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  1. Mine are fine around ours - they mostly ignore it but Duck drinks from it
  2. Question is - are any of them on this forum incognito 🧐
  3. I’d say Minnie is a boy, Dipper and Nugget are girls, Nando’s I’m not sure. The colours can change loads as they grow up so it’s hard to say. All very cute - makes me want to hatch again!
  4. Just for housing the Cube will be OK for 10 as long as they all get on OK. Nice space they’ve got 😁
  5. Honestly don’t worry too much about the exact type of sand - in fact don’t worry too much about what’s in there in general as long as it’s fairly dry, soily and non toxic 😀
  6. No idea but they’re VERY cute 😍 (sorry - not helping 😂)
  7. Unfortunately it does sound to me more like she’s having an egg laying problem than is going broody. I have a campine too and mine is pretty clockwork with her eggs. It may be that she’s going to lay a soft shelled egg - that will often make them go in and out of the nest box with no result and makes them very miserable. Or it is possible, as you say, that an egg is stuck. I have no experience of that so cannot help. Hopefully I’m wrong and she is broody - I had a Dutch bantam who was broody last week without actually sitting in the nest box much (because she’s low in the pecking order and wasn’t allowed to) but she was making the broody noise so it was quite obvious.
  8. I have a dwarf nectarine that I bought last January. It had terrible leaf curl last year but still managed to grow quite a few nectarines. So far this year it looks much better 🤞🏻
  9. I’m so jealous of your multi coloured gang - they’re so pretty 😍 Looking at her in the middle photo I’d say that’s just how Wyandotte’s are. They have more of a rounded bustle than a normal chicken pokey up tail. Especially if she seems otherwise happy. Keep an eye though. It’s better if they don’t sleep in the nestbox - just because any mites are more likely to be a problem that way and you'll get poo in there. If she starts now, no she probably won’t stop when she comes into lay. It’s. It the end of the world, just better for it not to happen. 19/20 weeks would be quite early for pure breeds but not totally surprising. PS - Love a sunbathing chook - my Wyandotte’s are total sun worshippers too
  10. I know it can be lovely but we so often look at the forecast and say ‘I’m glad we don’t live in Scotland’! Really hot and humid here today despite being slightly overcast and quite windy. Think the cold is supposed to get here this evening but hoping we might just avoid a frost 🤞🏻
  11. Hmm. I, on the other hand have bought a new pair of jeans in a size bigger than I’ve ever had before 🧐 I’m actually consciously not baking as much as I’d like because I know it’ll just lead to me eating too much rubbish - although today - Guinness and a slice of egg custard are an acceptable lunch right?! I’m not totally lazy - I’m doing two ‘power’ yoga classes a week, working in the garden a lot and going for a long walk most days, but have definitely put on a bit more padding around the middle than I’ve ever had before. Probably unwise as I’m 40 this year - but only temporary hey!? (nowt so permanent as a temporary situation!) On a separate note - interested to hear what Boris says this evening - the BBC keep saying ‘We’re not going to second guess it’, and then go on to do exactly that 🙄
  12. Same here. OH didn’t want them and wasn’t particularly impressed when I went ahead and got them anyway (I had them as a child and had always wanted to get some for myself once I had a house with a garden). But now he’s as soppy about them as I am - if not more so!
  13. I’m afraid that sounds like a bad case of sour crop. It sounds like you won’t really need to, but try withholding food for at least 48 hours and just allowing her access to water. Feel her crop and if it fills up with fluid you can gently tip her forward and if necessary massage her crop so the fluid comes out through her beak - be careful though to make sure you don’t suffocate / drown her in it. After 48 hours you can give her small amounts of moistened pellets and water and see how she gets on. I’m afraid she doesn’t look good though - I think a purple comb like that can often be a sign of a heart problem so maybe the crop is not the only issue. To be honest your best bet is to get her to a vet ASAP.
  14. Come on then PL - what’s in it?!
  15. I have some unintentionally in my front garden - they seed everywhere then grow like wildfire and get massive!
  16. Thanks I’ll give them a ring. I’ve looked as far as I can and. I thing to see...
  17. Valkyrie I can feel your disappointment about having some of the life you wanted and thought you had finally got taken away again (albeit hopefully temporarily). I agree with soapy’s suggestions - if you could get something like that to work it’d be good, and yes try to have a natter on a Sunday night about bits and pieces you’re thinking of doing during the week. But then I think, as far as is possible for you, just do as you said and go ahead and do what you want to do even if you’re having to do it on your own. Yes, there might be a bit of grumbling about it but you can’t just spend the entire weeks doing nothing. Really feel for you actually xx
  18. I could be wrong but I don’t think it’s a respiratory disease. The thing I’m worried about is gapeworm. Does that sound likely? Would that show up in a faeces test?
  19. It seems like a hay fever-y type thing and definitely no bubbles or anything - all nice and dry around the nares. I’ll listen against her back tomorrow. I didn’t know chickens getting hayfever was a thing!! No I’m not using DE - I do use GSP but haven’t for ages. It’s definitely at its worst when she’s dust bathing in the greenhouse where the ‘soil’ is incredibly dry and dusty.
  20. Nope - no sneezing at all and no snot or other mucus and definitely no swelling
  21. I know the general answer is ‘yes’, but this is a bit different. Duck the pekin has a wheeze that comes and goes, and is sometimes really quite bad, but it sounds like it’s her ‘nose’ (nares I think?) rather than deeper or further down towards her air sacs. It was absolutely awful when she was dust bathing the other day - it does seem to be related to position. In answer to the usual questions - no they haven’t been wormed for quite a long time (probably had ivermectin 9 to 12 months ago for scaly leg mites) - last time I sent a sample for testing it came back clear. None of the others in the flock have symptoms. She does occasionally do the funny gapey / throat cleary thing, she shakes her head quite a lot. I have a video but can’t post here. Apart from this she seems totally healthy and is laying every other day, eating well and not losing condition. What do people think?
  22. Well done Gemma 🥚🥚🥚👏🏼
  23. This is a very tricky call and having used an incubator only once I’m certainly no expert. But if the egg seems to be developing or look different to the others, and you’re sure it smells bad, I’d take it out. You don’t want to risk it exploding and showering all the others in bacteria.

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