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  1. Slipped Achilles tendon

    It did actually take me quite a long time to get to sleep last night thinking about it even though I do know it was the only thing to do. Thank you all for the support.
  2. Slipped Achilles tendon

    The deed is done ☹️ That’s the first time I’ve ever purposefully killed anything by my own hands. He suddenly got much worse so both legs were affected and were pointing in crazy directions - he could barely walk on them and was spending most of his time sitting - although he still didn’t seem unhappy I knew it was inevitable and once I’d decided that I couldn’t get it off my mind so had to do it sooner rather than later. DONT READ IF SQUEAMISH I made a sort of killing cone out of a big milk carton and took his head off with brand new loppers. He didn’t seem stressed or frightened and it was over in an instant, but still left me feeling shaky for a little while. Anyway - done now poor little chap. I know it was the right thing but I’m still upset by it.
  3. Chicks Hatching

    Gorgeous tiny cuties
  4. Slipped Achilles tendon

    Difficult to say. A friend who takes on all sorts of waifs and strays wants to have him but at the moment I’m still monitoring him closely to see how his mobility changes and if he seems in pain. I’m sure he isn’t uncomfortable at the moment but I think (difficult to be sure because I’ve been working long days so haven’t seen him much) his mobility might be starting to become a problem - I’ve seen him siting a lot and not joining in so much with the rough and tumble. Such a shame because he is a lovely and handsome chap, but I’m not terribly hopeful ☹️ On the plus side his sister is very pretty (and he only pullet I’m sure of)
  5. Eglu netting

    You won’t regret that lousara - I know they’re expensive but peace of mind and the safety of your hens is worth it. I have my Cube attached to a walk in run for when there’s no one home, and that’s within a netted area that they free range in when we’re home.
  6. Do I need to check if she's egg bound?

    I’m sure it’s nothing you’re doing, these things just happen so try not to beat yourself up about it. Its lucky you have experienced chicken keepers to look after her for you while you’re away. Fingers crossed she’ll recover.
  7. Chicks Hatching

    And post us some photos when she does let you see them!
  8. Do I need to check if she's egg bound?

    I guess you just have to wait and see what the vet says. Good luck.
  9. Do I need to check if she's egg bound?

    If her abdomen felt squishy I’d say it’s more likely to be peritonitis than that she’s egg bound. But hopefully the vet will know. I’d leave her with the flock for now.
  10. Do I need to check if she's egg bound?

    Why do you think she’s egg bound? What can you feel? The photo’s you’ve posted certainly look like a poorly Chicken. If it was me and I was going away on Tuesday I would definitely take her to the vets if I thought there was something seriously wrong - I wouldn’t want anyone looking after my hens to have to do that and wouldn’t necessarily expect them to notice it was necessary either.
  11. Eglu netting

    How many are you getting? No - don’t assume they’ll be safe from a fox inside the picket fence / Omlet mesh even during the day. If you’re not outside with them / nearby a fox could easily come during the day and get them in that situation. They would need to be inside their Eglu run to be safe if I’ve understood your set up correctly.
  12. Hatching questions

    I hatched the pekins and Wyandotte and bought the campine was day olds (because I thought only one of mine was going to hatch) so obviously I took that chance - and yes as you and Lewis says one campine and at least one of the pekins are boys. At the moment I think it’s most likely that actually both pekins and the Wyandotte are also boys so I only have the one campine girl. OH bought me the swing for my birthday last October and the big girls have steadfastly refused to go anywhere near it so he’s delighted that the cheepers are using it! They did! They’re well away today though - digging, dustbathing, swinging...already looks like they need the extra metre of run!
  13. Eglu netting

    From an escape point of view you’ll likely be fine with full size hens. However my pekin is an absolute escape artist. She jumps up to the bigger mesh, pokes her head through, tips her body forward and wriggles furiously until she falls through!! Very funny and quite annoying!!
  14. Hatching questions

  15. Hatching questions

    The chicks are 5 weeks old now and have been indoors with heat at night and having an hour or two outside after work each evening for the past week. Today is s big day - they’ve moved out into the Eglu Go with 2m of run (I have 3m but the big girls have their favourite dust bath in the last metre so I’ve split it for the time being)! They’ll becoming back indoors overnight for the next week and I think I’ll put their heat on for the first few nights, then take it away for the second half of the week. Then all being well they’ll be fully outdoors from next weekend!