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  1. I know the general answer is ‘yes’, but this is a bit different. Duck the pekin has a wheeze that comes and goes, and is sometimes really quite bad, but it sounds like it’s her ‘nose’ (nares I think?) rather than deeper or further down towards her air sacs. It was absolutely awful when she was dust bathing the other day - it does seem to be related to position. In answer to the usual questions - no they haven’t been wormed for quite a long time (probably had ivermectin 9 to 12 months ago for scaly leg mites) - last time I sent a sample for testing it came back clear. None of the others in the flock have symptoms. She does occasionally do the funny gapey / throat cleary thing, she shakes her head quite a lot. I have a video but can’t post here. Apart from this she seems totally healthy and is laying every other day, eating well and not losing condition. What do people think?
  2. Well done Gemma 🥚🥚🥚👏🏼
  3. This is a very tricky call and having used an incubator only once I’m certainly no expert. But if the egg seems to be developing or look different to the others, and you’re sure it smells bad, I’d take it out. You don’t want to risk it exploding and showering all the others in bacteria.
  4. I use stones with semolina on and they are always crisp and never stick. I meant that it wouldn’t matter if your bases weren’t perfect if you had to use normal plain flour 👍🏻
  5. 🤣😂 Things aren’t THAT bad!
  6. Things must be getting desperate - I actually did one of the things on my ‘really do need doing’ list this morning and painted the bathroom ceiling!
  7. I started off thinking ...seen all these before...but there are some great ones on there 😂
  8. I think 3 full sized hens is the limit for a Classic.
  9. Oh wow Rachel your work is stunning 😍
  10. I’m frightened to answer this post because I’ll get shouted at by the Dogmother 😨 Having said that for the most part mine don’t get much. They have a small mug of mixed corn between the 8 of them most evenings before bed. And if I need to get them back in the run during the day I usually use sunflower hearts. In the winter or at any other time of year when they’re shut in their run all day I’ll usually try to give them something green (hang up a cabbage, some cut in half broccoli stalks, brassica plants from the garden that are past it - that sort of thing), or if they’re being really spoilt a hung up corn on the cob. If they’re out and about and I’m eating an apple I usually fling them the core. And if we’re eating outside (very rare although frequently afternoon snacks over the last few weeks) they’ll usually goad us into giving them a bit of whatever we’ve got (cinnamon roll, cheddars, quavers 🙄). All of this is rare though apart from the mixed corn. There is however, an exception Duck. Duck is a proper pet chicken. Since we’ve been on lockdown she comes in every morning when we’re making our breakfast and has a few beakfulls of my granola before hot footing it down the hallway for some cat food. She then appears at the patio door at regular intervals to check to see what we’ve got and pretty much always gets a taste of everything. I did draw the line when she decided she liked chocolate and started retrying to get into my Easter egg!! I know it’s bad for her and we shouldn’t do it but she’s got us wrapped around her little wing! She’s going to be seriously miffed when we go back to work! Blimey! Sorry - that’s an essay!! Don’t buy any specific ‘chicken treats’ - just think they’re all too expensive for what they are.
  11. What lovely chickens eggysoldiers that’s a lovely photo. As others have said, just spending time with them a lot and giving them the odd treat by hand should get them tame, but I think how tame really depends on the individual. As you’ve got them pretty young you may be lucky 😊
  12. Yep - was very heavy just before we got up but nothing since. Just cold and windy. Off for our walk at lunchtime today though as it looks like more rain is coming later.
  13. Sun came out here last thing too - just in time for our walk.
  14. That’s funny DM because I’ve never seen Dutchies the same colour as mine before!!
  15. We’ve had one of those go over a couple of times a week too. Have you seen them do their aerobatic display? We saw it when we went to the Red Bull Air Race at Ascot a few years back - it’s incredible how the pilots can fling them about!
  16. I use 00 flour for my pizza bases but as they’re pretty flat anyway and are ‘sogged’ a bit by the toppings and crunchy around the edges I would use plain if that was all I had - I wouldn’t expect it to be exactly the same though. I tried to make croissant dough with plain flour and it was a total fail - dough structure just wasn’t strong enough to hold the butter and it all leaked out. Tried it with string flour and perfect - up until then I hadn’t really believed it made a difference.
  17. I’d go for a couple of araucana bantams. They’re quite small but lay lovely blue eggs. The ones I had got on fine with pekins. Or maybe a couple of Dutch bantams. They don’t have an interesting feature as such but they’re little. I wouldn’t want anything much bigger than a pekin because although there’s loads of room in the Cube you won’t want too much more in your run. Keep us posted 😄
  18. Fair amount of rain - certainly enough to soften the ground nicely for what’s coming tomorrow. Am going to plant out my beans in a minute. Managed to avoid housework so far (been doing actual work all day today so far - have been splitting it morning and evening during the good weather) but I don’t think I’ll be able to put it off all week.
  19. I use to use the 5kg bags - even my 4 bantams would go through half of it in a week so I would think your girls would pretty much eat it all Peter.
  20. Make sure you remember to put greaseproof in between the pastry and baking beans - I forgot once and they were all stuck in the pastry 🤦🏼‍♀️ Pretty pie Peter 👍🏻
  21. I’ve been planning to lay weed membrane and then gravel to make paths between my new veg beds and was just working out how much gravel I would need to buy when I realised I have half a dumpy bag of hardwood chips left over from the last time I refilled the chicken run 🙌🏻
  22. I bought ivermectin from the internet to treat mine for scaly leg mites (not licenced)
  23. Sunny this morning and cloudier this afternoon - warmish. Looked like rain an hour or so ago but nothing.

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