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  1. First egg of the year for me.

    Hooray Worth waiting for isn’t it?!
  2. Word Association Game #28

  3. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I’m quarter Spanish and it’s always annoyed me that other than the real basics I don’t speak it. I can read enough to get by as a tourist but that’s all. I learnt French and German at school and did A level French - I’m still reasonably confident to converse in French but definitely not German. We went to Portugal last week and I was really surprised at how although I can read the language about as well as I can read Spanish, I thought it sounded strangely Eastern European spoken and I struggled to understand anything at all. I always try to learn the very basics of a language before I go somewhere - I feel really uncomfortable being somewhere where I can’t understand anything around me.
  4. Word Association Game #28

  5. I think if you plan to move the run often enough to keep decent grass you’d be moving it every couple of days. And even then if they decided to dig in any particular patch you’ll still end up with bare patches. The run would definitely be big enough for 3 or 4 bantams. 3 Large fowl probably would be OK but personally I’d go for bantams. I currently have 4 bantams in a Cube attached to a 3m by 2m walk in run which is on patio slabs (on a base of membrane and sand) and then hardwood chip and the run is covered by clear tarpaulins (which I roll back on hot, dry days). I clean the poo out most days. The girls are shut in the run whenever there’s no one at home (so roughly Mon to Fri all day until we’re hime from work), then the rest of the time they have half the garden which is about half lawn and half shrubby border.
  6. The Weather Thread #9

    Incredible amounts of absolutely beautiful snow on the drive home from Bristol airport to Cornwall yesterday morning (shame about the 13 hour delay). Nothing at home though, just very cold. Cold again today but beautiful sunshine 🌞
  7. Goshawk

    What an incredibly beautiful creature 😍
  8. Confessions of a serial lurker

    Nor me 😂 We are useless
  9. Poultry auctions

    Thanks all. I didn’t know they sold birds at shows - I’ll try that instead because I know there are a fair few down our way. I think someone at the top of the Pekin breeders club is near me. Yes sort of panting I suppose Lewis and definitely not hot. I always think it must be incredibly stressful for birds who have likely always lived in one place and probably not been handled much to be shoved in a cage and put into the noisy busy auction shed. It was ‘Lodge and Thomas’ poultry auction in Truro. I have a catalogue but it just says what the lots are not who’s entered them. Ive never heard of a graded auction. Thanks for all the info. I’d have to really fall in love with something to buy it at auction I think - even with a quarantine period I’m too afraid of bringing home more than just the chickens.
  10. I think we're going to get out first egg!

    Oh don’t worry mine get threatened with the pot all the time 😂 Mostly when they’re moaning loudly that they want to use the nest box but someone else won’t let them! And yes, laying an egg is sometimes a massive event. I have one girl who only lays one or two a year, but spends several days worked up running about before doing it and then another couple of days afterwards telling everyone about it!
  11. Egg advise please

    Well you’ve come to the right place! To be honest if it looks OK and smells OK when you crack it I’d assume it is OK (unless of course your hens were on medication with an egg withdrawal period). Lovely photo of your chook by the way
  12. New and old hens

    My mum has one run and one house. She generally adds new hens when she only has one left so it’s not quite the same situation, but she just shuts the new girls in the house with the existing occupant and never seems to have too much trouble. They do have a very big free range area though. To be honest, in your set up, if the runs / pens are next to each other, I would try to beg borrow or steal a second house so they can get used to each other in separate runs before you put them all in together. Having said that, if you have he time to spend separating them every morning for a while, you could just have them all sleeping in the one Cube but then put them in separate runs for the day time for a little while if that seems necessary.
  13. Egg advise please

    Don’t know why it happens or what it is, but it’s not just your eggs. I’ve noticed this on older, light shelled eggs too. I think it happens more if they’re kept in the fridge.
  14. Omleteers fit for 2016

    Well done you! And that is an absolute bargain! For my yoga I pay £8 per class!