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  1. All cooked in one big frying pan - 3 rashers of smoked streaky bacon cooked first to put fat in the pan alongside 2 chipolata’s. Then loads of fried mushrooms done until they’re turning black, a fresh tomato cut in half and fried until softening and warm all the way through, 2 fried bantam eggs with runny yolks. Then a buttered piece of bread fried in all the bits left in the pan when everything else has come out. Oh and a few baked beans. Must be happy pigs and chickens.
  2. I’ve just ordered an ovascope to do my blue eggs because although my iPhone worked last time (white eggs) I was always worried I’d drop the eggs.
  3. OK - on that topic then, I found a small tuber type thing in my shed so I put it in a pot of compost. I have no idea where it came from, but it’s turned into this. Is it a hosta? And on a totally different note, I wanted to eat my potato salad outside yesterday but ended up having to barricade myself inside the greenhouse!
  4. That’s the right decision for you Annabel. I have hatched twice, and only got one hen. I’m just embarking on my third time, but having dispatched several poorly hens and one poorly young cockerel from my first hatch I do now know that although I find it very hard I can do it. And I know I can do it quickly and humanely. I will try to rehome any cockerels I hatch, and so far I have been lucky and been able to do this (to friends who have no near neighbours), but I am resigned to most likely having to cull this time.
  5. Ooh I’ve just screen grabbed your photo and put it in the app. Looks like it could be wild mustard - lucky you!
  6. DM if you have a smartphone there’s a really cool app called iNaturalist. You take a photo of the plant and it gives you suggestions for what it could be - it’s right surprisingly often!
  7. So, because I’m a sucker for a neat looking piece of tech, and I’ve saved a load of money on not putting any fuel in my car for the last two months, I’ve just ordered one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/SensorPush-Wireless-Thermometer-Hygrometer-Android/dp/B01AEQ9X9I
  8. If it’s just on the outside of her feathers, it’s unlikely to lead to anything nasty like fly strike so it’s really just personal choice. I wouldn’t bother.
  9. The connection kit for a standard go is just a WIR panel with a hole cut that suits the shape of the Go, it looks like the connection kit for the Cube is just some run clips! So probably not.
  10. Box one up DM and send her next day delivery! Typical really - the only time I ever want one to be broody 🙄
  11. You can pretty much do anything if you have enough cable ties. I have a Cube run attached to a lo-rise WIR which Omlet say you can’t do but which actually works perfectly well. Are you talking about attaching the Go Up straight to the WIR with no run at all though? If you wanted to do that I think you’d probably have to butcher one of the WIR panels. If you still have some of the run attached to the Go Up house though I reckon it’d be easy just to leave out one of the lower panels of the WIR and cable tie and run clip it all together.
  12. Well that’s exactly what I did try - except a few of the girls eggs. Success!! I thought as I checked her before bed. She was sitting quite happily and although she kept missing the eggs, every time she realised she scooped them back under (‘Egg? What egg?!’) so I thought by morning we'll have cracked it. Wrong. This morning the eggs are completely cold. So the ones for hatching are in the incubator 🙄 Ah well, you never know who might go broody over the next three weeks! And the eggs may yet be infertile anyway.
  13. No info on the Brinsea website on tolerances. I’ll drop them an email.
  14. Just been doing a little research on thermometers. Even ones costing over £100 seem to have a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees so not particularly helpful! Good thinking - I’ll see what the Brinsea is supposed to be.
  15. Well whaddayaknow - another question already!! Remembered I have a digital thermometer that also measures humidity. Have put it in the incubator which I’ll run empty overnight to check all is well. The thermometer (https://www.amazon.co.uk/ThermoPro-Thermo-hygrometer-Thermometer-Hygrometer-Temperature/dp/B07G2YM494/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Thermpro+tp60&qid=1590344394&sr=8-1) is reading 38 degrees when the incubator readout is saying 37.5 or 37.6. Which do I believe? Is it worse to be too hot or too cool?
  16. No I see what you mean - that would make sense. I don’t take the food in at night. I have mice but not rats. That’s not to say I never will, but I haven’t so far 🤞🏻
  17. It is possible that the end is nigh but this sounds like an awfully swift deterioration for anything ‘old-agey’ even for an ex commercial hen. As Cattails says though, I’d make sure she’s somewhere warm and comfortable for the night and see what the morning brings. Be prepared to get her to a vet if there’s no change.
  18. Sorry - multiple posts today!! Ive decided I’m going to run my incubator dry. Lots of people seem to have success with it and as the ambient humidity here seems to be between 50 and 60 it should be OK. Id like to put a hygrometer in the incubator though so I have some idea of what’s going on. Can anyone recommend a good one for the Brinsea Mini Advance II?
  19. Thanks Beantree that is helpful and certainly food for thought. Duck is very laid back so it could work if she’s still broody then. CT if I can get her to sit it somewhere more suitable than the wardrobe that’s what I’ll try.
  20. Having lost Margot, my blue egg laying araucana bantam, to the dog attack just before lock down I’ve decided to have a go at hatching a replacement. I’ve got some eggs (red black araucana bantams) from someone nearby who very successfully shows them. He says he’s not certain they’ll be fertile as his cockerel has a bit of a limp, so I’m not paying anything for them until day 10. Anyway - to the conundrum!! As mentioned on another thread, Duck my pet almost house pekin has gone broody in the wardrobe in the part renovated spare room. She is sitting there quite happily, but when I lift her off she will beetle around the garden pretty much as normal. I don’t want her to actually incubate eggs in the wardrobe for many reasons! I’ve tried moving her to my spare Eglu Go in the late evening, but she quickly snaps out of the broody trance and then is frantic to get out, and when she does she heads straight to the Cube and up to bed as normal with the others. I’m thinking I’m going to have to at least start the eggs off in the incubator, but has anyone ever either transferred them half way through (if I could get her to sit in the Go), or on hatch? I do have a brooder so I can just do it all without a broody I was just hoping not to! Any thoughts?
  21. Duck has gone broody wardrobe in the half renovated spare room. Obviously 😂🤣

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