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  1. We've decided to get chickens!!

    How exciting!! Excellent decision. Re. pekins...yes they can be broody and I know some can be really awful, but the two I’ve had for nearly 4 years now (since they were 10 weeks old) really haven’t been that bad. Last year one didn’t go broody at all and the other was sort of ‘walking broody’ - I could tell by her behaviour and noises that she was feeling broody but because the others wouldn’t let her sit she didn’t bother. We had chickens when I was a child, but these 2 along with two Wyandotte bantams were my first chickens since leaving home and although they perhaps require a bit more attention than some hybrids, I certainly haven’t found them difficult to look after. It really comes down to what you want from them. If you just want eggs and to have to do the bare minimum when it comes to husbandry, large fowl hybrids are probably the way to go. If you want really cute little feather balls who make you laugh when they run, and will lay some eggs, then get pekins!
  2. Hatching questions

    Thanks DM. What mite drops would you use on the broody?
  3. Hatching questions

    I think the time has finally come! Penny is broody!! So, I have a couple of questions about hatching... 1. Has anyone hatched eggs they’ve bought from eBay under a broody and how did you get on? Do they really go through the post OK? 2. Any advice about the best / easiest / most humane way to dispatch cockerels? I’m going to try to sell them or give them to people I know but I know that’s unlikely to work out. 3. Has anyone used and Eglu Go as a broody coop and how did that work out? Any tips? Think I’ve settled on giving her 6 blue laced Wyandotte bantam and 6 pekin bantam eggs. She’ll (she’s a Wyandotte bantam but she’s a fair size) be able to cover that many won’t she?
  4. The cost of Flubenvet

    Mine love them. In fact I switched to normal marriages pellets after they first had them.
  5. My hens are a pain in the neck!

    Moving house to get away from them is a bit extreme 😂 (sorry couldn’t help it)
  6. Poorly hen?

    Echo Beantree. Certainly looks like a very happy healthy hen. What beautiful glossy feathers.
  7. The Weather Thread #9

    Unusually I think we’ve had the best of the weather over the past week or so. It’s finally beginning to feel like spring. One of the things we do at work is to tag salmon and sea trout on their way from the rivers to start the sea portion of their life cycle. We’ve started the work but the fish haven’t turned up in any numbers yet, when they do we’ll really know spring has sprung 😁🌞🐟
  8. The cost of Flubenvet

    I always use the pre-medicated pellets. They do always seem to have a short shelf life though (I assume that’s because the drug degrades quickly) so for my 4 bantams I just buy the 5kg bag. In the past, when I’ve been more organised I’ve shared with another Omleteer but most of the time I do end up chucking a couple of kg’s away.
  9. So how is the season so far?

    Finally things seem to be drying out and warming up down here (I know putting this in writing is incredibly foolish!) so I’m getting on with the growing 😁 Planted out in the veg plot are my second early potatoes - Jazzy; red onion sets - Red Baron; and parsnips - Gladiator. Then in pots either in the little greenhouse, on the shed outside window ledge or an indoors windowsill I have leeks, broccoli, sprouting broccoli, Brussels, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, cucamelons, sweet peas, sunflowers and mesembryanthemums. I love spring 😊
  10. Odd illness not really improving

    Don’t think we have such a thing in Cornwall unfortunately. My vet has done a couple of poultry courses but not totally sure she knows much more than me, just had more tools. Thanks Luvachicken. One of those is the person I go to, and one is too far, but there are a couple of others I might just call and see if I can get a feel for whether they’re any good on chickens. Bernadette is more or less back to normal now in terms of behaviour, but she still has the odd ‘not lump’ and I’m not happy that she’s quite eating enough.
  11. Flukes?

    Thanks Lewis. Have contacted Retfords to get the ball rolling.
  12. Flukes?

    I actually have a video but don’t know how to post it
  13. Anyone has FEEL GOOD chicken coops?

    I found my Cube on eBay after looking for several months. Cost around £400 with 2m run and feeders etc. The lady I bought it from had also bought it second hand, so it’s now third hand. I bought new nuts and bolts and if I was going to be regularly moving it it would need new wheels, but apart from that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.
  14. Anyone has FEEL GOOD chicken coops?

    Reduce reuse recycle
  15. Odd illness not really improving

    Don’t think we have such a thing in Cornwall unfortunately. My vet has done a couple of poultry courses but not totally sure she knows much more than me, just had more tools! Thanks for the thought DM - fancy a holiday?! Watching her eat this evening I do wonder whether it’s a partial obstruction in her throat - almost looks like an air lock. I really do wish there was an avian specialist around. I’ll have another search.