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  1. I love the way they all snuggle in together
  2. Yes she will definitely be able to cover at least 6 bantam eggs. If I remember correctly I think my Wyandotte bantam covered 8 but 6 is a good number. A Go would be a good size - but you’ll need to make sure the gaps between the roosting bars are filled when any chicks hatch. I just use lots and lots of wood chip to make sure the floor is reasonably flat and non-slip. Normal chicken fencing maybe a bit risky for chicks. Although they’ll stay with Chickpea they’ll be so small they could easily get out through a regular fence and get lost. Also - and I don’t mean to sound really negative - this isn’t the best time of year to be hatching (especially for your first time) - it’s going to be mid October now by the time any chicks hatch when the weather is getting much colder and wetter with shorter days so the chicks won’t have so many daylight hours to feed up and so won’t grow so quickly. You maybe better off waiting until spring. (Ignore that last paragraph if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere!)
  3. Treats actually weren’t involved! That’s their pre-bedtime perch and they all heard a noise just as I was there with my phone. I got lucky!!
  4. Cheeps are growing up nicely 🥰
  5. Does that mean he could have pigs? Strictly speaking they have trotters rather than hooves
  6. My house was built on 2 separate plots in the mid 50s. The information about one of the plots says you can’t keep chickens. The information on the other plot is missing. My solicitor told me that he and us are the only people who would ever know anyway.
  7. It went down VERY well with my colleagues. Two people had seconds and two asked for the recipe 😄
  8. Well. I think I probably need to have another go at this - I struggled with the crust - maybe didn’t knead it enough and it was so crumbly! I managed to roll it out between no it’s of cling film in the end. Then I wasn’t paying enough attention and have slightly burnt the apricots on one side. Sorry swappee and Thankyou for sending me enough speculaas spice to have another go! All that said - it tastes delicious and I’m taking it for a team meeting tomorrow 😀
  9. That’s about how much space I had in my last garden where I had 4 bantams in a Go with 3m run. They were allowed out into the garden when we were home and it was totally trashed - we had to pay for it to be returned when we left. Maybe consider 3 bantams in a Go Up? The Cube won’t be ‘too big’ - they will snuggle up if it’s cold - but it’s probably a bit unnecessary in a garden that size.
  10. Sounds like she may possibly have some sort of oral canker - you definitely need to get her to the vets. If you put her in a well ventilated dark box the stress shouldn’t be too bad.
  11. Have been working almost all weekend so haven’t had a chance to make my pie yet - have all the ingredients ready though 😁
  12. I will keep the girls. The boys are going one to my mums and one to my friend. I’ll have 11 then - always said my cut off was 10 🙈

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