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  1. Totally agree Chrissie. I love it when my girls lay me an egg, but I wouldn't enjoy having them any the less if they never laid again, and I can't imagine ever feeling 'stuck with them'. I understand that some people do have chickens to produce eggs, but I think for most people on here they're pets first and foremost.
  2. You've done the right thing and SD will get over it quickly enough with her new girl. My mum has a Nera (called Vera!) and she's lovely.
  3. Cornwall is definitely 'abroad' We probably wouldn't have poisoned you though luvachicken...
  4. Internal dimensions 2.9m by Approx 5m
  5. Thanks both. SJP I've seen the prefab ones mentioned around the Internet. There's already a concrete base as the property has a car port at the moment, so that's definitely an option. Yes Beantree there is access to the back garden around both sides of the house so even if we blocked it off on one side it wouldn't be the end of the world.
  6. I'm with you Bramble. I like my veggies but aubergines and courgettes - yuk
  7. Kippen it is then! Now I know I have dutch chickens! Jeshen that's brilliant. I like doodles too - I know redsunsets new ones are the doodlebugs. And Pixiedust - tortoises?! That really does make me feel less mad.
  8. Thanks for the reply Beantree. Would that still be a requirement even when the house is a bungalow? If so we would probably have just enough space to go detached. I know it has to be a meter from any boundary, but do you know if there's a minimum distance it would have to be from the house?
  9. Ever since we saw it on a cat food packet, we've called our girls Kips instead of Chickens. I'm hoping you have silly collective names too....?
  10. Sorry this really is off topic and the wrong forum, but does anyone know roughly how much it costs to build a flat roofed, attached, single garage?
  11. I'm really sorry to hear you're having such a rough time. I had a similar but much less severe issue when I first had mine and I felt so guilty that it was my fault they were having a bad time. So you're not totally alone in this. I agree with with a combination of comments from other posters. I would put the leghorn in the rabbit hutch end on her own, and put the other two in the Eglu end together. If you cover up the blood on the brown one with purple spray or something she should be OK with the blue. Then the Oxfords will have the Eglu as home. Maybe have a go at FRing them all together and see what happens. However - if I were you my first port of call would be to try to return the legbar. I can understand that could cause a bit of upset but you obviously care about your animals and in this case their welfare has to be your first concern. It will be worth the effort in the end!
  12. Hello! I haven't been hear that long. But as you've been here longer you must know that shiny new chooks necessitate photo's Let's see 'em! Looking forward to hearing about their antics
  13. That is rubbish. I know how frustrating it is waiting for the cogs of the NHS to turn too. Lots of quiet time I think
  14. Normal rubbish bins have been removed from our offices now as we have a target of sending 0% of our waste to landfill by next year. We're pretty good at recycling already but it does make you think even more
  15. Carrots went within the first day - sprouts still mostly there after three. That'll be me eating the rest of them then They had spring greens today which lasted about 2 hours!
  16. Me too Valkyrie. Although I actually haven't got room so it is fair enough really
  17. Typical Cornish winter morning. Cold but no pretty frost, dark, feeling damp and windy. Enough of winter already. Hate it
  18. I've had them too. Don't know why they come out like that but nothing bad has ever happened

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