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  1. Cattails or Merel? A friend of mine at work did too - had 3 courses of antibiotics before she managed to get it off her chest. Everything crossed for you Alisgirls xx
  2. Lovely to see you and Merel 😃
  3. Brr. Cold today and no sun. No rain either though so worst of both worlds. I’d got used to warm sunshine.
  4. It really depends on your approach to risk. If you REALLY don’t want to lose any then put them in a covered coop. If it’s more important to you that they live a completely free range life from the start then leave them as they are but accept that there’s a chance you will lose some to predators.
  5. I’m glad it’s not just me who doesn’t like silkies.
  6. Cattails set-up works because although her run is soil, it’s not very deep down to the slabs below. If you only have soil, chances are it’ll be a total mud bath in the winter. Also, you’re right, it will be difficult to secure the run against digging in soft soil. On slabs, you can secure the run by putting slabs or bricks on top of the run skirt to hold it down - I’ve done this mainly because I worry that on very windy days it might take off (the clear tarpaulin cover acts a bit like a giant sail on very windy days. I think you’ll find that even if they do end up coming out for an hour or so a day you’ll be unhappy with just a 2m run - if at all possible I would recommend an extra metre. I would also suggest 3 bantams in that set-up. Even though the house is easily big enough for more, your run wouldn’t be and crowding too many chooks into a small space is a recipe for disaster. Probably the friendliest, most child friendly bantams are pekins - they’re also highly entertaining and easy to get hold of - however they aren’t best layers and they can be prone to going broody a lot. However these are generalisations as the pekin I’ve got at the moment lays on average every other day between March and September and hasn’t been broody at all yet at 2 years old. Wyandotte bantams (I also have two of these) are generally known for being good layers - of my two one is OK (an egg every other day from March to September but with frequent serious broody spells) but the other hasn’t laid a single egg since passing the age of 5 and before that she only laid a few every year. Wyandotte’s are said to be friendly but although mine will eat from your hand they’ll screech blue murder if you try to touch them. I also have a Plymouth Rock bantam who is an excellent layer and hasn’t yet been broody (she’s also 2) but she’s not overly friendly. Then I have a Campine who is, if anything, overly friendly, and lays brilliantly - 3 eggs every 4 days, but she really hates being shut in the run. And I have three Dutch bantams. They’ve become quite friendly, they lay well (an egg every other day or so) but small eggs, and seem to do ok shut in. None have been broody yet and they’re 2 years old too. They fly extremely well so you’d definitely have to clip their wings if letting them out. I have had araucana bantams as well. They lay well, mine didn’t go broody. One was very calm but the other was completely mental! So - long waffle but for you based on my experience I’d recommend pekins, Plymouth Rock bantams, Dutch bantams or araucana bantams. I would suggest you definitely don’t go for campines. Im sure others will disagree / have differing experiences!
  7. Happy Birthday PL - does sound like the perfect day.
  8. DEFINITELY keep the slabs!!! Nearly everyone (or at least a lot of people) who starts with anything else switches to slabs as they’re so much easier to keep not muddy (very bad grammar - sorry). The alternative to aubiose is hardwood chips.
  9. That’s a good idea because I currently have the Eglu shut during the day to keep Mrs Broody out and therefore do have to play hunt the eggs every day!
  10. My Wyandotte Amy who doesn’t lay eggs doesn’t go broody. She also goes to sit in the nestbox for a bit sometimes though.
  11. Not sure what to say Luvachicken! As ridiculous as it sounds I suppose it could actually work for a potter around the garden!
  12. I would echo that. OH and I stress massively when the girls are noisy in the mornings (there was egg shouting at 6 this morning 🙄). But whenever I go to apologise to the neighbours they say they either haven’t heard them or don’t mind.
  13. Oh dear Alisgirls 😂 I’m going to give it a try soon but I won’t be surprised to get exactly the same result. I made pasties for the first time yesterday (very embarrassing really seeing as I was born here 😊). Really tasty, but I made my normal shortcrust pastry and it was WAY too soft and delicate. Will try again next week! That’s cinnamon buns made from scratch with croissant dough and pasties I’m working on now. No wonder we’re putting on weight! And I made pizza’s for dinner tonight 🙄
  14. Watching the lady now on the iPlayer. Think I might try one in a pot.
  15. My sweet peppers are struggling too. 2 have germinated but they’re not really growing. My tomatoes aren’t either even though the ones that are germinating themselves in the soil in the greenhouse from fruit that fell last year are doing fine - at least I’ll have something I suppose just not what I planned! Such is life 😂 I also can’t seem to get cucumbers to germinate this year even though - again - cucamelons fallen last year in the greenhouse are germinating like crazy!! I’m sure there are lessons in there.
  16. When I was little my parents built a house and then converted a barn so I spent most of my childhood basically on a building site. I wanted to be a scaffolder 😆
  17. With rain forecast tomorrow I’ve sowed my parsnip seeds and put the nematodes on the new raised beds. Also the runner beans, dwarf French beans and peas are all poking their heads up.
  18. Started off overcast but warm here today but turned out sunny again. Forecast keeps teasing rain but then taking it away. Currently a few hours of heavy rain forecast for the morning - fingers crossed!!
  19. Scaffolding!!! What a great idea! And that shade is beautiful.
  20. Think I might give sourdough starter a go having failed to get yeast and nearly run out. Project number 3

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