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  1. Thank you, I'll use the green bin for now. Don't use a lot of shavings as the only place we use shavings is in the best box of the classic. Also our garden gets cut once a week in the summer but in spring and autumn it's more like once every 2-3 weeks and not at all in the winter. This is why I thought a compost bin would smell as we'd be putting a lot of chicken poop in but not much of anything else
  2. I'm wondering what to do with all the chicken poo? I don't have a compost bin as they tend to smell. I know the chickens will smell but a compost bin is smellier Do I just put it all in the green waste bin?
  3. Thanks everyone, I'll look into getting a photo bucket account so I can show you how lovely they are
  4. Sorry i'm not sure how to upload photo's on here. They're not on a website so don't have a URL
  5. Hello everyone! I posted a couple of months ago as we were hoping to get our WIR built and get our new Chickens before the Summer. Unfortunately our builders messed up a bit and we've only just now been able to get our lovely ladies. We have a WIR (kind of, it's 5ft tall), and we have a Classic with 4 gorgeous hens. We've got an Amber-Lee, Cotswold Goldline, Black Tail and Black Star. Our 4 year old daughter keeps changing their names but she's now decided to stick with Cupcake, Icing, Sweetie and Lollipop, although she's not sure which is which just yet. I've not got any photo's of them yet as we only collected them yesterday and then they went straight in the house. This morning i let them out but didn't see them before i went to work We're new to poultry keeping, although my parents have kept them all my life. But we're still learning. They're about 17 weeks and are on layers pellets already, is that ok? It's what the seller suggested I put in around 600g of layers pellets for them, around 2ltr of water with just under 2.5ml of tonic. They've also got some mixed grit in a tub and a foraging cake hanging from a bungee. At the moment they're just on the ground, once they've scratched up all the grass i'm thinking Aubiose would be better to put in. They're obviously not laying yet but i'm hopeful that within the next few weeks we'll have some lovely eggs If you have any tips i'd be pleased to hear them! I'll try uploading a photo of the run pre-hens and also when i get home i'll get a few of them out and about
  6. Thanks, I'll just hang it with twine What tonic do you use?
  7. I bought a couple of these for my girls. Excellent for all things like apples, broccoli,kale etc. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Feathers-and-Beaky-Vegetable-Holder/dp/B005452LC6 Unfortunately it's the same here. There's already loads of noise as NATO have the stealth bombers here on a training exercise all month and they've already started coning off roads and we've got another month to go yet They'll be practicing as soon as the bombers are done
  8. I've added some nettex ground sanitiser to my basket Also some hanging cups for grit. Where can I find a hanger for veg?
  9. Thanks ever so much everyone! Will search for a ground sanitizer and also get mite spray for the eglu. The Diatom I was just going to powder the eglu after cleaning it to keep mites out. Will also look for a container for the grit. Thanks for all the brand suggestions, I'll look them up And yes, worming, that's another thing for my list It's the Royal International Air Tattoo in Fairford, Gloucestershire on the 11th - 13th July Luvachicken. They do the display over the fields surrounding our house and is incredibly noisy all weekend so it'd be kinder to get them after that
  10. Thanks everyone. I will keep the hens in the run for the first week, it's a good sized WIR anyway, about 9m2 so they should be ok in there. This will hopefully give my cats time to get used to them and i'll make sure we're there all the time if they're let out. The water gun idea is a good one, i'll definitely keep them filled and ready. I wouldn't put it past my large male to at least give it a go
  11. I'm trying to get everything i need for our Chickens due to arrive after the local Air show in July. So far i've got - Aubiose bedding Layers pellets Disinfectant spray Mixed Grit - How much of this do you give the chickens and how? I've read some that say give it in a separate bowl and others say mix it with the pellets. Diatomaceous Earth - I've bought this to dust the coop once a week after cleaning, and also to dust the Chickens themselves once a week, is that right? Tonic - I've read they need tonic to keep them in top health. On Amazon, when i search for Poultry Tonic, it comes up with numerous things, one of which is Wells Poultry Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Is this the same as the Tonic that they need? Or is this another thing entirely? How would you give this to the Hens? Would you add it to the water or put it in a separate bowl or give it through a dropper like rabbits have? How much would you give? How often do you replace the Aubiose in the run? When you do replace it what do you do with the old stuff? I'm thinking of buying a compost bin to put it all in as you're not allowed to put it in the green garden waste council bin. I think that's all my questions, sorry if some are a bit silly
  12. As you all may know by now, what with my numerous questions, we're getting 3 Chickens, similar to a Rhode Island ranger. We also have 2 cats. One cat is a small female tortie, she will kill anything that's pretty small and slow. I don't think she'll go anywhere near the hens. The other is a huge male, he's not so interested in hunting now but he does still catch the odd rat. In the past he's caught rabbits and pigeons and was desperate to get at some ducks we had in the garden the other week. He's very big, strong and fast. I'd love my girls to be out in the garden but I'd be devastated if he ran off with one! Any ideas of how to take that step and see if the cat will leave them alone?
  13. Thanks for your replies. We're planning on putting the run on slabs so that nothing can burrow underneath but they may well squeeze through the chicken wire. I'll definitely keep an eye out at the country fairs for one of those mesh feeders. In the mean time we'll be feeding layers pellets/crumbs in the grub & glug and will be taking it up every night. Fingers crossed we don't get any problems
  14. Everyone I speak to about getting chickens, warns me against it, saying it'll attract loads of Rats! So what can I do to prevent this? I have a young child and can't have a rat problem in the garden. I can't put poison down as I have cats and we also have a lot of birds of prey here so I don't want them picking up a poisoned rat. My cats will catch the odd rat but not if they're big ones. Does anyone have any tips? Does anyone recommend a trap? Maybe an electric one? Thanks x
  15. Thanks ever so much for all the tips! Will definitely get my girls a dust bath Thanks for the tip about the compost bin, that's a great idea! I can't wait to get them and start finding weird and wonderful little treats for them

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