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  1. I found candling quite difficult my first time and much easier at 10 days than 5.
  2. Yes I did but I hatched in an incubator (after a disaster where my broody ate her first hatchling 😳)
  3. Oh no 😞 Better now than in 10 days time though. How exciting!!! I really want to hatch again. I candled using my phone torch - it worked fine.
  4. All of you who say you don’t like beaches - I sort of get that, but maybe you’ve just always been doing it wrong!! Last August bank holiday I was working on, amongst other places, Polzeath beach. The lifeguards estimated there were 4000 people on the beach and another 500 in the water!!! It was practically standing room only - I genuinely couldn’t understand why anyone would have not got back in their car and left (well apart from the fact that the car park was totally gridlocked!) - it was just horrendous. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Even in Cornwall, even in the summer you can find quiet, out of the way spots. Ever since I was 15 I’ve picked the spot in the rocks at the side of the beach where no one can see me and I’m on my own, or walked around the cliffs to find an out of the way hidden platform with just the sky above and the sea below. There’s nothing better than that. Although, to be fair, I suppose strictly speaking that isn’t always ‘going to the beach’. And I agree, I can’t think of anything worse that packing up the car with deck chairs, sun break, cool box, plates and cutlery...kill me now! The most I ever have is my backpack with wetsuit, snorkel, fins and towel. Sorry - got lost in a fantasy trip there 🤣 Each to their own.
  5. Three things - sorry. Hot yoga class - my studio are fantastic and hold it fantastic classes on Zoom but it’s not quite the same and obviously not as hot! Actually seeing my work friends just to have a moan and set the world to rights. Biggest thing - hugging my parents. I drop their shopping to them each week but can’t kiss / hug when I leave - feels really odd.
  6. Leave him in the incubator until he’s fluffed up - ideally you shouldn’t open it while the others are actually hatching anyway as it’ll affect the humidity and could make it difficult for them to get out of their shells. How is he getting on and did any more hatch?
  7. I’ve never hatched ducks before - only chickens - but that doesn’t look great to me. They usually lie stillish for a rest for a short while after they make it out of he egg, but then are up and flailing about pretty soon. I did have one with a bit of a ‘belly button’ but it wasn’t as much as what I think I can see on your duckling. How long has it been out of its shell now?
  8. All of the above plus egg custard tarts and giving them to friends, neighbours and colleagues! I’m constantly googling ‘recipes with lots of eggs’ at this time of year!
  9. Beaches in Cornwall and Devon have been rammed today. Traffic completely clogging up roads with people parked illegally all over the place where car parks are closed or full. At least as bad as the weekend before the government introduced lockdown after people couldn’t behave sensibly.
  10. Ooh good question! I only really have experience of bantams - and for a flock of 4 I would go for a Plymouth Rock (great layer and reasonably happy being shut in sometimes as opposed to my campine bantam who is a super duper layer but HATES being shut in the run), an araucana for her blue eggs, a laced Wyandotte because they’re a great shape and so pretty and a pekin because they’re endlessly characterful, friendly and entertaining.
  11. We have sort of two - a small decking area outside the patio doors and a slightly larger one near the back door. The one by the patio doors has pots (herbs and also the strawberry planter and then seasonal pots - dying tulips at the moment!) including the Christmas tree on it - the deck itself is collapsing though and needs rebuilding. The other deck had a little table and two chairs. Both frequently have chickens!! Whats the point in a patio without pots of plants?
  12. You certainly didn’t fail her. It sounds like you did everything you could for her and ended her suffering when the time was right.
  13. The outer panels are plastic that goes brittle after a few years outside. My top cover panel is cracked. However the separate inner panel which is one piece is similar plastic to the mark 1 Cube. This is based on my Go bought in 2014. I actually like my lo rise WIR too because it sits easily on slightly uneven ground, and although it is expensive, with the use of lots of cable ties it is very versatile and mine is still looking reasonable after 5 years.
  14. Maybe but it’s still not great is it? I’ve just checked and it still says you can keep 6 chickens in a standard 2m Cube run.
  15. Really sorry to hear this - must’ve been heartbreaking to watch that footage 😢
  16. Yes sorry - I was just referring to the house not the run space
  17. My campine is like hat too - she’s like a Labrador- completely driven by food and no time for anything else!
  18. Same here H - sharing eggs around my neighbours has taken me to neighbours I’ve never spoken to before.
  19. Sounds to me like initial suspicions were right and she was sort of broody. That’s why she’s now taking a break from laying.
  20. Crikey I’m getting soppy. The gardeners world little film at the end about Nigel nearly made me cry!!
  21. I’ve only hatched once with an incubator so am by absolutely no means an expert. I don’t think you should do anything differently with that one egg now though. As soon as they start to think about hatching they’ll be rocking and rolling all over the place anyway. Oh - just noticed this is an old post. Did it hatch OK?
  22. My best friend lives just off Kingsland Road (the A10) right between Hoxton and Dalston. I love going to visit her it’s a brilliant area.
  23. That looks fantastic PL - what a treat. Trips to the countryside will be available always but there will probably never be another chance to drive through and see London like this. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but I’m very jealous of your day out.

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