yes I agree packaging is often too boy or too girl, happy medium is needed which I suppose was what this thread was about
  22. I'm afraid anything with "gender neutral" in it gets my back up, too much pc around these days if little girls like pink and dolls then fine. I have a set (son and daughter) both grown up all this gender nonsense did not exist in them days. Now I will sit down and wait for the knock on the door from the social services

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