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  1. Don't doubt yourself. I'm sure it was nothing you did wrong - it sounds like you didn't do anything different to everyone else so I think you must've just had a personality clash (edited to say your girls not you!). I do agree with you in that whilst everyone seems to say Wyandottes are really laid back, that hasn't been my experience. Maybe it doesn't apply to bantams. Mine get on OK with the Pekins now but they certainly aren't what you'd describe as friendly. In fact Amy (second in command) seems to have a real attitude problem in general If it were me, I would get a couple of different bantams (small ones) to go with your Pekins.
  2. Having not laid for well over a week and me decided that she's well and truly packed it in for winter, little Bernadette produced this morning! So random Does anyone else get this?
  3. OH and I are house hunting. My main criteria are not to be too badly overlooked and to have a big garden (for obvious reasons ), and his are not down a small country lane, and decent garage. We've found a decent looking place that we're viewing on Monday but at the moment it only has a carport. Looks like it used to have a narrow attached garage but that has been converted into a bedroom. Does anyone know the deal with planning permission to either convert the existing carport to a garage, or re-convert the bedroom back into a garage and extend it by a meter. We wouldn't be building anything higher than the ground floor of the dormer bungalow, and it would most likely be flat roofed. Thank you in advance
  4. You DEFINITELY deserve your girls for that. Well done. How long to wait now?
  5. Aaaahhhh. Little Pekin on her own Yes. Silly chickens. The ones in the cube must be boiling
  6. Actually that's true for me too if I think about it. Feather and egg colour. That's why Barnevelders, Marans and CCLs are top of my 'list'
  7. I reckon you could claim ignorance and have 2 of each type!
  8. Good job we love 'em! Mine actually had their simplest night ever tonight. Bernie and Shelley first, then Penny, then Amy stormed about for a couple of minutes before huffily realising there was no one to terrorise so she turned in too.
  9. I'm beginning to think this is the only way to believe they're all happy all the time!
  10. Bernadette has had runny but not watery poo for the last few weeks now. She seems normal in herself though so I'm hoping it's just something to do with coming to the end of egg laying. She has slightly dirty knickers which I haven't done anything about yet, but baby wipes sound like a good idea. This forum is so useful. Good luck with yours luvachicken
  11. Oooh I hope you get whatever it is on film - how intriguing. I'd have thought that's a bit small for a fox or a badger... Are you sure it's not the girls trying to burrow out
  12. Going on your last ones surely they've got to be Ann and Dot! Not as good as Cagney and Lacey though.
  13. That looks lovely. Is it going to be covered? Your girls will stay nice and white!
  14. Phew - not just mine then Watching them doing it right now - Amy turns into a proper ratbag at bedtime!
  15. As many of you may know, getting my four girls to live as a single flock was not a particularly quick or easy process. However now my two year old Wyandotte bantams and 7 months old Pekins get on reasonably well, although there is a definite pecking order which Amy rigorously enforces. It goes 1. Penny 2. Amy 3. Bernadette 4. Shelley. However, although they do all now share the perch in the Eglu, bedtime is always a bit fraught. The Pekins would like to go to bed first, but if they ever do Amy will go in and kick them out. So the Pekins have to wait. First both Wyandottes go in and out and run around the Eglu run looking really perturbed for ten minutes or so. Then Penny will go in and usually stay in. The Amy will go in and out and run around a few times before going in and staying in. Then after a minute or so Shelley sneaks to the Eglu, only for Amy to come out and chase her away. This will happen three or four times. Then eventually after waiting for Amy to stay in for a few minutes, Bernadette will quietly sneak in, to be followed by Shelley. Things then quieten down very quickly, and when I go out to shut the door they're all snuggled onto the perch together (usually but not always in the same order). Is this just normal pecking order behaviour and does anyone else have similar antics?
  16. My mum got a Jack Russell puppy whilst she was working, but she worked as a teaching assistant. So she was able to get Meg right at the start of the summer holidays, and during term time her hours were relatively short. Also she lives in the middle of nowhere so when she was at home she would just leave the door open so Meg could come and go as she pleased. I think a dog can be OK if you work short hours, but unfortunately probably not the hours you have to be away from home and certainly not for a puppy unless you could take a sabbatical or something!
  17. You may have to put the new girls in for a few nights, but after they've got used to the Eglu being where they sleep I'd just leave them to get on with it. If they're anything like my lot they'll wait until they think Henrietta's settled down and then sneak quietly in themselves. Congratulations on the new girls. They're on my wish list Make sure you post us some pictures
  18. Don't stop them, maybe just cut back for a bit while their systems get used to them

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