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    Clotted Cream

    How has it turned out?
  2. mullethunter

    Top of eglu ripped off overnight

    If it was a person - I despair. Unbelievably it does sound like it though. I can’t imagine how else those exact combination of things could’ve occurred. Unless I suppose an animal ripped the lid off, got caught up in the ‘excitement’ of the birds, killed them by shaking them thereby breaking their necks and was then disturbed and ran off. Not sure which scenario is less likely...
  3. mullethunter

    Top of eglu ripped off overnight

    It is strange that the eggs haven’t been taken
  4. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread #9

    We’ve had what’s felt like quite a lot of rain the last week or so and all the water butts are full, but I’ve just dug the first lot of potatoes since last weekend and the ground is still very dry once you get deeper than 6 inches or so.
  5. Scrambled eggs I’m in Cornwall. There are quite a few breeders in west Devon. I bought my first 4 girls as POL from ‘Al’s Eggs n more’ in Tavistock. They’ve been excellent. I’ve also bought hatching eggs from Taylormade Poultry in Ivybridge ( not the absolute best set up ever but they have lots of choice and certainly much better than buying from auction. I’ve also seen that a breeder called ‘Hen House Farm’ sells POL hens at Tavistock Mole Valley on Saturdays. The auction I was talking about above was Holsworthy.
  6. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread #9

    I HATE strong winds. It’s been pretty bad today, luckily the worst that’s happened here is a load of pears have been blown off the tree. We haven’t had any thunder or lightning and I’m a bit miffed about that.
  7. I have bought from auction - thoroughly enjoyed the process at the time, but I had mixed success and don’t think I’d do it again. I bought 3 cages - 2 Plymouth Rock bantam pullets; 3 Dutch bantam pullets; 1 gold Sablepoot bantam. Within a few hours of getting home, the Sablepoot bantam started to look very pale and sickly and I discovered it had previously had a broken toe which was very deformed. I isolated it, fed regular nutri-drops for a few days and got it eating good quality pellets and drinking water with tonic in. Turned into a beautiful, healthy, friendly Sablepoot COCKEREL!!!!! Also within a day or two one of the Plymouth Rocks started to become very sneezy and her beak bunged up with mucus. I ended up taking her to the vet who couldn’t confidently diagnose anything but suspected mycoplasma and gave antibiotics (which I put all the new stock on as they were sharing adjacent runs). Sadly she died the next day - luckily none of the others ever exhibited he same symptoms. The Dutch bantams were all healthy and are now lovely little hens. So having come home with 6, I ended up with 4 (the lovely Sablepoot cockerel had to go and live with more rural friends), and I actually count myself lucky that whatever ailed the cockerel and killed the Plymouth Rock doesn’t seem to have been passed to the rest of my flock. Lesson learned I think - if you can get to know local breeders and see their hens before you buy, that’s probably a better bet.
  8. mullethunter

    Chicken Memorials

    Fantastic photo - feel sorry for Persephone. I try not to personify but always got the feeling my Bernadette was never quite so happy after her sister Shelley died before her.
  9. I definitely agree with that. When we had young cockerels for a few months I went around to all the neighbours to apologise for the noise and to assure them that the boys wouldn’t be around for long, and they all said they either didn’t mind / liked it / hadn’t heard it. Mind you that was late autumn / early winter, might’ve been a different matter in the summer with early light mornings.
  10. Funny how again he came around when you were out... sounds like a thoroughly unpleasant man. As the police have been out and spoken to your wife and met the chickens I wouldn’t give the chicken noise another thought. It sounds to me like that’s just an excuse he’s using as an outlet for some irrationally angry behaviour- I feel for you that you have to live next to him as I suspect even if you didn’t have the chickens he’d find something else to be upset about. Good luck to your family
  11. I agree with everything DM says, but it sounds like they were the sort of worms you often get in stagnant water rather than parasitic worms.
  12. mullethunter


    Nearly all of mine are moulting - feathers everywhere! And I noticed a few days ago that my pekin has no feathers at all over her crop or keel even though she’s one of the few still laying and not moulting - then yesterday she went broody!
  13. mullethunter

    Wasp sting

    My mum had one that was stung once and she syringed water into her beak to make sure she didn’t dehydrate, and apart from that just left her and she recovered fine. That was a full sized hybrid though. Fingers crossed for your little one.
  14. mullethunter

    Holiday season, tourists and so on

    Well. I live in holiday-ville. Not my actual town, but the whole county and as part of my job involves going to beaches around the county the months of the school holidays are an absolute nightmare. Journeys that normally take 45 minutes take an hour and a half, you can’t park anywhere.... So, any ‘staycation’ type holidays or visits to anywhere remotely touristy I tend to do between May and early July (whenever the weather is best) or mid to late September. Then any abroad holidays I’d rather have when the weather here is rubbish in the winter - I feel like there’s more benefit that way. When I used to live in Newquay though I’d always go away for summer bank holidays just so I didn’t have to deal with all the people at home. That sounds like a right moan doesn’t it - sorry - I absolutely love living here and you can usually still find somewhere quiet in August you just have to look harder.
  15. mullethunter

    Run design help - cube mk2 and WiR

    If I understand correctly the original poster wants to know if the door could go where my red arrow points
  16. mullethunter

    Run design help - cube mk2 and WiR

    Could you post a photo Patricia P? I’m intrigued now! CT I know they SAY that but you should never believe everything THEY say (no, I’m not sure but would now defer to Patricia 😊)
  17. You can’t put hens in a greenhouse with glass - they’ll cook
  18. mullethunter

    Run design help - cube mk2 and WiR

    Omlet say you can’t join a Cube run to a WIR which is only 2m wide and I think that’s because the Cube run actually needs more width than one of the panels (blue bit) on the WIR - it overlaps (I know because mine does it). So I think what you’d have to do would be to push the overlap back into the bit you’ve labelled 2x3 to allow you to fit the door on the same side the Cube run joins to (red but). You could leave off a run panel (green bit) or maybe sort of use one of the joining panels for that but as Patricia says with lots of cable ties I don’t think that would be a problem. I sketched what I mean but it’s a bit confusing!
  19. mullethunter

    Gardening thread

    Thanks Valkyrie - missed the boat for a couple of days now but will get them out later this week 😊
  20. mullethunter

    Gardening thread

    Should I be pulling my onions now? Tops are still alive but heavy rain forecast on Tues
  21. mullethunter

    In the kitchen

    That’s a really good idea Boackrocksrock- what do you mean by weird inside and do you then defrost them and heat them in the microwave? I only really like them oven baked too. Trouble is I hardly ever have any room in my freezer.
  22. mullethunter

    Gardening thread

    Well. I had an experimental pull up of a Pink Fir Apple root today... 😳 This is one root and literally just pulled up so I expect there are a load more still in the soil. Had some for potato salad - good texture and flavour but not as good as Jazzy (although so different that comparison isn’t really fair). Ridiculous shapes though - was glad I was only scrubbing them! (The pot is about 6” deep)
  23. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread #9

    Didn’t even occur to me to take a jumper to work today and I actually had goose pimples in the shade this morning! Warm in the sun this afternoon though.
  24. mullethunter

    The Weather Thread #9

    There was a fascinating post from the met office on Instagram about a ‘heat burst’. Has been around 18 degrees and cloudy where I’ve been working today - I had goose pimples! Suns out and warmer now though.
  25. mullethunter

    New Silkie Mama

    I’d call her Bowie