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  1. Patricia that’s made me feel better - one of my Dutch Bantams has taken to sleeping on a perch in the run and I worry that she might be cold- the coldest night we’ve had since she’s been doing it is 3 degrees so I guess she’ll be fine!

  2. Mine have sunflower hearts when I need to get them back in their run (usually works although yesterday I went out for posh afternoon tea and had to leave Camilla out because she wouldn’t go in - I swear they know when they’re making you late!) - I haven’t noticed that they’re too oily or so them any harm. I guess they don’t have them very often though.

  3. My mums terrier hasn’t managed to bag a squirrel yet even though she does sometimes forget she can’t climb trees until she gets half way up one! You always know when it’s a squirrel she said chasing by the ‘yip-yipping’ followed by barking!

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  4. How do you do meringues in a microwave?

    Ive almost completely stopped using cling film now but covering apple to make apple sauce in the microwave is one of the two things I do still use it for (the other is covering the bowl whilst my pizza dough rises - I’m very childish and have to have it perfectly right with no creases so I can use it as a drum 🤣).

    The only time I’ve done veggies in the microwave was when we had no kitchen (I use a steamer on the hob) and I put a plate on the bowl.

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  5. 1. Your favourite colour  Deep / bright colours esp blues, greens and purples

    2. Colour you dislike  Pastels esp pink

    3. Do you have chickens? What? Yes!!! Bantams - Wyandotte’s, Araucana, Campine, Plymouth Rock, Pekin, Dutch bantams

     4.Favourite chicken breed - tricky - laced Wyandotte’s for looks pekins for personality

    5. Pets? See above!! Plus 2 cats

    6. Any allergies? Pollen

    7. What crafts do you do  Crochet and baking

     8. What can I make you? 😂 Something lovely!!

  6. As grey_lady has said, unfortunately at this point I think your only option is some sort of fairly serious poison regime. And carry on with your good husbandry of not leaving any food around.

    The only other option I can think of would be to replace your chicken run with one that has small mesh all around including on the floor which would be very expensive and would perhaps not actually get rid of the rats anyway.

    Food luck

  7. Mine are more or less level - certainly not perfect because I did it myself - but they don’t seem to have any low points where water collects. That’s probably more by luck than good judgement!

    The slabs are placed on a few inches of sand which is on a porous weed suppressing membrane and they’re all spaced with probably about a centimetre gap between them. I think I’m lucky hat the underlying soil also drains fairly well.

    The woodchips are probably between one and four inches deep.

    Don’t worry - you’ll find something that works.

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