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  1. I would keep the porcelain booted bantam. My dream breeds and colours that I don’t have are gold double laced barnevelder bantam, golden campine or deathlayer (!! - they look very similar to campines and Hamburg’s), gold laced sebright, chamois Poland, bantam jubilee Orpington, and I’d love a bantam that laid dark brown eggs, but I don’t know if there is one. I do think Apenzeller Spitzhauben are particularly spectacular but more than a little ridiculous in silver spangled too.
  2. Don’t go thinking you’re special CT - there are stupids everywhere 🙄
  3. I think they might be younger than that. These are my 2 pekins and a Wyandotte at 4 weeks and then Duck the pekin again at 8 weeks. I’d your gang in the picture are probably somewhere between the two.
  4. I see the EU are actually starting to sound like they’re going to do something about this now... Cattails it looks like there are some fairly unpleasant people making their feelings known in your country right now - I hope you’re out of the way of all that.
  5. I use Nettex Ground Sanitising Powder. When I first had my run set up like this (wood chip on slabs) I used it every week or so, now, like Lewis, it’s probably only 3 or 4 times a year.
  6. To be honest if both thermometers are reading the same I’d be inclined to believe them. BUT I probably would try putting them in different places in the incubator to see if that makes any difference (obviously without having the incubator open for too long). If the temperature in the incubator genuinely is 34.1 then according to the Brinsea website the embryos are unlikely to develop to hatch - they don’t grow properly. Unfortunately if you’re half way through I think you’ll have to just keep going without changing anything and see what happens. What day are you at and have you candled at all?
  7. I agree with everything above. I don’t think it’s a given that if you have chickens you will have rats - and definitely not rats coming into your house. But investing in a different feeder for the chickens may help. How far is the chicken run from your house? Would it be possible to move it? I also agree with the get a second opinion. Good luck.
  8. I can’t advise I’ll just give my recent experience. We kept a bantam araucana we hatched in June because he was a bit ‘wonky’ so we didn’t really feel we could even give him to anyone else. He was a lovely little chap - very friendly, and was just starting to get to grips with the 9 hens here. But we live in a suburban area surrounded by near neighbours, and like Lewis’ cockerels, despite it still being completely dark he was crowing at around 6am. So just before Christmas he went to live with my mum who is out in the countryside. She has 4 hybrid hens who are all much bigger than him, and much to his disappointment they pretty much just ignore all his advances 😭 but I think despite his he’s happy there with them and sees he as his girls 🤣
  9. Well done Peter - it is annoying that we’re doing it properly when others aren’t. It’s the same as human COVID lockdown though in my opinion - just because other people may be breaking the rules, we should still stick to them to protect ourselves (or in terms of AI our flocks) and others.
  10. I had similar issues but not such a great disparity with my incubator which is a Brinsea Mini II Advance. I’d had hatches that were draggy, not great percentage success wise and wasn’t confident with the humidity. So I bought a little temperature and humidity sensor to put in there that could talk to my phone via Bluetooth. I think I ended up setting the incubator temperature to 37.7 which (according to the sensor) gave a temperature in the incubator that for most of the time fluctuated between 37.3 and 37.6 with occasional short dips down to 36.8 and up to 38. I was ‘dry hatching’ in Cornwall (UK) in early summer. I trusted my sensor, but I did spend quite a lot on it. What make are your incubator and your thermometers and where in the incubator are your thermometers placed?
  11. Yes that’s lovely - and some great fish stuff - but Liverpool are playing so I’ll have to watch it later on the iPlayer 🙄
  12. Well yes, definitely. It is a bit odd because I usually find that when one is going to lay a soft shelled egg they look really poorly and uncomfortable before hand, but I haven’t seen that in any if them.
  13. Yep - pretty much agree with what cattails said. Get rid of the gravel. Lay slabs on the weed membrane and then put woodchip on top of that.
  14. That definitely sounds like something that needs a vet I’m afraid. The only thing I’ve heard of that sounds like that is fowl pox.

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