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  1. Hatching questions

    Unfortunately not. I can’t keep cockerels - I had lined up a friend to help me dispatch any but now I’ve had two friends who’ve actually asked me if I’d give them a cockerel each! One to go with a new flock of hens and another to replace an ageing pekin boy in an existing flock. I can’t believe my luck 😁 I’ll keep up to 3 hens. Or maybe 4. But if all 5 were hens that’d only leave 1 3 is the plan.
  2. A Chicken Recovers from Marek's Disease

    We had a cockerel when I was young who I’m pretty sure had non fatal mareks. He was all wonky, struggled to walk and spent most of the day sitting down outside the kitchen window waiting for treats. My sister and I would walk around with him on our shoulder pretending he was a parrot!
  3. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Ooh yoga retreat - lucky you! I didn’t plan to watch it but did did end up dipping in and out. Seen the s morning of the dress she wore in the evening and that was lovely.
  4. Hatching questions

    First photo was on Wednesday second is today All chicks here are between 5 and 7 days old (today)
  5. Day old chicks

    You may be better getting a couple of POL in the first instance, otherwise your lonely hen will be waiting at least a couple of months before she gets any friends.
  6. Getting two rescue hens - how to introduce?!

    I wouldn’t leave your originals outside to sleep unless you’re certain predators can’t get in. It’s true that some people would just shove the new ones in at night and let them all get on with it. Sometimes that’s probably fine. I would try to split the run and let the new girls have the portion of the run with the coop, and put a perch in the other section for the originals to sleep on. I’d give it a week or so like that so they get to know each other through the mesh, then let them all in together. Good luck
  7. Incorrectly formed navel

    That’s kind of what I figured. It’s doing fine at the moment anyway. Thanks Dr Chicken.
  8. Incorrectly formed navel

    Inevitably I have worries already! I think justifiably though. I noticed that one of the chicks I bought had a mucky bum, so I cleaned it with wet kitchen roll, and when I was doing that I noticed that there was a strange looking ‘growth’ below the vent. Having Googled I think it’s a mal-formed navel. Anyone know if I’m right and if it’s likely to be a serious problem? And if it is, is there anything I can do about it?
  9. Hatching questions

    The pekins were sold as mixed so I don’t know. The Wyandotte is from blue laced parents but I don’t think they yield 100% blue laced offspring. I think it’s something like 50% blue 25% black 25% splash. Ideally I want blue one has now fluffed up and is now obviously not going to be black but beyond that I can’t tell yet.
  10. Hatching questions

    Yes it does. The bit in the middle is separated into two halves by a ‘wall’. One half is filled by a tube that runs from the yellow cup. To fill the other side (which is how he instructions say to achieve high humidity for hatching) you can either over fill the outside cup so it flows over the wall, or manually fill it when the lid is off.
  11. So how is the season so far?

    My mum, who is normally a very scientific sensible type, bought a bag of powdered cleavers (I call it goosegrass) because someone has decided it’s the latest cureall for horses. I told her I’d have happily supplied her with twice the amount for half the money
  12. Hatching questions

    Proper rollercoaster! No cute pics of the Wyandotte or second pekin chick yet but here they are fresh out of their eggs and exhausted. And then a VERY cute pic of the original pekin and his two imported campine buddies.
  13. Poultry vet in or near Sheffield?

    I have a pekin who laid a run of eggs with soft shells - actually no shells just membrane. At the dogmothers suggestion I added lifeguard tonic to their water for a little while and her eggs have been good ever since. It is of course possible the timing was just coincidental but it seemed as if it worked.
  14. Hatching questions

    Yes these are now extremely expensive chicks!! But, I came down this morning (day 24) and checked the incubator to find the pekin just hatched and the Wyandotte pipped! It’s now 5pm and the Wyandotte is just starting to properly crack the shell open and the pekin is nearly totally fluffed up (that’s taking much longer than I thought it would). Meanwhile in the brooder I now have the little pekin that hatched under Penny yesterday, and the 2 very cute bantam silver campines that I picked up this morning. So hopefully back on track now. Just not the track I had in mind!
  15. As you say she’s laying and pooing, and therefore presumably eating, normally I’m afraid I don’t have any ideas. Unfortunately though, as you say, she clearly is seriously uncomfortable / in pain, so I think if you aren’t going to take her to the vets the you need to end her suffering. Sorry.