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  1. I have had chickens here in the past and not had a problem. I am at home every day and my dogs are out most of the day in the garden, the netting is very tight and is going to be reinforced. I've had the girls a few months now just in the coop, I was going to get the Omlet netting to give them more room but went for this instead
  2. It's 2 metres High, 2 metres wide x 3 metres long, it's netting with a roof and full height door. The girls are shut in the coop at night which has weld wire. We don't have fox issues (yet) never seen one in 25 years but never say never. The bottom is going to be reinforced with wire. My dogs will soon alert me if we have an intruder hopefully. Coop is supposedly fox proof
  3. Thankyou everyone can you pm me too Redwing?
  4. I'm about to change my girls to layers pellets can I have some recommendations please?
  5. Thankyou mullethunter that's what I was planning to use
  6. Thankyou, should I move them to layers at 20 weeks or before?
  7. My girls are between 17/18 weeks and still on growers. I plan on worming them with flubenvet pellets, should I do this before I switch them to layers?
  8. Mine are 16 weeks and still don't go on the bars. They huddle in the corner

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