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  1. I poo pick by scooping up poo with a small bucket and spade type spade into a paint tray (just happened to be what I had to hand when I first got the girls) and then tip it all into the compost heap. I do it most days and it takes about 5 minutes.
  2. I haven’t had this issue but I have had a couple of problems with orders and Omlet have always been very quick to put things right. Hopefully your supplier there will be just as good, but if you have any problems it might be worth contacting Omlet direct. Hope it’s sorted quickly.
  3. No, but...I’ve just set my broody on eggs for the first time. She wanted to sit in her normal Cube nest box but I’ve set up my old Eglu Go and run and put her in there. For the first 48hrs ish she was very restless - up and down a lot and trying to get back to the Cube. In the end I resorted to shutting her in the house and then she did sit. That was on Friday afternoon. Now, her door is open and she’s gone the other way - won’t come off the eggs at all!! So maybe try shutting your frizzle in where you’d like her to be just for a day or two and see if she’ll settle?
  4. Hybred Bantams

    I think that is the breeder near me - were they called Baby Blue and Devon Moss?
  5. Hatching questions

    Thanks Lewis. I know someone who dispatches using the traffic cone method so if I chicken out (bad choice of words) I can get help! Sounds like I’ve already done as you suggest with the Go / tray etc - have put loads of Easichick bedding in so the corner she’s in is the lowest bit so no eggs should roll away. Thanks all - up to Penny now so fingers crossed she’ll see it through. She’s 5 and a half but I’ve never let her sit before.
  6. Hatching questions

    This morning she came out to have a drink, some pellets and a scratch around, but was back on the eggs in less than 15 mins. I’ve just had a look and offered her some sunflower hearts but she’s in the proper broody trance 🙂 2 of the eggs weren’t under her and were completely cold, so I’ve taken them away leaving her with 10. Either she somehow knows those two are no good (is that possible at this stage?) or, and this is probably more likely, 12 was just too many. Thats OK, if 12 actually ended up hatching that’d be too many for me too!
  7. Hybred Bantams

    There is a breeder near me who is developing hybrid bantams to lay blue and green eggs, but I don’t think he’s got them ready to sell yet. And I certainly haven’t seen any anywhere else. If you can get a couple of pekins and a couple of hybrids to happily co-exist (there will be a big size difference but I know some people have made it work, and actually when my pekins went on holiday to stay with my mums hybrids they escaped into the hybrids run and they all pretty much just ignored each other!) then I reckon that’d be a perfect combination of eggs and interest 🙂
  8. Bernadette's shells

    I’ve not heard of that but good news from your flock too then 😁
  9. Hatching questions

    Well - she’s been a bit in and out today - not settled brilliantly in her broody coop and wanted to get back to her proper nest, but this evening I decided it was worth a punt and when she was out for a drink I put the eggs in. She went straight in to investigate and is now pancaked totally covering all 12! Up to her now. 🤞🏻
  10. Bernadette's shells

    I thought I’d posted a question about this somewhere more recently but can’t find it. Anyway. Bernadette came into lay in mid March after being very poorly in February. She laid for about a month, every other day, but every single egg was membrane only and laid whilst roosting at night. She then was very poorly again over Easter, and after she recovered I started putting lifeguard tonic in their water (I’m sure at DM’s recommendation)- first at the ‘treatment’ dose then at the maintenance dose. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but today she laid her first proper egg
  11. We've decided to get chickens!!

    Sounds like you’re really doing your homework and will be very well prepared. As cattails says, being the Omlet forum, lots of us have plastic Omlet houses. I started with an Eglu Go (which I have today pressed back into service as a broody coop) and now have a second hand Eglu Cube. It may not be as pretty as a wooden house, but it’s already actually third hand and is still going strong - even just for me has outlasted 2 wooden houses my mums had in that time, and because it’s easier it gets cleaned out a lot more often!
  12. Hatching questions

    Sorry DM ( and anyone else willing to listen!) more stupid questions- think I’m probably worrying too much!!! House is cleaned, disinfected and mite killed. Broody is moved into it and it still resolutely broody (just swore at me very badly when I went to check she was ok), and eggs have arrived - really well packed in snug polystyrene blocks (never mind the fact that the post man assumed no one was in yesterday and so took them back to the post office even though OH was actually at home ) and look ok. I picked them up at lunch time and they’ve been sitting pointed end down since then - hopefully that’s right. You said to turn them - through what orientation do you mean? I’m assuming not upside down? And turn them and then leave them at a different angle or just give them a turn and then sit them back pointy end down again? Also (last question for now) - is there a best time / way to put them under my broody? Give them to her a couple at a time so she can put them under? Or kick her out for her food / water / poo and put them all in the nest for when she comes back? Thankyou!
  13. We've decided to get chickens!!

    How exciting!! Excellent decision. Re. pekins...yes they can be broody and I know some can be really awful, but the two I’ve had for nearly 4 years now (since they were 10 weeks old) really haven’t been that bad. Last year one didn’t go broody at all and the other was sort of ‘walking broody’ - I could tell by her behaviour and noises that she was feeling broody but because the others wouldn’t let her sit she didn’t bother. We had chickens when I was a child, but these 2 along with two Wyandotte bantams were my first chickens since leaving home and although they perhaps require a bit more attention than some hybrids, I certainly haven’t found them difficult to look after. It really comes down to what you want from them. If you just want eggs and to have to do the bare minimum when it comes to husbandry, large fowl hybrids are probably the way to go. If you want really cute little feather balls who make you laugh when they run, and will lay some eggs, then get pekins!
  14. Hatching questions

    Thanks DM. What mite drops would you use on the broody?
  15. Hatching questions

    I think the time has finally come! Penny is broody!! So, I have a couple of questions about hatching... 1. Has anyone hatched eggs they’ve bought from eBay under a broody and how did you get on? Do they really go through the post OK? 2. Any advice about the best / easiest / most humane way to dispatch cockerels? I’m going to try to sell them or give them to people I know but I know that’s unlikely to work out. 3. Has anyone used and Eglu Go as a broody coop and how did that work out? Any tips? Think I’ve settled on giving her 6 blue laced Wyandotte bantam and 6 pekin bantam eggs. She’ll (she’s a Wyandotte bantam but she’s a fair size) be able to cover that many won’t she?