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  1. 2 of my 3 Dutch bantams sleep roosting on the partition
  2. mullethunter

    Cuckoo Moran suddenly less alert than other hens

    Are you able to have a feel of her abdomen to check if it’s feeling inflamed?
  3. mullethunter

    Oven dried tomatoes

    Think I might try them next year then. SD and Val - my friend and I often send each other a photo after our men folk have been cooking - nearly always looks like a bomb site 😂
  4. mullethunter

    Oven dried tomatoes

    I’ve finally got around to harvesting and a load and have made Hugh Fernley-what’s-his-names slow roast tomato passata. I’ve put it in the freezer but the bit I tasted was delicious. My tomatoes were Tigarella, Black Russian and Gardeners Delight. My revi w of those three varieties would be: Tigarella: very vigorous (to the point of taking over the greenhouse) producing tons of medium sized fruit which ripen well, but a bit disappointing in flavour - just a bit watery. Black Russian: big plants with large attractive flowers and huge fruits. Not many have ripened but the ones that have are really meaty and flavourful - a single fruit kept me in tomato on toast for 3 days. Gardeners Delight: everyone knows these - brilliant flavour cherry tomatoes but plants have been a bit smothered by the other two varieties.
  5. mullethunter

    Damaged intercostal muscles / stress fractured rib

    Oh it’s just so annoying!!! My boss said ‘Don’t come back until you’re 100%’...hmmm - not sure about that one!
  6. mullethunter

    Gardening thread

    I’d rather have a wilderness than paving if I had no time
  7. mullethunter

    Getting Ready To Own Rescue Hens

    Welcome to the forum Tracey. Looking forward to more photo’s of your chicken adventure 😃
  8. mullethunter

    Solo travel

    Yes it probably would and it wouldn’t worry me. And I’m quite happy to do that - we’ve done the fishing trip together the last 5 years I think - but OH will, sadly, clearly not be. Thankyou, that’s actually really good - might get OH to read it.
  9. mullethunter

    Damaged intercostal muscles / stress fractured rib

    Thankyou. I’ve found today that you our microwave barley heat thingy is quite good. He’s doing his best (banned me from going to work today 🙄🤣) but I’m not very good at being poorly if it requires doing nothing!
  10. mullethunter

    Damaged intercostal muscles / stress fractured rib

    Thanks DM. Pleurisy was the first thing the doctor actually thought and she did have a really good listen and decided she was confident it wasn’t that. Good shout though and I will see someone different at some point if it gets worse rather than better.
  11. mullethunter

    Bullied hen

    That might be worth a try as it may be that there’s one ringleader without whom things could be better
  12. mullethunter

    Bullied hen

    That’s a tough one Claire. Hopefully someone may have a suggestion but I have to say it doesn’t sound solvable. I think if it were me I’d either keep 2 separate flocks - her and her friend separate from the others, or if, as you have said, you really don’t want to do that or can’t because Brahma, then rehoming either the two (I wouldn’t rehome her on her own I’d worry about her too much) or the five is probably your only option unfortunately.
  13. mullethunter

    Why are they roosting outside in the rain?

    I’m not sure this will be of much use to you but sometimes they just seem contrary. I have a flock of 9 mixed bantams. Until the last month or so they’ve all gone into the house at night (except sometimes bottom hen Duck the pekin who sometimes ends up on the perch outside the door - but that’s still inside the covered run and she always makes it inside in really wet and windy weather). But recently, if they’re free ranging at bedtime, one of my three Dutch bantams has started to roost on the roof of the run half under the magnolia tree. If they’re inside the run at bedtime she’ll go in the house as normal. I wait until it’s dark and then go out and put her inside - I’ve seen her do it even one night when it was absolutely bucketing down with rain - she looked very miserable. I don’t think there’s any real reason for it, but it’s definitely habit forming so something you do need to try to break if their chosen sleeping location isn’t secure.
  14. mullethunter

    Feather Plucking

    Hi Debby. Sorry to hear you’re having this problem - there’s someone else on the forum who it’s hapenning to with new girls too so have a browse. How much space do they have? If entrenched it can be a very difficult habit to break, but most people find that fitted correctly bumps bits usually work.
  15. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread #9

    Looking good for the weekend though 🌞
  16. mullethunter

    Gardening thread

    How sad. I’d be gutted at that - especially for the wildlife. Hopefully whatever replaces it will be worth it.
  17. mullethunter

    At my wits end with bullies :-(

  18. mullethunter

    Empty crops at bedtime

    Mine all seemed to stop eating almost entirely a few weeks ago. I thought maybe the pellets had gone off so bought a new bag but I now think it was just that they were all heading into a moult. They seem fine again now.
  19. mullethunter

    DD got hurt on holiday.

    Oh you must feel awful - she’s clearly a tough cookie though and not alone - she’ll be fine x
  20. mullethunter

    At my wits end with bullies :-(

    These look ok as long as you upgrade to weldmesh - they’re still not cheap but better than the Omlet ones
  21. mullethunter

    At my wits end with bullies :-(

    I know youve said you cant afford it this month, but I reckon if you can give over the amount of space you’ve currently got fenced off to the chickens in the form of a secure run (Omlet walk in run or similar) that’ll be plenty of room for at least 3 girls to live with no bullying.
  22. mullethunter

    Finally I get duckies!

    I’m not keen on Muscovies - think I’m mentally scarred having been attacked by one as a toddler 🤣 Funnily enough I was also attacked by a golden pheasant - clearly a child who had no respect for animals personal space 😂
  23. mullethunter

    At my wits end with bullies :-(

    Also agree with above comments. And would say that if you are unable to increase the space, you would be better off with 3 bantam ladies.
  24. mullethunter

    Silkies/Pekins with roosting bars?

    Me neither
  25. mullethunter

    Holiday season, tourists and so on

    It’s not the roads that are the problem - just the people who can’t reverse along them! Soapdragon I love the cliffs at Millook