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  1. I have all electric. Although I'd prefer gas I can cope with my ceramic hob now I'm used to it (heats up very quickly - just doesn't cool fast enough) but I HATE the electric grill
  2. Hi. Mine all get it from time to time. With yours it's probably just a change in diet (more veggies) since they've been with you. Most likely nothing to worry about.
  3. Oh no I hadn't heard that. Seems to be a bit of an 'end of an era' thing going on at the moment. Going to listen to my favourites now - Badge and Sunshine Of Your Love
  4. I don't know what hours you work or how old you are - maybe if you work 9-5 you would be better to wait until you're retired?
  5. I reckon they can cling on pretty tight. It's horrible to think of them out there in the weather but obviously it's their choice
  6. Oh no! They're lovely! Why did you do that I was in blissful ignorance 5 minutes ago
  7. Lee that's so sad. I hope you find somewhere with garden to settle soon
  8. Thanks for asking. Yes she was fine it was just an odd one off episode! I don't think she enjoys egg laying at all
  9. My girls often seem to have upset tums if I give them something different to eat, so such a massive change in your lucky gangs diet is probably the cause.
  10. TBH it sounds like you've fallen out of love with chicken keeping. Maybe it would be best to rehome your girl and think again about whether you really want hens around
  11. Sad to hear your news Chrissie but as others have said she had a good life and it's the way most of us would like to go I think
  12. That'd be lovely Dogmother. Don't see many of those about these days though - too many appearances in Country Living et al
  13. I have an electric fan oven and I don't do anything odd to bake bread. I have a two part one like bluekarin
  14. I have 2 six month old Pekins - one has been laying just over a month and the other is showing no sign!
  15. Hi ANH. My OH and my mum both have sciatica. My mum got exercises from a physiotherapist (we have an NHS drop-in centre here that she used) to do when it's bad, and OH has almost got rid of his with morning and evening stretches as advised by his chiropractor. Good luck
  16. That looks like it would be brilliant for if you're going away for a couple of days because it won't tip up and empty
  17. They are lovely photos. Mine too have all the leaves dumped in their shrubbery to rootle through
  18. I believe so. I sent an email to my whole team at work telling them that for a site visit we were going on 'willies will not be necessary'! Oops. Made everyone chuckle though
  19. My work email autocorrects that too - can be a bit embarrassing!
  20. I've seen those on Pinterest Cattails and am planning on using them for dark winter days.
  21. ....and if I may piggyback - what about over-ripe Papaya?
  22. Thermal base layer, t-shirt, thin fleece, wind proof fleece.

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