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  1. The 1m extension would definitely be better for your hens, and as Cattails says it would allow you to add a perch creating even more usable space and hens love a perch to be up on to do their feathers or have a nap. However, and I feel really bad being pessimistic, I don’t think it will help significantly with the run staying clean for any prolonged period. I think you’d need to go quite a lot bigger for that which is clearly just not possible for you to do. The run has a ‘stable door’ type door at the end doesn’t it? So I think in your position I’d get a lightweight long handled rake and broom, go back to using something cheap and reasonably easy to remove (straw or miscanthus or similar) and just totally skip the whole lot out as often as I could.
  2. If you’ve found somewhere you can make a bigger run for your girls, don’t rehome them in the meantime and don’t rush too much. The situation is obviously not ideal at the moment, but the girls are used to it now (and chickens live and survive in much worse conditions) so they’ll be OK in there for a little while longer. Just keep it as clean as you are able to. Then do as everyone else has said - look around on Freecycle, Facebook Marketplace, Freeloved, etc. Put up ‘wanted’ ads as well as just waiting. In the mean time get the area prepared and figure out what sort of run you want, and get the bits and pieces you need so that you’re ready to go once you get some slabs. I hope this works out for you and you can keep your girls. If it doesn’t and you need to stick to the size you’ve got I would suggest an absolute maximum of 3 small bantams.
  3. I’ve just looked at your photo on the earlier post - I don’t know why none of us noticed before really but I’m afraid Cattails is completely right - that run is really not big enough for 4 full sized chickens to be permanently shut inside - even Omlet say you should allow a square meter per hen (I know thats a bit rich when they then sell at he set up you have bought as being suitable for 4). You will certainly never be able to keep any sort of substrate in reasonable condition in there I’m afraid - your only option would be to use something cheap and completely replace it at regular intervals. I also agree with Cattails that by far the best (albeit expensive) option now would be to get a 2m extension for your run - that would give your girls 1 square meter each and give you more of a chance at keeping the run less mucky. Makes me cross that Omlet still sell these runs implying they can comfortably house far more hens than they should. I bought a Go with regular run as my first house intending it to be for 4 bantams - I bought a run extension as soon as I saw it before I even picked up the chickens.
  4. What beautiful girls. I’m sure you’ll find them a home really quickly.
  5. I’m wondering if there are any ladies on here who have an outdoors job who can help me by recommending a decent pair of work trousers. They need to be comfortable for lots of walking and to be worn under waders and waterproof trousers, to be warm enough for winter (although I do wear thermals underneath so they don’t have to do everything) but cool enough for summer, and to be tough enough to cope with brambles and gorse. They need to come in black and a size 6/8 and have at least a couple of decent pockets. I currently wear Brasher walking trousers which cost about £50. They’re OK but they only last a couple of years. I’ve been toying with the idea of something from Fjallraven but they’re eye wateringly expensive and out of stock everywhere. Anyone recommend anything?
  6. Alternatively I have flyte so fancy hardwood chips because although my run is covered on top and three sides it still gets quite wet. I do muck out quite often and sprinkle ground sanitising powder when I think of it but only need to replace the woodchip every 18 months or so. That’s with 9 bantams in a 10 sq meter run.
  7. I use Easichick in the nest box and me and the girls are very happy with it. I don’t use anything under the roosting bars.
  8. I guess it’s not solid wood is it but pellets made of sawdusty stuff so it would compost much more quickly than actual wood
  9. I’ve had 4 escapes from the chicken tunnels today so I’ve had to go around re-fixing the edges. I think now they’re all coming into lay and hormones are kicking in they’re more eager to get back out than they have been over the last few months.
  10. I don’t know whether you drive / have a car, but if you do you could consider Click and Collect instead - tends to be much easier to get a reasonably timed slot
  11. I read that as ‘have to remove THEIR legs’ 😳 Don’t do that!!! It seems that Silkies are often a bit slow to learn but I’m sure they’ll get it in the end.
  12. I would keep calling, but if it’s not very far to your old home, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he goes there. I would keep checking. Hope he turns up.
  13. Happy late Birthday CT!!!!! You had the best present 🐔
  14. Very. Very. Cute. I have a photo of my partner with a pekin chick on each shoulder but it can’t compare with this so I’m not posting it 😂
  15. Best thing for the Mail. Perhaps not brilliant for the chooks although it probably won’t do them too much harm. I can’t picture what you mean by the box on the shelf. Can you make it out of cardboard or something less likely to be shredded and eaten 🙄
  16. As long as you have very heavy duty hinges I can’t see why that wouldn’t work. You’d just need to think carefully about how to make sure that didn’t lead to inherent weaknesses in protection from predators though.
  17. I agree with all of the above. In theory it’s possible but it’s unlikely to be a good idea.
  18. I’m sad that you couldn’t make her better but to be honest, at her age it was probably unlikely anything could be done even if she had seen another vet. You definitely made the right decision.
  19. I guess she means because they don’t realise it’s themselves they will think it’s other chickens and that might stress them. I guess that’s possible but if it were me I’d judge by watching their behaviour around it. You should be able to tell whether they’re interested or stressed.
  20. To be fair CT I think what they actually say is, Sebrights are very small and very good at flying so they’re not suitable for a first chicken and think carefully about your enclosure 🤣 Hopefully though she will get big enough to not be able to escape any more! I wanted gold sebrights as my first chickens but (probably fortunately) I ended up with Wyandottes instead.
  21. What lovely girls - I’m so jealous of your Barnevelder - looking forward to seeing more photo’s 🥰
  22. Speaking of which luvachicken it’s time for more photo’s!
  23. Oh no!!! I usually notice things like that 🙄😂 Agree 100%
  24. They are just the most gorgeous photos 😍🥰

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