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  1. I can't believe how different he/she looks to my grown up girls! Such long legs.
  2. I could maybe do half an hour but I'll be asleep after that
  3. Poached almost as soon as laid to really appreciate the freshness
  4. UPDATE - 3 days and nights in the broody crate did it for Penny. She's been back out and about with Amy for 6 days now and isn't even trying to sleep in the nest box any more. She isn't laying again yet but if it's no more difficult than this every time I'll be well happy
  5. Tiggywinkles recommended I take him somewhere to get him checked out, I found a place locally - and then I haven't seen him since! Hopefully he's ok and has just gone back to normal
  6. It was really really humid here this morning but now been raining since lunchtime. Fed up of it already and want the sun back!
  7. Related but not exactly on topic...I had to go to the Lake District for work a fortnight ago. Never been before and was blown away by how stunning it was. I wished I'd taken leave up there too. Would REALLY recommend.
  8. I have pekins and bantam Wyandottes. The Wyandottes haven't read the bit about not destroying the garden either! I love them though and their eggs are reasonable sized. We had hybrids when I was a child and to be honest I don't notice a lot of difference (except the pekins are mental!)
  9. That's really good to hear JentheHen. Yes it does seem stupid how much we get attached to them but we're all the same!
  10. Brilliant - looking forward to seeing them
  11. Ditto everyone. Stuff the neighbours - if you like it - do it!
  12. He's a little bit more subdued this morning than he was last night. I think he might be a bit sore. Can't be too poorly though - was still hassling me for chicken while I was making my lunch!
  13. Look for Miller30 MrH - she was able to sex my young pekins when I was unsure
  14. During the last 2 days Penny has been normal chicken during the day. At bedtime though she's gone into the nest rather than perching. Doesn't look flat and broody, but I've shoved her and Amy out to sleep on the perch in the run just in case. Is this necessary?
  15. Dentistry went fine and Smudgie has eaten absolutely loads since he got home. Looking a little bit sorry for himself now though. Think the painkiller might be wearing off a bit
  16. New season British lamb chops with home grown new potatoes, runner beans and mint sauce. Strawberries for afters. Yum.
  17. 4 weeks further on, time to show off my little cheepers (who aren't cheering any more!) again. Now at 18 weeks. Bernie and Shelley at 18 weeks Treat time!
  18. Looks like a little lady Pekin to me - not that different to my two 18 week old littl'uns
  19. Thanks Olly. The vet said they would ring us if anything went wrong and we haven't heard from them so no news is definitely good news. Should be picking him up this afternoon - no doubt starving!!
  20. Thanks WitchHazel that's really useful to know. That might work for me - ideally I'd like Omlet to make full height side doors though (if anyone is listening!) - thanks for the photo's. And my girls definitely WOULD do that to my grass
  21. Raining on and off here all morning. I'm loving the hot summer but it is nice to have some variety and that the plants and lawn (or what's left of it - grass hungry girls!) are getting properly watered. Also MUCH cooler.
  22. The answer to this is the reason his teeth are so bad in the first place. He won't eat dry food at all - only wet food. The vet told us to give him raw meat as that should help clean his teeth, but that makes him an absolute nightmare whenever we're in the kitchen because he thinks he should ALWAYS have meat! At his age I'm not sure it's worth the battle trying to get him on kibble.

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