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  1. I've worked out that from Monday the girls are only going to get about 45 mins FR time before bed on a normal work day Roll on new house and big WIR
  2. Laid again today so perhaps back to 'normal'. She's had really runny poo for a good few days - could she have paused laying because she wasn't feeling very well?
  3. I've had to do this too Smudgie does this - also to feet and legs when we've just got out of the shower
  4. Mostly dry again today - the girls run had dried out quite well - quite a lot colder though
  5. I'd definitely go for bantams of some sort. Either two who don't know each other, or two young (POL) ones from the same flock. You could split your run in half with a make-shift barrier and keep the newbies separate from Henrietta at first if you need to.
  6. Congratulations on Henrietta. I got my girls this summer and our cats were also 11 and had never met chickens before. The watched them with interest for a few days but now they pretty much just ignore each other. I think it helps if the cat sees you with the chicken - they seem to realise they're friends not food! Are you going to get a companion for Henrietta?
  7. Don't give them up CrazyDaisy. I've got 2 Pekin bantams and they're the least aggressive creatures ever! They're endlessly amusing. One of them is also possibly the least intelligent creature I've ever come across
  8. Bernie laid an egg today She's obviously not totally shut down for winter yet.
  9. Not bad today. Very windy but second dry day in a row and pretty sunny
  10. Mine have pellets and corn every evening as long as I'm home. Sometimes they get treats such as mealworms, broccoli or corn on the cob. The only 'potion' they have is that they've had Nettex moulting tonic over the last few weeks.
  11. I was like that too ANH. And for a few days after
  12. That's what I've used until now PixieDust and has been fine. It's just got too wet over the last few weeks as my run isn't totally covered / dry.
  13. After I saw how eagerly Bernie got in the spare (dry) dust bath I keep in the garage this afternoon I decided I needed to get something asap. So the girls now have a large covered cat litter tray from Petsathome with the front flap removed. No-one's been brave enough to go in it yet though!
  14. Our female cat Millie headbuts cups of tea in bed - not good if it's full! Bernadette (pekin) drinks peach squash out of my glass
  15. It's next month isn't it?
  16. One of mine had really grainy white poo at the beginning of her moult but now seems back to normal
  17. That's really funny! You'd never think you didn't make that on purpose!
  18. Has anyone tried one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HOP-INN-Dust-Bath-for-Chickens-NEW-Fun-but-Practical-/261145413951?_trksid=p2054897.l4275 Or do you have a dust bath that stays dry all winter?
  19. Heather_hedgehog I can't really offer any advice but I do sympathise. When I first got my girls I planned to get 2 or 3 Wyandotte POL bantams, but ended up getting 2 18 month old Wyandottes and 2 10 week old Pekins. The Wyandottes bullied the Pekins terribly and made their lives a misery for months and I felt so awful for them because I felt like it was my fault they were so miserable. But eventually things improved and now they get on well enough most of the time and I love them all so much I'm glad I had all four. I guess what I'm saying is even though it's difficult and you feel bad at the moment, things will almost certainly get better, and no-one else would be likely to look after your girls as well as you anyway. Chin up.
  20. Did anyone get one of these? They've only got them in stock in pink but they're reduced to £29.99. Just what my girls need in this wet weather I think. They've dug half way to Australia trying to find something dry to dust bath in today
  21. I'm glad it's not just Shelley! I'm sure she's not wired up right though

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