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  1. My pekins are moulting but as they're only 18 weeks old I assume that's just them maturing
  2. That's crazy! Can't really see it being enforced but have signed the petition anyway.
  3. mullethunter

    The girls are home

    Yay! Congratulations Maryhen. I'm looking forward to seeing your girls
  4. mullethunter

    So how is the season so far?

    I used nematodes but my carrots have still been decimated
  5. mullethunter

    Todays the day....

    I don't know the "right" answer to this, but I know intro's can be tricky so I'd go for 6 now if it was me. Depends whether they're primarily pets or primarily egg producers I suppose
  6. mullethunter

    I've another poorly girl :-(

    Pottage - sorry I can't say anything helpful I just wanted you to know that I really feel for you. It made me very sad reading about your poorly little girls. I really hope you manage to get them sorted out
  7. mullethunter

    Nettex or BioDri?

    Thank you both. Will try nettex first I think. Probably don't have enough space for a bale of Aubiose then - will have to re-think storage!
  8. mullethunter

    How to build Confidence in a human?

    If your girls will take corn / treats from your hand, I would get her to start by sitting quietly with a flat hand with food on, and letting the girls feed from her hand. That way she and the girls will become more confident around each other and there's less likely to be loads of flapping and squawking! After a short while she should feel more confident around them and be able to pick them up if she wants / needs to. Mine don't really enjoy being held and will always try to flap off if they sense you haven't got a firm hold around the wings, so I wouldn't recommend picking them up until she is sure she will keep hold of them because if she is a bit half hearted about it they probably will try to escape!
  9. mullethunter

    First day

    Hi Wingit - welcome to chicken keeping. That's a brilliant post about your first day Enjoy your girls - your life is now over - you won't want to do anything non-chicken related from now on!
  10. mullethunter

    My 1st broody - what do I do now?

    Thanks all for advice and support! Leanne - yes I knew it was likely to happen - still hoped it wouldn't though Anyway, Penny is now in an upside down hamster cage with food and water. Fingers crossed for better by the end of the weekend!
  11. mullethunter

    DH got Morehens - 3 new Bantams!

    What type and how old are they?
  12. mullethunter

    My 1st broody - what do I do now?

    How long was Snowflake broody for?
  13. mullethunter

    My 1st broody - what do I do now?

    I've shut Penny and Amy both out of the house so they both have to sleep on the perch in the run. Didn't have the heart to let Amy go in and shut Penny out on her own. I feel so mean though - poor confused looking chooks I'm sure the pekins are sniggering inside their cat box though
  14. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread # 8

    Tiny bit of drizzle here this morning
  15. mullethunter

    2 girls 1 boy

    I'm watching with crossed fingers too Chickabee - sounds like you and your little Pekin are doing a grand job
  16. mullethunter

    Flying chickens Batman!

    They're the best! Welcome along and glad you're enjoying them
  17. mullethunter

    Sorry, a newbie with MORE of the same questions

    SueChick are you using medicated pellets or are you putting powder on your normal pellets? I'm in two minds
  18. mullethunter

    I'm a murderer...

    I think it was Thursday
  19. mullethunter

    So how is the season so far?

    I'm in Cornwall (admittedly not quite as far south as you!) and my hanging basket little tom's are still green
  20. mullethunter

    I'm a murderer...

    Did you hear them talking about it on Jeremy Vine's show on radio 2 this week?
  21. mullethunter

    Indulge me....just showing off my ladies

    You're indulging all of us really! They look lovely and like Lee said what a brilliant set-up
  22. mullethunter

    Help - cat not eating

    Thanks Cat tails. Bit cooler overnight and this morning and his appetite seems to have returned a bit. Fingers crossed!
  23. mullethunter

    Help - cat not eating

    He's not really a house cat. He's free to come and go as he pleases and is spending more time outdoors than in during this hot weather. I haven't noticed him drinking. He ate a small amount of chicken just now and a little bit of cat food.
  24. mullethunter

    Old or Poorly

    Oh no that's so sad At least she wasn't feeling poorly for too long.
  25. mullethunter

    Word Association Game #28