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  1. We’re having to do this with our work vans too
  2. I love nail varnish in theory and when I can be bothered (very rarely) to take the time I like the way it looks. Trouble is my work and life is not kind to my nails and I’m lazy so it always looks awful very quickly! I’m not precious about them - here they are. And accompanied by a photo of them at their best ☺️
  3. You said you were tipping him. If he had impacted crop I wouldn’t expect anything to come out. It’s only if he had sour crop that you would get a lot of foul spelling liquid coming out. If it’s bad you barely need to tip them forward for it all to come gushing out and the crop will feel like a liquid filled balloon. If your chap has impacted crop your massaging with oil is a better bet. Fingers crossed
  4. My live streamed yoga classes are great. Before the class starts we can all see and talk to each each other in little squares on the screen - it really does keep the community feel together.
  5. I have a silver campine and she doesn’t like it when they’re shut in either. When they’re out she gets absolutely everywhere and is an excellent flyer. My back garden is surrounded by fences / hedges that are over 6 feet tall and as yet she hasn’t attempted to clear those but I’m pretty sure she could. I generally have my girls confined to a section if the garden with Omlet chicken fence and she pops herself over that with no effort at all - in fact so do my Dutch bantams so I have 4 chickens inside the fence and 4 outside - because that seems so pointless I’ve given up on it for the time being and they’ve got the whole garden until I start planting flowers. I was going to clip their wings, but when a dog got in a couple of weeks ago, being able to fly away saved the 4 girls who did it so I’m not sure what to do now (I have put in a new chain link fence along the hedge where the dog got in so it shouldn’t happen again). Sorry - that’s a bit of a waffle - in your case I’d clip her wing - they often seem to forget that they could ever fly after it’s been done once.
  6. I can see that would be a problem with an auto door because I often have one girl who sleeps in the doorway. Can you overrride the automatic closure and close it manually? Sometimes a chook sleeping in the doorway is just because she wants to (I had an araucana banty who always did) or sometimes because she’s bottom of the pecking order and can’t get any further in (this occasionally happens to my pekin).
  7. We used to do that as children too - not just with onions but all sorts of other things like red cabbage - can’t remember what else. Ours were never that pretty though DM!
  8. I’m so glad it’s not just me!!!!! Friends keep saying things like ‘ooh my house has never been so clean’...I look around my house and think ‘It’s just still getting grubbier’ 😂
  9. Good thinking Daphne 👍🏻 If we’re still like this when they flower I’ll put them in a bucket outside the gate for people to take.
  10. Unbelievably after 6 months of rain I’m now having to water all my pots! Was cold and windy here too but still mid 20s in the greenhouse - or book reading room as it currently is!
  11. Just been for a lovely early evening walk along country lanes from our house. We took the route I used to run along. I used to see either no one or another runner or two, but today we passed loads of families walking! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing and actually good if it gets people out for a walk who wouldn’t normally - just struck me as funny!
  12. Oh - I’ve also down some sweet peppers and some mini cucumbers but they haven’t appeared yet. Just realised that I’ve ordered a double amount of sweet peas. Forgot I’d placed an order with Sarah Raven and ordered some more from Marshall’s 🙄 Also got some peas coming as my old seed just rotted.
  13. I have 2 varieties (Gardeners Delight and Black Russian both old seed) of tomatoes germinated but still just seed leaves. Sungold and Giulietta sowed 3 days ago so still in the propagator. Leeks and kale outside in the cold frame doing well, likewise Brussels in the greenhouse. Onion sets (Red Ray) and potatoes (Jazzy and Arran Pilot) are in the new raised beds.

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