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    Praise for Omlet

    I know this is a bit 'Preaching to the converted' but I just wanted to say that I've had some excellent customer service from Omlet. I posted a 3 star review of the fence, stating that I found it really fiddly to put up and after only a couple of weeks it was starting to unravel slightly in one place. I thought nothing more of it, but a week or so later I got an email from them asking if I'd like to return it for a replacement. I said no as it would be too much hassle talking it down again - next thing I know I have an automatic email telling me my repair kit has been dispatched! I know it's only cheap, but they sent it for free without being asked - top marks Omlet
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    The Weather Thread # 8

    Flashes and bangs and torrential rain
  3. mullethunter

    Word Association Game #28

  4. mullethunter

    DH got Morehens - 3 new Bantams!

    Post photo's and we can try! What type of bantams are they?
  5. mullethunter

    Sorry, a newbie with MORE of the same questions

    One of the (many) things I have learnt on here in my 6 weeks, is that the girls should be wormed every 3-6 months. This is either by pre-medicated pellets, or by adding powder to your normal food (someone much more knowledgeable than me will fill you in better). It takes a week and during that time no treats allowed
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    Word Association Game #28

  7. mullethunter

    Sorry, a newbie with MORE of the same questions

    Hi Jo. Welcome to chickens Mine have a small handful of corn (between them not each), and occasionally stuff from the garden, fruit or mealworms. I'm dreading worming time when they can't have any! Enjoy your girls.
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    I've picked a decent amount of Bilberries this week - a bit of an annual tradition for me - I've used some today and put the rest in the freezer, but does anyone know how to bottle them in syrup?
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    Perhaps odd question... Has anyone tried a ferplast dogvilla for chooks? Thinking ahead to if I can't combine my 4
  10. mullethunter


    Dogzilla!! A post mans worst nightmare! No one for the Dogvilla?
  11. mullethunter

    Impacted crop advice please

    You did everything you could. It's hard for you but for Fleur it was just going to sleep.
  12. mullethunter

    bedtime ??????? do i buy another chuck ?????

    My Pekin youngsters go to bed at about 7.30, the Wyandottes not until about half nine
  13. mullethunter

    Three new girls

    Yes come on! Pictures!
  14. I don't really know what I'm talking about, but I generally think with animals I've kept (many and varied from stick insects to horses and much in between) if they're behaving like you'd expect and they seem themselves then they're probably feeling ok. I think you'll know if Queenie's feeling poorly and sorry for herself and if she does get like that you'll probably find it easier to make the right decision. Hopefully that won't happen though and she'll come around
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    What have you cooked today?

    Fruit loaf for toast
  16. I'd be interested to know how you get on with that and see some photo's - I'm very tempted
  17. mullethunter

    So how is the season so far?

    A LOT of slugs and snails tonight
  18. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread # 8

    Miserable and drizzly here all day today
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    I'm hoping you mean jam! Thanks BlueSilver, I'll look for a rosehip recipe.
  20. mullethunter

    Flubenvet - how old must hens be?

    Ok - no more strawberries! Worming in a fortnight though.
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    Total Chicken Counter

    +4 = 2428
  22. mullethunter

    So how is the season so far?

    In Cornwall - been eating New Potatoes and salad leaves for about a month now. Less potatoes than usual though because the last of the storms snapped half the tops off Purple sprouting broccoli and sunflowers growing nicely. Tomatoes in hanging basket (tumbler) just starting to set and loads of flowers. Raspberries (polka) just flowering. Beans flowering like mad. I'm only keeping on top of the slugs and snails by using nematodes and picking them off every night. Oh - carrots are rubbish - slugs won that one
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    Flubenvet - how old must hens be?

    I would like to know this too please. PS - discovered today that mine LOVE strawberries
  24. mullethunter

    Another nervous newbie.

    Good work, well done