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  1. What do you feed your hens?

    I feed my bantams marriages pellets. Layers when they are in lay and growers for youngsters or when they aren’t laying. I found they turned their beaks up at cheap, own brand pellets - so much so that they stopped laying - but were much happier to eat marriages with flubenvet at working time, so they’ve had them ever since. In addition they have a tiny handful of mixed corn at bedtime unless they’ve had other treats - sunflower hearts or live mealworms - which are also what I use when I need to put them back in their run.
  2. Birthday chickens!!!!

    She seems fine Thankyou for asking. She was very pale in the face when she arrived and very quiet but she looks much healthier now and is really coming out of herself. She does fall over rather a lot - not sure if that’s the wonky toes or the massive foot feathers but it’s quite funny poor dear 😂 The only potential fly in the ointment is that to me her feather colours and shape are really starting to suggest cockerel to me. She was sold as female and I’ve only had her a week so if she does turn out to be male I’ll be pretty miffed as the breeder must’ve known. I’m hoping it’s just that I’m not familiar with sablepoots. Oh! And Shirley laid her first egg today
  3. Birthday chickens!!!!

    Thankyou 😀 They have settled in very well. Shirley (my one remaining Plymouth Rock - unfortunately her sister Pepsi had a viral respiratory infection and died last weekend ☹️) is no free ranging with the others and the pecking order organisation has begun. The Dutch girls, Snap, Crackle and Pop and Pootle the Sablepoot (whose gender I am slightly suspicious about) seem happy in the Go with an additional bit of run on grass. All remaining girls seem very healthy 😊 Hmm, yes. Well, 12 as I lost Pepsi. It will be ten as soon as the boys go (hopefully this weekend - OH, Shirley and presumably the neighbours are getting a bit fed up of them). Never really intended to have this many it just sort of happened! Only have one pekin now though (lovely little Duck) so I still have a list
  4. Injured squiggle

    Well done DM and Tess for trying. I always feel the same way about my animals - if they were pain free with a belly full of food I’m happy - hope I go that way!
  5. Intermittent violent sneezing

    That was my original plan for that actual day, but the show I had in mind (one of if not the biggest in Cornwall) didn’t have show pens. I’m not sure if any here do. I think the only way to get a decent variety of healthy birds down here really is to hatch them yourself - so I need to get better at culling cockerels! But, that’s ten hens now, so barring disasters I won’t need any more for a while.
  6. Intermittent violent sneezing

    Sadly Pepsi didn’t make it. She was fine, then she ate some grass which set her off sneezing again - I didn’t think much of it and went off to plant some bulbs, but when I checked back half an hour later she was dead in the run in her back with her legs in the air Her beak was full of mucus - I suspect she sneezed some up into her airway, was unable to clear it and suffocated. Poor chook. Not really sure what more I could’ve done though and I certainly didn’t think she was I’ll enough to cull. No sneezes from any of the others yet 🤞🏻 (Thanks for the egg photo CT - that’s the best way to demonstrate - can’t believe how big it is 😯 )
  7. Injured squiggle

    I met a work friend in a feed store yesterday buying stuff for her kids rabbits one of whom is called Simon - really ticked me for some reason! Always freaks me out when the vet calls the animals name followed by my surname - I just think it sounds so ridiculous 😂
  8. Intermittent violent sneezing

    How big are their eggs cattails? I’m imagining not much bigger than quails 😂
  9. Injured squiggle

    Lucky squiggle (that’s what we call them too - what else would you call them?!) to have been found by you. I hope you find someone who can help him, poor little chap. (Good idea in the gauntlets - I should imagine a squiggle is fairly bitey).
  10. Can I put poultry tonic in a metal drinker ?

    Hmm. Having seen the inside of that drinker when I cleaned and refilled it today perhaps it’s not a good idea to put lifeguard tonic in a galvanised drinker - it looks like there are quite bad rust spots all of a sudden. Don’t keep any chicken stuff in the fridge. I use virkon for all disinfection.
  11. Intermittent violent sneezing

    Yep I know that - hopefully her sister and my young campine will provide the eggs - I don’t think the Dutch bantams or sablepoot will do much! Tbh the eggs are a nice perk but I have them as pets really so as long as she can be healthy enough to have a decent life I’m happy 😊
  12. Intermittent violent sneezing

    I took her to the vet this afternoon. She hasn’t got any worse but no better either. After she’s sneezed for a while you can hear all the liquid in her airway and she has to breathe through her beak for a while before doing a big sneezy head shake to clear the gunk and then she’s fine again. Anyway, the vet reckons it’s probably mycoplasma brought to the fore by the stress of auction day, so has given tylan to make sure she doesn’t get any secondary infection - hopefully she’ll sort herself out but compared to her sister she is very thin. From the flock point of view it’s not the disaster it could be - she’s been isolated from my existing flock but I’ve always suspected that’s what Bern and Shell died from and so it’s in the flock anyway. Hopefully she’ll come out the other side 🤞🏻
  13. I have had a pekin come back from so poorly she’ll only eat mealworms and syringing water to being healthy again. I also dipped the mealworms in nutridrops. It is possible - fingers crossed for you 🤞🏻
  14. Intermittent violent sneezing

    It actually looks like an asthma-y type thing (I had it myself until I was in my early 20s) rather than an infection type thing - I couldn’t really put my finger on why though. From looking at Dr Google the only thing the symptoms really fit are air sac mites - but that seems a bit ‘far out’ and I’d have thought it’d be more constant. They have lifeguard tonic in their water and yes, I’ll give her nutri drops today too. Thanks DM - I’ll see how she goes.
  15. Intermittent violent sneezing

    I guess it serves me right for buying at auction - I said I wasn’t going to do it but I did it anyway. Last Saturday I bought a pair of barred Plymouth Rock bantam pullets (along with a sablepoot and 3 Dutch bantams). They looked really healthy, neat, tidy active birds in their cage, they were fine on the 1 hour drive home (in a cat box with some easichick) and totally fine for the next couple of hours after we got home. They seemed at home straight away, bullied the smaller new bantams so I had to separate them. I now have the two Plymouth’s on their own but adjoining the smaller girls. After an hour or two (and lots of digging, eating and dustbathing) the more dominant one (Pepsi - the other is Shirley) started to sneeze really violently. It looks really uncomfortable and as if she’s struggling to breath between sneezes, and I’d say she’s sneezing out a bit of mucus because her beak gets soil stuck on it. She’ll sneeze for a minute or so, then stop and be totally back to normal. She’s still eating loads and throwing her weight around when she feels it necessary, but every now and again she has these horrendous sneezing fits. I thought it was easing off today but I just went out to shut them all in and I can hear her sneezing in ‘bed’. They have growers pellets to eat, but have also had a little mixed corn, some dandelion and grass, and today some meal worms. Their bit of run is on dry earth which was sprinkled with netted ground sanitising powder two days before they moved in, their sleeping quarters are a cat box with easichick bedding (which I have managed to suspend from he roof of their run so it doesn’t take up floor space). So - any ideas what could be wrong with her? If she doesn’t improve tomorrow I’m going to have to take her to the vet I think but as it’s so intermittent they won’t be able to help too much.