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  1. mullethunter

    Gardeners World Live

    Cue a million people phoning in their Omlet order claiming to have spoken to you 😂
  2. mullethunter

    Updates from Devon

    Looks like a very yellow blue tit to me
  3. mullethunter

    Updates from Devon

    This happened to me. I gave up on the first three rows, bought some more seed and sowed it between the original rows, then both rows came up so now I have six rows too close together
  4. mullethunter

    Poorly chicken

    The wobbling over thing sounds like it could’ve been a sign of one of the types of mareks. I didn’t want to say yesterday because there’s nothing you could’ve done anyway. One of my pekins died in what sounds like very similar circumstances. None of my others were affected or have been since. Sorry she’s gone.
  5. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread #9

    Two loads of bedclothes washed and dried here today too and I haven’t even been home all day. Now debating whether to cut the grass before it rains tomorrow or just sit here and have a drink 😆
  6. mullethunter

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I’m half an hours drive from Newquay. I used to live there when I was in my twenties but I wouldn’t want to now. It’s coastline is stunning and you can usually find yourself a quiet hidden away spot if you know where to look, but it’s really too much of a party town for me now. Blimey I must be old 😂
  7. mullethunter

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Just thought I’d share that I’ve had such a lovely day today. I had a great day at work with lovely colleagues a lovely job and amazing weather, then this evening I did 108 sun salutations for the summer solstice and international yoga day at south fistral which was just brilliant. Then when I got home OH had made dinner for me and there was a beer in the fridge. Feeling thankful and lucky.
  8. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread #9

    Actually felt like summer today. Very apt. Absolutely lovely day.
  9. mullethunter

    Bright blessings

    It’s a perfect, pretty day for it too 😀
  10. mullethunter

    Updates from Devon

    😂🤣🤣😂😂 On that note though - none here yet for a change. The cold does have some positives!
  11. mullethunter

    Chicken not eating or being active

    Sorry to hear that - seems the way with chickens quite often 😔
  12. Mine is the lo-rise version which is quite sturdy but I’m only 5’2” and pretty flexible - any normal person wouldn’t be able to get in and move around comfortably
  13. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread #9

    Me too 😂😂
  14. Mine is covered with clear tarpaulins
  15. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread #9

    A better day finally after ages of cold and wet.