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  1. Dressing gown over the top of the quilt makes so much difference I find!
  2. The government scientists using the graph on the briefing were very careful to say several times that the forward projection was NOT a prediction but was just a demonstration of how the number of cases COULD increase if they kept going at the current rate. I accept, and said at the time, that this was perhaps not the wisest thing to do as people would ignore their THIS IS NOT A PREDICTION and either use the graph as a stick to beat them with when it didn’t ‘come true’ or as cause to panic. Yes meningitis affects university students every year which is why all first year students are offered a vaccination. Ebola (although having a much higher death rate than COVID) spreads mainly through bodily fluids when the disease is at a fairly late stage and is therefore not as contagious as this coronavirus. You are right that we can’t live completely wrapped up in cotton wool forever, but hopefully we’ll develop a successful vaccine within the next year and then we can start to get back to normal. I have friends with children who have serious underlying health conditions, I have middle aged friends with serious underlying health conditions and I have elderly parents (crikey that makes me sound like a right barrel of laughs) - if we don’t all take precautions now then those people will have to lock themselves away or they will be seriously frightened and genuinely at risk. Surely that’s not right or fair.
  3. Mine hated the roosting bars at first in both the Go and the Cube. So much so that I used to have a wooden perch in there for them to use. However after I had a mite infestation and burned the perch they’ve got used to the bars - so I’d just give it time and hopefully they’ll come round.
  4. I used to have a wooden perch in my Eglu and I once had mites in the joints of that and I did find some hiding where bits of the Eglu join together. Pressure washing, and mite spray got rid of them plus a dusting with powder and I’ve never had them again (touch wood).
  5. mullethunter


    Very comprehensive but I don’t think you need pellets and mash. Find out which they’ve been having and stick with that to start with. In that set up I’d go for all bantams if I were you. Looking forward to seeing photo’s of your new girls please 😊
  6. Monday - had a day off and spent the day on the beach in my bikini and swimming in the sea - lovely and warm. 22 degrees. Thursday - working outside with 5 layers on my top half including thermals and waterproof coat. 8 degrees.
  7. Brussels sprouts (Trafalgar) - looking good. Sprouting broccoli - summer stuff just full of caterpillars despite the mesh so hoping for better from he later stuff. Cavolo Nero (Nero Di Toscana) - a bit small as shaded by broccoli but not too bad. Parsnips (Gladiator) - massive leaves but haven’t looked at roots yet. Carrots (Nantes 5) - absolutely tiny and rubbish, I think too shaded by the giant parsnips. Leeks (Musselburgh)- pretty good, used the first ones yesterday. Red onions (Red Ray) - not bad but don’t seem to be keeping very well. Runner beans (Moonlight and Lady Di) - rubbish because I didn’t keep up with keeping them so they only made beans for about 3 weeks. Dwarf French beans (Amethyst)- not very good, I think planted too early and then overshadowed by the peas and runners. Peas (Hurst Green Shaft) - brilliant. Potatoes (Jazzy and Arran Pilot)- pretty good. Tomatoes (Gardeners Delight, Sungold, Black Russian, Giulietta) - started well but got blight really badly very early. Cucumbers (Mini munch) - better once tomatoes taken out - needed more light. Cucamelons- late but good. Sweet peppers (Black Knight) - variable depending on side of greenhouse, need lots of light.
  8. One of my colleagues moved into his shed to shield his little boy during lockdown, and he made one of those videos every week for the rest of us. It was hilarious 😂
  9. I’d let them stay out now so they get used to it before it gets really cold.
  10. Mine moved outside at 6 weeks and were absolutely fine. I’d say yours will be too as they’re pretty well feathered and will snuggle together at night. Having said that it was August when mine moved out rather than late September. Just keep an eye on night time temperatures and bring them in if it gets really cold. Have they been out during the day already?
  11. Apart from that issue how does she seem?
  12. I’m sorry to say but they won’t hatch now. That’s 2 weeks too long. If I were you I’d wait until next year now otherwise you’re going to have young chicks when they weather is getting cold and the days short. Next time, I’d suggest more eggs to give yourself a better chance. Sorry it didn’t work out - I know it is upsetting. It’s impossible to say why they didn’t hatch - you could crack them open to see what stage of development they got to which might give you a clue, but as you have already found, that could upset you even more.
  13. One of my work colleagues has her 3 primary aged boys back home after a week at school because one of them coughed a couple of times so they now have to wait for a test - and who knows how long that will be?

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