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  1. Mine used it when they were chicks but never once grown up
  2. Well when I was little we had a ‘hen’ who one day crowed at a couple of years old and then grew cockerel feathers. I don’t think ‘she’ had ever laid eggs though. I think you’re right - I think if an ovary is damaged a hen can apparently change sex
  3. Just read your post about assisting little bit. I’ve just hatched 2 araucana bantams and they unzipped the shell all the way around but couldn’t tear the membrane. I helped them both to a successful hatch in the end. I assumed I’d got something wrong with the humidity but maybe it’s an araucana thing. I’ve hatched pekins and Wyandotte’s in the last and never had to help.
  4. Luvachicken there’s nothing wrong with a girl wanting another girl - do your place of work offer diversity training? 😉😘
  5. Surely the perfect time to pull out ‘Ullo ullo ullo, what ave we ere?’ 🤣
  6. I have had small bits missing and a phone call to Omlet got them sent out the next day - and I got a couple of covers thrown in for free (because I asked)
  7. No. But I have used www.incubatorshop.co.uk and they have some in stock.
  8. For myself I’m not really frightened of getting the virus. Not because I think I invincible - I’m statistically low risk but I know that doesn’t really matter and that if your body reacts in an unexpected manner it can kill anyone - just because I seem to be pre-programmed to not worry about things like that. However, there are lots of people who are frightened, and anyone who says that’s silly is just completely ignoring the facts of how many people this virus has killed. For this reason it makes me so angry that so many people just don’t care enough about others to take even the smallest actions to reduce the risk. It really doesn’t take much to follow some simple rules to keep socially distanced. Yes it may make some of your tasks take longer but it’s only a bit of time!! It’s better than being dead!! In Asda this week I very politely pointed out to a man, when I met him for the third time, that people were supposed to follow the one way arrows. He did turn around but said to me ‘Well nobody else is’ - which wasn’t even true!!! In the whole shop maybe 3 or 4 people weren’t - everybody else was doing as they were asked. I also can’t understand the people who seem to treat the lockdown and subsequent social distancing guidance etc as if it’s some sort of punishment or the government being mean to them. I hate this Tory government as much as the next centre leftie (!) but I genuinely think that despite lots of mistakes in detail and timing they have generally done the things that they had no choice but to do. How can you think things wouldn’t have been worse without lockdown and social distancing? When I read the original post in this thread I was going to just ‘like’ as I agreed with every sentiment in the majors post - but I seem to have ended up having a rant myself! PL - I’m aware you might find this offensive and I am sorry, and I also really respect that you have respected other views even though you don’t share them. But I feel that there are some opinions that should be challenged.
  9. Oooh exciting!!!! My two were 18 and 20 hours from pipping to unzipping - I hope yours doesn’t make you wait so long! Is it cheeping or rocking?
  10. Here’s a dim photo of my brooder box - cheeps are under their brooder. And a photo of said cheeps a few days ago - it’s very difficult to get all four of them facing the camera!
  11. That’s obviously totally different to the one we had then Valkyrie because ours was just an electric fan heater - definitely no need for a plumber - so I might look up the one you had
  12. I don’t think there’s any particular reason the mice would end up in your house. Like the Dogmother I have loads of mice in my garden and the only time I’ve ever had one in the house is when one of the cats has got one. I don’t bring my food in and so far (6 years of chicken keeping) haven’t seen a rat.
  13. I can’t see any beans set on my runners either and I know it’s not sparrows because they’re netted (because otherwise the sparrows do eat the flowers and the shoots). I put cucamelons in salads
  14. They’re araucana bantams too. Or at least they probably are. The girls I got them from had Cuckoo Araucana bantams in with Suffolk Chequer bantams - she said she’s pretty sure the ones I’ve got are araucana but they may possibly not be! They do have Some little feathers on their legs though, and neither breed should have 🧐
  15. This is the second year I’ve grown them. Last year I had three plants and they took over the entire greenhouse. Then this year they’re growing in the greenhouse like weeds! The one I’m training up some netting was self sown and I’m now letting another two grow up a couple of tomatoes. But I’ve pulled out hundreds. Ive found them very easy to grow from germination through to harvest and they’ve carried on producing into November. I know other people have struggled with them though so maybe conditions in my unseated greenhouse just happen to suit them 🤷‍♀️
  16. It certainly does look like it. I could sex most of my pekins at that age. I’d be quite happy with 50/50 because my history so far is running at 25/75!
  17. Raspberries are brilliant this year, as are the wild strawberries. Runner beans and peas have lots of flowers but no pods yet. Tomatoes, cucumber and Cucamelons are all flowering well too. Lots to come 🤞🏻
  18. There was an old electric one in our kitchen when we moved in - our kitchen doesn’t have radiators. It did warm the kitchen up quite well and quite quickly but it was very noisy and very expensive and the heat dissipated as soon as it was turned off. We ripped it out when we had the kitchen done up and now have no heating in there. I’m sure there are better ones now though it was probably about 30 years old.
  19. What’s the verdict?

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