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  1. Don't know about weasels I'm afraid. My mum has had real trouble with stoats though.
  2. Do you have any photos of your set up when you had the Classic LunaKiwi?
  3. My sprouting broccoli plants started off really well but then got decimated by caterpillars
  4. I don't have Orps but I do have a Go. Personally I wouldn't have more than 2 in it.
  5. I reckon my long term plan may be along those lines mollyripkim but I'm hoping to move house in the next 12 months so was after more of an interim measure...
  6. This is so funny OH and I have actually completed this up to step 6!
  7. Bright and breezy are the exact words that spring to mind here too
  8. I saw a really good idea for a garland of small veg to string across the run - if you google 'chicken garland' i think it will come up
  9. I have my 3m Eglu Go run on leaf lottery Earth. Until now all has been fine but with the rain we've had over the last few days I can see that winter could be a bit too soggy. Has anyone found a way of really keeping it dry? I've seen ANHs plastic sheeting which I may try but at the moment the wet seems to get in around the bottom. Has anyone stopped this?
  10. I was very into cross stitch at the time so often little cross stitch miniatures of wildlife. I think I once did pebble mice too with beach pebbles and felt ears and tails! I like the felt idea though.
  11. I used to make crackers for my family and like Plum always did homemade sweets
  12. Thunder is making the house shake! Girls look p**sed off that they're having to waste some of their FR time sheltering from the torrential showers, but don't seem even slightly fazed by the horrendous noise. Glad I got them cleaned out during one of the 'sunny intervals'
  13. It's gotta be Richard - but then I've been wrong every time so far!
  14. I have 4 bantams in an Eglu Go with 3m run on earth. I 'poo pick' the run most days, and sprinkle Nettex ground sanitiser weekly. In the house I empty the poo tray every day, then remove all nest bedding and pressure wash both parts of the floor and spray with poultry shield once a fortnight. When I do this I also sprinkle DE on the nest box bedding an the bedding under the roosting bars.
  15. My four are all in the run together - I don't have any real way to separate them now they're all bunking together. The Wyandottes are both in the middle of a heavy moult so not laying, and one of the Pekins hasn't started laying yet, so I only have little Bernadette laying (2 eggs every 3 days - clever little girl), but they're all on layers pellets. Is this a problem? Should I switch them all back to growers and just provide calcium and hope Bernadette takes on enough to keep laying?
  16. My two Pekins did that at about 16 weeks and they both turned out to be girls.
  17. I'm really sorry to hear about your girls. I would have thought that a fox would have taken or eaten at least one of them. Also in my experience there would have been a LOT more damage than just puncture wounds. So I guess of the two a cat seems more likely. As for talking to your neighbours about their cats, I have cats and chickens, lots of neighbours have cats too, and I'm afraid it'd be very difficult for your neighbours to do much to stop the cats coming onto your property. The best you could do is try to discourage the cat from entering your garden - maybe with a water pistol? And do what you can to make sure your chickens are safe. Good luck and I hope your injured lady pulls through
  18. What about during a moult or once they've reached POL age but aren't actually laying?
  19. We have powdered up the tablets and mixed them into ice cream!
  20. Don't tell the others but my millefleur pekin is my favourite
  21. You have Chickabee - I'd like to have a flock like yours.
  22. The very definition of sunshine and showers today. Showers even had thunder and lightning! Winters cold though. Don't really want to go out to clean out the girls - doesn't bode well for winter proper!

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