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  1. I would also hang up a whole, or part, cabbage / broccoli / cauliflower just out of reach so they have to jump for it. I wouldn’t chop it up. I would let them have the whole thing just left in their run as it gives them something to do on boring days when they’re shut in their run, but they don’t get one very often - maybe once every couple of months. Having said that, at the moment mine are getting a kale plant a week (that’s between 9 bantams). After they’ve stripped all the leaves I cut the stem in half longways - they love the inside. Ditto what everyone else has said about fruit.
  2. I’d get a couple of new hens to keep her company
  3. I store mine in an egg crock on the worktop. So at room temperature. I use them for at least a month and I’ve never yet had one that’s gone off.
  4. It could be if the method is just to make the legs / scales so slippery that the lice can’t hold on Actually I’ve just read this It kills lice by suffocation and disrupting their ability to regulate water
  5. Sounds like you don’t have any choice sadly - you can’t leave her to starve to death. Definitely the right thing to do.
  6. If the gravel drains then it may be less wet. But the trouble is that they’ll mix the aubiose (and poo) in with the gravel - you’ll never be able to clean it, and so the only option will be to dig the whole lot up and find some way to dispose of it. Can you just shove a few slabs on top of the gravel for the time being and put the run on that?
  7. If you really can move them to fresh grass every time they exhaust where they are, and they’re getting on OK, then you’ll probably get away with their 3m. But as DM says you would be better with at least 4m - particularly as there may be occasions when they have to stay in. I think you’re probably right though that it would be very difficult and unwieldy to move at that length so would probably have to be fixed and set up as the Dogmother says above.
  8. Personally I’d wait and see how they get on with the width of it before changing it. One of mine sleeps in the run (out of choice - there’s plenty of room in the Cube with everyone else 🙄) on a perch made of baton which is inch and a half by 1 inch I think. Height wise I think it’ll be fine - my Dutch girls are VERY good at flying. Looking forward to seeing photos of yours 😀
  9. That’s how they work here too. Then you look at the app and it tells you if the charging point is free or in use. I can imagine there being squabbles though when someone has finished charging but just let their car in the space. Oh really DM - I thought you lived on a street with lots of SCUBA enthusiasts 😂
  10. Oh I’m sorry to hear that Cattails - poor Ginger. Having laud her egg Pop is completely back to normal 🤷🏼‍♀️
  11. I have a Plymouth Rock bantam and despite not being the largest, she came in, had massive fights with everyone, ousted Penny my 5 year old Wyandotte bantam and went straight in as head chicken. So it just depends on the individual. She is an excellent layer though.
  12. I can’t remember what your set up is. If you have a smallish run attached to coop then seeing as your hens will be home with at least an hour before normal bedtime I would put them in the run with food and water with the pop hole to the coop open and hopefully they’ll put themselves to bed. At that time in the afternoon though you could easily shut them straight in the coop with the pop hole closed - assuming you’re not travelling for more than an hour or so they’ll have been eating and drinking until 3ish so would be fine to wait until morning. I wouldn’t put food or water in the coop. To help them settle in, you could ask what they’ve been eating and get them some of the same (although I’ve never done this). Personally I would give them plain water when they arrive just to ensure they drink, but then if you want to add some tonic over the next few days. Ask the breeder if they’ve had any wormer - if they’re POL they probably won’t have and should be OK for a few months - I definitely wouldn’t worm them when they first arrive (unless they obviously have a worm burden) as the drug does stress their system to some extent (I don’t worm regularly at all any more following advice from our tame forum vet but instead send samples for a worm count every year or so). Hope you’re excited 😀

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