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  1. As one of mine has been this week I discovered today 🙄
  2. As Beantree says it is dependent on the ambient temperature of the room they’re in. At 5 weeks though I’d have taken the heat away altogether because I’d have them moved out at 6 weeks providing they’re well feathered. Ive never had them this early though - mine have tended to be this stage in mid summer. I certainly wouldn’t move them outside permanently with the sub zero nights forecast in the coming days.
  3. Well - she seems completely normal as if nothing had ever happened! I’m obviously pleased but nervous about what the next egg will bring. Thankyou for asking - I’ll keep you posted.
  4. I was a chemistry teacher too but to my shame I still didn’t know that - thanks CT (total science nerd here so always happy to learn new bits and pieces 😊)
  5. I would never have thought that would work. Every day’s a school day 😊👍🏻
  6. Wow Ursula that’s incredible. Is it to keep the frost away?
  7. Mine are Dutch bantams rather than Sablepoots so they don’t have feathered feet. I did have a Sablepoot for a while - bought at auction as a pullet but I had to give him away after a few months when he was continually crowing at 5 in the morning - in the winter 🙄 He was absolutely lovely natured too and the way he had to run with his feet out to the sides to accommodate his boots always made me laugh. But no I don’t have any feathered foot advice I’m afraid. My pekin doesn’t seem to fare too badly somehow although her foot feathers are nowhere near as long as a sablepoots - lovely as they are I really would think twice about having another because of them.
  8. I would also go back to whoever you got them from and complain / tell them what’s happened. Unless you’ve had chickens before on the same land, it sounds like the newbies came to you already with the disease even if they weren’t showing it.
  9. Sounds like you’re in a similar situation to my mum. Her chickens are also in an orchard that has rat holes and rats. She brings food in at night and doesn’t feed wild birds or have a compost heap. All food (horse and chicken) is stored in bins that have never been broken into / chewed through. AND she has a terrier who catches rats, rabbits, and squirrels (and sadly this week one of the chickens who flew out when the mesh ‘roof’ was removed). Yet still she has rats. Not hundreds but they’re always there. She doesn’t like to poison them and won’t trap for the same reason as you. I guess sometimes you’re just not going to completely get rid of them.
  10. GillC I have Dutch bantams exactly the same colour as your millefleurs 🥰
  11. Slightly better but not enough to really be pleased about. Still well in herself. Escaped from her box twice and happily eating corn and drinking. Just got back from the vet - he managed to put it back in but said he doesn’t know if it’ll stay, and other than repeatedly putting it back in there’s nothing else they would do for a hen of her age (which she thought was a totally unnecessary statement in the car park where anyone could hear!). So she’s back home. I’ve got some Vetericyn to spray on and I’m about to set up the dog crate to keep her quiet and warm indoors for tonight and we’ll just have to see how she gets on.

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