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  1. Blimey I thought!! Valkyrie’s OH is a film director!!! But I’ve read that wrong haven’t I?!
  2. All my seedlings have been in the greenhouse the last 2 nights but are back indoors tonight too
  3. Nope - nothing here. Did look like rain clouds as it was getting dark but nothing fell. Stuff blowing around in the wind woke me up in the night too. Back to wall to wall sunshine here today after cloud yesterday but VERY windy and quite cold (at least compared to last week).
  4. Blimey Andy sounds like you’ve been through the wringer a bit over the past year. At least you don’t seem to have THE virus though - I think most of us are a bit hyper-vigilant now aren’t we and every time we start coughing we think ‘is this it?!’. OH and I both have hay fever and keep having to remind ourselves that it IS hay fever even though the symptoms are nothing like covid-19. I’m sorry that you’re missing your gym sessions - I appreciate that you won’t have all the kit but have you found any stuff you can do from home? I’ve found my live streamed yoga classes on Zoom have been brilliant, not just for the yoga but to keep in touch with that little community - there’s always a little chat before the class when everyone has their camera’s and microphones on so we can all chat and wave from our little squares to everyone else’s. Hopefully you’re somewhere where you can get out and see some green for your daily exercise outside too. My OH suffers mildly from depression (nothing like what you have to cope with) which he usually keeps at bay by fishing which is currently banned. I’ve struggled but have managed to get him out walking with me most evenings which I think helps him. Glad you’re going to be working for Age-UK - I hope you enjoy it and do find it rewarding. And I hope your girls are doing their bit too. Lots of love 😘
  5. AND She went on TV to assure children that the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny are essential workers so could still travel. She’s the new Barrack in my opinion
  6. Was supposed to rain a bit here this evening but not any more 🙄
  7. She’s beautiful. That collection of animals in your photo is my perfect set I reckon.
  8. That is a beautiful basket of eggs. I haven’t got that many colours, especially since losing Margot my araucana, but the girls have been taking the run up to Easter and their role during the lockdown pretty seriously and are averaging 4 eggs a day, Happy Easter all xx
  9. My partners family hail from Padstow so (as we can’t afford to actually live there 🙄) every year, along with all Padstonians, we go back for Mayday. OHs mum rents a house for us all for a week. Obviously it’s all cancelled this year and luckily she was able to get the booking transferred to 2021. We were due to be going on a family holiday to Portugal in October but we hadn’t got around to booking anything and have decided we won’t try now. OH and I are still hoping to get to Ireland for a week in Sept / Oct but will just play it by ear. So glad I got my skiing in in Feb!
  10. I did it once and they rotted (not necessarily to do with being soaked) so I don’t bother now. I sowed unsoaked peas and sweet peas a few days ago. I’ll let you know how they get on
  11. Hope so because there’s no sign of my cucumbers
  12. I think my greenhouse is getting too hot for all my seedlings. I have 4 types of tomatoes, 2 sweet peppers, thyme, cosmos, poppies, sunflowers and mesembryanthemums all in there as seedlings and runner and dwarf beans, peas and sweet peas all waiting to germinate. But even with damping down the temperature has been up in the mid to high 30s during the middle of the day! In other news...got some bread flour in Sainsbury’s today 🙌🏻 In other, other news. Accidentally bought 3 feeder things for grow bags from amazon - thought I had bought grow bags 🙄
  13. Absolutely loving this weather - got the emergency too hot warning on my iPad when I was using it to stream yoga outside in the sun at 5pm this evening!! BUT...I’m having to water everything already and the only rain in the 10 day forecast is a little shower tomorrow night!! Not good!
  14. Well done on making a decision but sorry to hear he has to go. Remember that it’s you guys who will be sad but for him it’ll be over quickly and then he will no longer be uncomfortable
  15. Laying soft shelled or no shelled eggs does make them incredibly miserable.
  16. Mine all come when I call too. Are they all Wyandotte’s? My Wyandotte’s will hop / flap up onto a solid fence or gate and then jump down the other side, but they won’t fly up and over a mesh fence like the Omlet fencing and certainly not with a clipped wing. So perhaps a solution would be to have some Omlet fence you could put up when they were out and about in the garden. My Dutch bantams and Campine will fly straight out over anything,
  17. That’s surely just someone in the media speculating though. I’d like to think those would be the dates and I do think it is likely to be phased like that but 8d be very surprised if it all happens that soon.
  18. That is cute but that lamb being fed by the dog is going to have dreadful wind 😂
  19. Just a thing to note if you’re planning to let them out of their run to explore your garden once they’ve settled in - they will easily be up onto and then over your fencing - it’ll be more than a wing assisted jump even than a flight. Just something to consider...
  20. Wow!! What a great photo. I took one in the early evening but it’s just in my iPhone - it doesn’t look like yours.
  21. Yep we saw our first one on Monday. We were out for our walk and we’re saying ‘surely they’ll be here soon with all these southerly winds’ and right then one flew overhead 😍 I always speak to the first one and tell him it’s good to see him back and we’ll dine for making the journey (yes I think I am mad 🙄)
  22. You misunderstand me - I don’t work there (I totally agree with you - those guys are heroes just as you and your colleagues are) - I do that just from going to do my shopping.
  23. Did a fair bit of planting today. Runner beans (Moonlight and Lady Di), Dwarf Beans (Amethyst), Peas (Hurst Green Shaft), Mixed Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Sweet Peas.

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