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  1. The Dogmother sells it on her website but don’t forget it isn’t licensed for use on poultry. https://www.claretaylor.com/product-page/harkers-harka-mectin-ivermectin-spot-on-0-35
  2. I know it can be due to protein deficiency, but in my opinion it’s more like just to be a behavioural / habit thing possibly associated with a ‘feathers taste nice’ thing. Definitely go with that bumpa bit - they’re not easy to fit but not impossible.
  3. How are you getting on @Clueless with chickens8 As Beantree said, make sure they have water at all times except in the house (don’t worry too much about them being shut in their house for a little while in the mornings - remember that in the winter they wouldn’t be up until later anyway). That said if they’re in there for too long this could contribute to a bit of feather pecking between them. As long as their layers pellets stay dry, you don’t need to change them, just make sure they’re kept topped up. Mine have fairly small drinkers so I never have to tip the water out and replace it because they tend to empty each drinker over a couple of days and need it totally refilling, if yours have bigger drinkers I would replace with fresh water every few days.
  4. No it didn’t herald a lovely Monday sadly
  5. I don’t think you can feel a difference. Did they hatch @CharDig?
  6. Nothing like your extremes, but last Saturday the temperature went from 21 to 12 in half an hour as the weather changed. Sunday was wet and grey all day, unti, the cloud lifted last thing and there was a pink rainbow!!
  7. That’s a tough lesson for your children 🙁 Lovely little chicks though - have you got them some more friends now?
  8. I certainly know a fair few people who have it at the moment after no one for quite a while. I think people have just forgotten about it. Fortunately I don’t know anyone who’s seriously ill.
  9. Well done Kittyl - you have absolutely made the right decision for your girl and let her go gently. I’m glad to hear her last few weeks were spent doing happy chicken things.
  10. This is a horrible situation and without actually seeing how bad she is it’s difficult to judge, but I’m afraid I’m inclined to agree with Cattails. However if you are going to keep her going, I would definitely keep her indoors until her wounds are really getting well healed, otherwise I would imagine she will end up in the same situation again.
  11. Don’t know about determining final colours from chick colours - in my experience they change so much that unless you know for sure because you’ve seen them before you won’t be able to say. My cuckoo marans looked like your Easter Egger as a chick. They are very cute.
  12. It is sad to know they got so close, but I think very common. I’ve had it with at least one in most of my hatches. You just have to. I’ve on and enjoy the lovely fluff balls that you do have.
  13. No, but my thoughts on the Omlet WIR (I have a lo-rise which is now 4m x 2m)… Pro’s - base doesn’t have to be completely flat and level; once you know how to do it it’s reasonably easy to take apart and move; it’s easy to extend; if placed on a solid base it is fox proof; no maintenance required. Con’s - expensive; not rodent / small bird proof unless lined with finer gauge mesh; does rust over time (I’ve had mine 7 years and there are some rusty bits despite it being mostly covered by tarpaulin); difficult to make it look neat and tidy especially if you have it covered with tarps. If I was starting again I think I would get a custom made run from Jim Vyse Arks even though a wooden frame would require more maintenance.
  14. Nasty egg related injury! Hope they’re not too painful for too long. Pastis - yuck!!
  15. I bet it will heal. As long as she doesn’t peck at the scab there’s no reason why it wouldn’t now given time. I volunteer at a hedgehog centre and I’ve recently seen a hedgehog regrow both skin and prickles after some horrendous injuries. Everything is bodged in our house too - every job we ever try to do results in us uncovering a catalogue of horrors that need to be sorted out before we can do what we originally intended to.
  16. I agree with Cattails. Also, even though that would be plenty of space for 4 bantams (although I have to say it depends on the bantams - plenty big enough for 4 pekins / Dutch or Belgian bantams or similar but not big enough for 4 maran bantams) they would still completely destroy and dig up all the grass within weeks if not days to the point where it would need completely re-seeding.
  17. I think it just depends on the hen. Sometimes this is successful and sometimes not so you’d need to have an alternative ready in case she didn’t accept them. Ive never tried it myself.
  18. I cut Duck’s (my pekin - not a duck) claws today because they were ridiculously long - I did one too short and made it bleed really badly. I felt awful!! Especially because she said ‘Ow’ but then just snuggled down into my arms while I sorted it out (she’s broody).
  19. Yes. I have sat in the run and watched both big and small rats go up the mesh to get through the big gaps, and as MamaCoop says have also seen them get through the small, lower mesh. I have now covered ALL the Omlet run with finer weldmesh. It worked.
  20. Meanwhile in Cornwall…..it’s 11 degrees and raining 🙄
  21. Wow! My campine can barely keep still long enough to lay an egg let alone brood some! I did have a Wyandotte bantam who did exactly the same as your campine though and actually ate one of the chicks 🙈 Good luck with your incubator hatch.
  22. You can get Harkers coxoid to treat coccidiosis and I have successfully used it in chicks. However, the symptoms you’ve described are quite vague and I wouldn’t be certain that coccidiosis is definitely what’s wrong with them, so I would follow cattails suggestion and take a sample to the vets for diagnosis.
  23. I would definitely keep an eye on them all until you know for sure how they’re going to interact. My bantams all coped perfectly well with most cats, but one day one turned up that would really stalk them which resulted in them really having to scatter to get away one day and I ended up with chickens all over the place - high up trees in the neighbours gardens, over fences and in neighbours gardens, in the footpath to the side of our garden - all sorts!

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