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  1. Mine are more or less level - certainly not perfect because I did it myself - but they don’t seem to have any low points where water collects. That’s probably more by luck than good judgement! The slabs are placed on a few inches of sand which is on a porous weed suppressing membrane and they’re all spaced with probably about a centimetre gap between them. I think I’m lucky hat the underlying soil also drains fairly well. The woodchips are probably between one and four inches deep. Don’t worry - you’ll find something that works.
  2. I have woodchip on slabs in a 4 x 2 metre lo-rise run which is covered over the top and two sides. My woodchip too gets soggy in continuous wet weather but the top layer although damp is never wet or muddy. I change the whole lot every 18 months or so or after lots of them have moulted and so the floor is covered in feather dander which does go horrid if it gets all wet. I poo pick at least once a week, usually more and always more in the winter. How long have you had the woodchip down?
  3. mullethunter

    At my wits end with bullies :-(

    Well done. Fortunately it’s not something I’ve had to do but it doesn’t look very fiddly. Some people leave them on forever I think, so as long as they’re eating properly they can definitely stay on for longer than two weeks. Peepers are the only similar thing I’ve seen. I can think of two reasons why this could have started again after a period of respite. 1. Perhaps they’ve started moulting and growing new feathers which are very tempting for others to pluck at. 2. In all the rain we’ve been having lately they’ve probably confined themselves back to the dry section of their area and so are back in a reasonably small space again. If you are able to get a run for the larger area you currently have fenced, this could be covered which might help during the winter. Fingers crossed the bumpa bits will do the trick though.
  4. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread #9

    Properly wild yesterday. Sunshine and horrendously heavy showers and so windy. I was around Lands End and the sea was going over the top of the lighthouse. Much more benign and largely dry today - off to plant all my bulbs. Photo is from Thursday where I’d stopped for lunch.
  5. mullethunter

    Where in the world

    Australia - specifically Church Point in the Ku-ring-gai Chase national park just north of Sydney. I nearly made it out there to live permanently afternoon spending the best part of 18 months in Sydney in my early 20s, but then got the job and partner (who would never leave Cornwall) that I love in my home county and my plans changed. I love Cornwall, and much as I enjoy spending times in other parts of the UK I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in this country, but with no ties / considerations / reality it’d be Church Point for me.
  6. mullethunter

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Are you going CT 🤣
  7. Ditto - they’ve all got a certain amount of flex in them so you can do pretty much anything if you have enough cable ties.
  8. mullethunter

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Royal Mail are the worst here. Today they put my Sarah Raven parcel in our actual dustbin 🤮🤢
  9. mullethunter

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    DPD do tend to be very good
  10. mullethunter

    So chickens pine?

    I’ve seen them do it for other hens so I suppose one could for a human. Send her to college!
  11. mullethunter

    Salmonella can pass on by milk, cheese, EGGS etc

    I was biting my tongue 🤣
  12. mullethunter

    Gardening thread

    Finally back in the garden after injury!! Pulled the tomato and cucumber plants out of the greenhouse and cleaned the glass while my helper tidied up a load of pests and fallen tomatoes, then put my staging back in and settled my new Venus flytrap and pitcher plant in there. Pretty satisfying day 😊 Next: take out runner beans, clear up rest of veg garden and weed around leeks, brassicas and parsnips; turn compost; empty sweet pea, cosmos and dahlia pots; cut back buddleia; cut back box hedge; cut back shrubs in front garden; plant spring bulbs; plant sweet pea seeds. Phew - tired thinking about it 😂
  13. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread #9

    So far I reckon this is the wettest autumn we’ve had down here in probably 5 years.
  14. mullethunter

    Cuckoo Marans - opinion poll

    Yep - sure can. I’ve hatched pekins and Wyandotte’s and although I’m sure it was just luck all my hatch day suspicions so far have been right (and all boys but one 🙄)
  15. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread #9

    Wet wet wet wet wet windy wet wet miserable
  16. mullethunter

    More Marans

    Lovely looking girls - especially the darker one.
  17. mullethunter

    Mixed public toilets

    I’d rather go behind a bush to be honest - which in my job I usually do 🤣
  18. mullethunter

    Solo travel

    In he last year, my partner has dropped the bombshell (I am aware this may not be a big deal for some but it is for me) that he never wants to travel further than a 1 hour flight ever again. I’ve always known travel isn’t his favourite thing - he’s a proper homebody - but before we met he’d been on his honeymoon with his previous partner to Tobago, and been to the south of France and canaries for surf holidays lots of times. Then in our first few years together (we’ve been together 11 years) we went on holidays with his family to Portugal a couple of times, to the canaries once and then to Florida with his family 3 years ago. The main reason he gives for not wanting to travel is that his IBS makes it a stressful experience. I know this is true. We also had some horrendous clear air turbulence on our way to Florida and although he won’t say I think that scared him quite a lot. Ive long since made my peace with not going away very often, and with the state of the climate that’s a good thing, but I absolutely cannot get my head around never going anywhere ever again. There are so many places I want to go and things (wildlife mainly) I want to see, and I was planning on a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ type holiday to somewhere like Costa Rica or Madagascar for my 40th next year. What makes it all the harder to swallow is that he expects is to go to Ireland to go fishing every year - to the exact same place every year - even though I’m clearly bored of it! I know the obvious solution is solo travel - and whilst I did that all over the world in my 20s so that wouldn’t phase me, there are two issues with it: he’s quite insecure and jealous and I would worry that he spent the whole time I was away seething and then when I got back probably wouldn’t be speaking to me for a week which would ruin my enjoyment of it; I want to be able to share my great experiences with him. I’m not sure there is an answer, I just needed to get this off my chest - sorry. Am I being selfish wanting him to do something he clearly doesn’t enjoy?
  19. mullethunter

    New additions

    Lovely girls Lewis - and looking great in the sunny garden 😊
  20. mullethunter

    Sour Crop

    It’s a good idea to stop her eating anything for 24 - 48 hours (make sure she has access to water) then just plain pellets after that.
  21. mullethunter

    Christmas swap 2019

    Oh no I was hoping no one would think of that!!!!! OK - I’ll stop making baby clothes for a bit - add me to the list 🙄🤣🤶🏻🎄
  22. mullethunter

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Some of my birthday presents - a bit of a theme! And best of all, an IOU for actual chickens!!! (sorry Cattails for our very poor appropriation of the Dutch language 🤣)
  23. mullethunter

    While the cat's away . . .

    I met some lovely little polish bantams this week- they were still cheeping - so cute!
  24. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread #9

    Beautiful here today. The air is much colder and in the shade it has been pretty chilly, but lovely in the sun.
  25. mullethunter

    Oven dried tomatoes

    I could probably post you some?!