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  1. Started a fish tank!

    This is a good game - what other words can we think of that will set the alarm off??!!
  2. How many hens?

    Pretty sure that unless there’s something in your deeds (which you say there isn’t), or there’s some sort of special bylaw- there’s no rule.
  3. The Weather Thread #9

    Keep getting rain forecast but only getting tiny sprinkles or showers so localised they’re hopeless. One thing or the other please!
  4. Bad Case of Scaly Leg Mites

    You haven’t failed them - we aren’t born knowing everything.
  5. Hatching take 2

    Hatched!!! Two of the pekins have pipped now too. On odd places though so watch this space 🤞🏻
  6. Hatching questions

    Yes and yes! They are lovely and they haven’t crowed yet but I’m sure they will. They’re going to a lovely home with a vegan friend!
  7. So how is the season so far?

    Good tip about the grass clippings Valkyrie- think I’ll try that for my Beans.
  8. Hatching questions

    Just over 10 weeks old now. Pekins are very obviously boys - their shiny green middle tail feathers are coming through, and the Wyandotte is starting to grow his long tail feathers too. The campine - Camilla (Cami) - is true to type and much more flighty and less people orientated than the 3 boys but she will still happily eat out of my hand and if I do manage to catch her she seems quite happy to be handled once I’ve got her.
  9. Hatching take 2

    The Wyandotte has pipped and is cheeping!!!
  10. Tomato Growing Info Required Please - Problem!

    Funnily enough I noticed this on my hands last week after I’d been removing a few lower leaves - never seen it before!
  11. Which Omlet Coop for Ducks?

    I agree with cattails- can’t see you fitting 6 ducks in either of the ground level Omlet coops.
  12. My chicken has had a sore eye

    Sorry to hear this.
  13. Swollen cheek and one eye closing

    Thankyou all. Still gutted.
  14. Frozen shoulder part 2

    Oh Luvachicken that’s horrid. OH had a frozen shoulder last year, but after 9 months of painful exercises it finally seems to be getting back to normal. I know something about what you’re going through and I’m sorry to hear you’ve got to have it operated on but glad it’ll be sorted.
  15. Hatching take 2

    They’re 10 weeks old now - I’ll get some more photos later and put them on my original thread.