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  1. I had a similar thing Clairabella. I thought the neighbours might complain but after a few days the children poked their heads over the fence and said 'Can we come and see the chickens?' I was a bit in trouble with their mum though because straight after I went home I heard 'No you cannot have chickens!'
  2. Fingers crossed for you and the girls for the morning. I'm a bit worried about my lot tonight as the towns massive firework display starts shortly and is VERY loud here. I don't think there's anything I can do other than hope they'll be ok
  3. No - only slugs. Darwin Award beetles I'd say - they have no idea how close they are to death by beak
  4. What a lovely bunch. Don't worry about the busy body. You're in the right
  5. You know the answer don't you....? Morehens
  6. I tried to post a picture but got too cross with photobucket! On the outside it looked just like the picture and smelt amazing - like pain au chocolat. Mr Hollywood would have said it was underbaked though as the bottom half was a bit stodgy. Tasted good though so I was pretty happy with it as a first effort.
  7. To help them through a long no FRing day tomorrow
  8. I've been hoping for a picture It looks really weird but I guess it's more natural than the rest of ours
  9. Following the demise of Cotswold Wood, Mark who made the chicken runs was at Premier Pet Solutions. But I went to their website today and they seem to have gone now too! Anyone know if he's trading under anything else, or another firm that does similar runs?
  10. Am embarking on Chocolate Krantz from Not Quite Nigella. Dough is having its first prove. Think I may have bitten off more than I can chew!
  11. Welcome along! Same as gavclojak really. Enjoy your girls, get to know them and give the forum a shout if you have any questions / worries. I haven't heard of a blue Plymouth Rock - you'll have to show us pics
  12. Oh that's just awful. Poor little thing
  13. Thank you. Everyone who sees them days they're beautiful and I'm afraid I am very proud of them even if Amy is a complete meanie. They're looking particularly good at the moment as they're just coming out of their moult. Thank you all for your lovely comments. They are a pretty little bunch - I really like that they're all different. Much as the Wyandottes are stunning I have to say the Pekins are my favourites - they're so friendly. I've got some Brussels sprouts today, so I think for week days (at the moment they're usually getting less than an hour FRing )I'll try threading a couple into a garland with carrot pieces. That should keep them busy for a bit.
  14. You make me laugh every time you mention a chicken called Wardrobe! Thank you
  15. Thanks H. If I understand our councils position correctly that'll be the same for us.
  16. Thanks Bramble. If we like it when we see it we'd definitely go back with a builder / my dad (he's built 2 houses) for a decent opinion before we committed to anything.
  17. and Do you have a plastic house?
  18. Here are my girls enjoying their first go (and mine) at sprouted grain They seem to like it although Shelley prefers it if I hold it so she can just nip off the grain! Anyone have any other ideas for winter greens / hentertainment treats?
  19. Probably Chrissie. Like when you lose something for ages and then it turns up straight after you buy a replacement
  20. Chin up Gavclojak and keep doing what you're doing. Sounds like you're on the right track. Good luck.
  21. Thankyou soapdragon. I know that's probably the way to go - but I was hoping to avoid having to actually speak to them

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