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    Thankyou so much that's a really useful reply. I think I'm going to get one for the Pekins.
  2. Has anyone used anything from Petzpodz? I'm still looking for a tiny house for my Pekins to replace their cat box and am considering trying the small pod.
  3. mullethunter

    Leaving eglu door open at night

    Hi christyrose12 - there's a thread about this from a couple of months back - summary is a lot of people do leave the door open
  4. mullethunter

    New coop awaiting birds

    I currently have 2 pekins and 2 Wyandotte bantams in a 3m Eglu Go run. They come out to free range every day when I get home from work, and for a good few hours on weekend days (except this week while they're being wormed - it's been horrible not being able to let them out they look so bored ), and even so I think the run's only just big enough. I agree with cat tails, that especially when you have some space taken up for water for the ducks it won't really be big enough for 5 and certainly not for 8. Until you can extend, if they're only going to come out a couple of times a week I'd stick to 3 for now. I don't know about combining chickens and a duck though - sorry.
  5. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread # 8

    The rain came through overnight but didn't amount to much. All was calm when I got up to let the girls out, but since then it's got mega windy and has snapped off my sunflower. It grew from birdseed, was about eight feet tall and had just started to grow a flower. Gutted
  6. In a bid to try to keep the Pekins end of the Go run dry, I've installed a £2 Asda shower curtain! Poor olds 'dottes will still get a bit soggy but they don't really seem to mind. Sorry about massive photos
  7. mullethunter

    Corn and sweet corn on the cob question

    Mixed corn usually has bits of maize in. Maize is the corn on corn on the cob.
  8. mullethunter

    Proportion of girls to boys

    Definitely need photo's of this lot
  9. mullethunter


    Hi John, welcome along. Get 5 posts under your belt and then we all want to see photo's of your flock
  10. mullethunter

    5:2 Fast Diet

    1 asda melting middle chocolate pudding with a little scoop of ice cream is 600 calories. If that was what I ate every fast day maybe I could do it!
  11. mullethunter

    When did your Pekin start laying?

    Come on Miller30 - I reckon you know Leanne!
  12. Just wondering what age everyone's Pekins started laying at? I've read everything from 18 weeks to 30. Mine are 20 weeks but don't seem anywhere near ready to me.
  13. mullethunter

    softies won't stop

    I haven't experienced this myself but I've seen posts that suggest limestone flour?
  14. mullethunter

    when can chicks FR on their own?

    The reason mine are supervised is that there are crows, magpies and seagulls around. I think a seagull might take one even now when they're almost full sized
  15. mullethunter

    Chicken Handling

    Penny seems to be getting worse actually! She'll eat from my hand but she's cross and growly about it! Funny but actually hurts quite a lot when she gets skin instead of corn or finger instead of mealworm!
  16. mullethunter

    Lost a chuck yesterday ... what happened???

    Bramble that's so horrible. I feel so bad for you. But please don't beat yourself up about it - you obviously couldn't have known that was going to happen and you were doing the right thing to try and get Little Blizzard back to good health. If she went so quickly she wouldn't have suffered, and I know it doesn't make it any easier for you, but it was not bad for her. Please don't get rid of your other girls, if they went somewhere else it's very unlikely they'd be cared for as well as they are with you. We need a smiley for a big hug!
  17. mullethunter

    Broody crate questions - HELP!

    Ten days after leaving the broody crate and Penny is laying again. Hooray! Good girl
  18. mullethunter

    when can chicks FR on their own?

    Mine FR'd from the time I got them at 10 weeks. They were supervised though and did (and still do) fly
  19. mullethunter


    Really useful to know - thanks
  20. I've just tried to count mine but they're so hidden in the bushes it's very difficult. I think there are 12 though
  21. mullethunter


    It is possible and I know it's for their own good - I just feel mean On the plus side, it'll give the small patch of 'grass' a bit of a breather!
  22. mullethunter


    Sorry to bring up a question that has probably been asked and answered a million times. My girls are having their first lot of Marriages worming feed starting today. Can they come out into the garden at all, or should I keep them in their Eglu run for the whole time?
  23. mullethunter

    Anyone know about hedgehogs? 2015 UPDATE

    Well - the evening before last I got home later than normal from a long day at work and there he was out in the sun again! He had some fly eggs on him so I rang our nearest rescue / rehab centre and they said he needs help straight away. So out comes the cat box and me and little hoglet are hurtling down the dual carriageway to get to the place in half an hour. They said he was there just in time as some of the fly eggs had just hatched. When I left the very dedicated ladies were picking eggs and maggots off him with tweezers. He only weighed a hundred and something grams, so they said they'll keep him, treat him for all types of parasites and feed him up to over 400 (as long as he makes it). Then he can come back to me to be released! I'm so glad I took him - they were brilliant www.facebook.com/pricklesandpaws
  24. My 20 week old Pekins are in a cat box. I've put a perch in for them to roost on which they sometimes sit on in the morning when they're waiting to be let out, but they sleep cuddled up together on the bedding - never on the perch