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  1. Sand is fine. But if the damp is coming up through the ground can you use some kind of container? I have the largest trug tub in a big tyre.
  2. From a quick Google I’m. It sure Praziquantel is available here in liquid form. The one UK website doesn’t seem to actually sell it. Most hits are Dutch.
  3. It does get easier the more times you do it. I’ve only dismantled and rebuilt my WIR once, but I’ve done my Go run lots of times and it now doesn’t take me very long at all. The only thing I would say is that you’ll probably have to buy new run clips fairly often as the repeated clipping and unclipping will fatigue the plastic so they’ll break.
  4. Mine have done this when they’ve had a touch of scaly leg. I’ve successfully treated it with a combination of spot on ivermectin (not licenced for use in chickens) and scaly leg liquid brushed on their legs with a soft toothbrush.
  5. I’m a 6-8 but I still think they’re an instrument of - maybe not torture - but at least extreme discomfort!
  6. I always wonder who (beyond the age of 19) wears thongs? Why would you?!
  7. I’m pretty sure the rule of 6 won’t include reindeer but I’m not sure about him going into a house where there are already 6 people 🧐
  8. Just seen a Christmas advert. 7th October. Just saying.
  9. I wouldn’t worry yet - give it a few more days and see if she returns to normal
  10. Hi Triss - welcome along. Looking forward to watching your forays into chicken keeping 😁
  11. They just need to get the hang of it. Have you tried putting a light inside the Cube?
  12. Some of mine eat worms and others don’t. Different chickens definitely like to eat different things - just like people.
  13. We’ve had a grim day, followed by a lovely day twice this week. But it’s now really cold and fairly still out there - the calm before the storm and a horrid weekend by the looks of things 😩
  14. I don’t think you’ll need the extreme temperature blanket - there are concerns that this can reduce ventilation too much. Keeping them dry is a good idea though - mine have a tarpaulin over their run, and even bough they generally don’t like being shut in the run, if they’re free ranging and it starts to rain they all leg it in their, so they clearly prefer to stay dry. I agree with CT too.
  15. Yep - sounds broody to me too. Any change?
  16. Try sticking something on the rungs to make it easier for them.
  17. That is odd but as she’s only young I wouldn’t be too worried - it can take a while for egg laying to get into a ‘normal’ rhythm.
  18. Welcome to the forum and I hope you’re enjoying your new girls. Sorry for the slow replies - sometimes first time posts seem slow to appear. I don’t bother putting anything in there - they perch on the bars and I find it easier to clean out with nothing underneath.
  19. I don’t see why not
  20. Surely it gets colder than that - I live in Cornwall and it gets down to that some nights. Anyway - they’ll be fine outdoors at quite a lot colder than that.
  21. Dressing gown over the top of the quilt makes so much difference I find!

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