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  1. A kidney would have been a pretty random guess - maybe useful to have in the freezer just in case 🤣 All your other guesses were right though - no @SeramaSilly I couldn’t resist - more fertile eggs 😁😁😁😁 I thought I’m more likely to be taking a couple of holidays next year so if not this year it could’ve been a long wait. And yes!! They are Barnevelder bantams! I finally got the uk Barnevelders Facebook page to let me in and I found a breeder straight away. They’re in the post now and should arrive tomorrow. So I’ll put them in the incubator on Wednesday and if they’ve survived the pos
  2. What’s on its way to me?!
  3. I love the screaming of swifts too. I grew up in the countryside and we didn’t have them so I’d never really heard them until I moved to the small town I live in now. Now they really do herald summer - and always leave too early!!
  4. I have the beautiful Emma Bridgewater ‘Hen on Nest’
  5. I know they were late everywhere so maybe some didn’t make it at all ☹️
  6. Mine are glass clear tarpaulins from tarpaflex. They’re good when they’re new but to be honest I’m not that impressed by their endurance. They seem to go brittle in the sun and start to get holes and cracks in within 12 months.
  7. Numbers are rocketing up in Cornwall. Thanks to hospitality opening and huge numbers of tourists coming here because they can’t go over seas largely I suspect. Not good. Bad on a personal level because my sister and her husband are here to visit for a week with my 18 month old nephew. They arrive this evening. My dad was so looking forward to spending some time with them but today had a a message from Test and Trace saying he has to self isolate for 8 days so he now won’t be able to see them at all. On the plus side I’ve been able to bring my second dose forward so will now be double
  8. Pop - one of my Dutch bantams had a different sort of traumatic experience today. Was working from home so they were out and about and I heard a massive load of squawking. I raced out to see next doors cat racing across the garden and I was there just in time to see Pop taking off! She did excellent flying up over the chicken fence, over the shrubs, around some tree branches and landed perfectly on the 8 foot high fence between us and our neighbours! Im not sure the cat was really chasing her - it never has before - I think it probably just ran out of the shrubs, startled the chickens an
  9. If there’s any way you can afford it, definitely get a Cube rather than the Go Up. Unlike some I do t think the Go is a bad house - I started with one (low level not up) for 4 bantams and 7 years later it’s still in use as a spare house for youngsters / quarantines / holidays! I agree with Cattails - 4 hybrids would just about fit but it’d be pretty snug - especially if they’re larger hybrids.
  10. I haven’t joined but I’ll still make cake and eat it.
  11. As you probably know the G7 summit is being held in west Cornwall this weekend. On a 15 mile journey along the main dual carriageway through the county this morning I passed 20 police vans from all over the country, 8 police cars and any number of police motorcyclists! And I thought they were all already here. Good weekend to be a criminal anywhere that’s not Cornwall I reckon!
  12. The delta variant (it’s called that rather than the Indian variant because they were concerned that naming variants after countries stigmatised them so they’re going for Greek letters instead) is causing cases to rise again in the UK now.
  13. Runner beans. Broccoli. Sweet peas. NOT parsnips.

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