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  1. I would think that she’s just stopped laying and is about to moult. That was also explain the ‘dry’ comb.
  2. I’d have mine out at this time of year at 7 weeks - just make sure they don’t get wet. Also I agree with everything Cattails said about getting up the ladder.
  3. I have had chickens in my back garden for 7 years and have only had mites once. That was because I was using an old, handmade, wooden perch in the plastic house (Eglu Cube). I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I think if you have a plastic house which you keep clean you won’t have a problem with mites. And even if you do they’re quite easily sorted out with a plastic house. I chucked out the perch. Pressure washed and mite sprayed the house. Smoke bombed the house. Repeated that one week later and that was that.
  4. I echo what Cattails said. Hopefully they will come to at least tolerate being handled but not all do. Mine will all happily eat from my hand but only the ones I hatched and raised will let me pick them up without telling everyone they’re being murdered.
  5. Luvachicken I’m so sorry to hear that Peggy is gone but you really did try everything for her and well done for giving her the kindest way out. If a chicken can feel cared for she certainly would have done. She’s OK now. Beantree sorry to hear about Minnie too - what a super chicken she must’ve been - I hope my Wyandottes go on that long!
  6. I really hope you took her to the vet. That hen will be suffering as much as you would be if your leg was in that state. The vet will prescribe antibiotics if that’s what is needed.
  7. That is exactly what I do. Kitchen roll for at least the first week and then easichick wood chip. I have chicks that are a week old today and I will be switching them to easichick at the weekend. So exciting when you hear them cheep from the egg!
  8. Yep - definitely have a Google of sour crop or search on this forum. Good luck.
  9. I wonder if it’s a particular isssue with Barnevelder bantams then. They actually seem to have straightened quite a lot in the last couple of days.
  10. I’d be happy with 1 given my history with hatching 🤣
  11. I sometimes find that when they start to get better they need to get out of the henspital because they seem to need the stimulation of being outside to really properly perk back up again. Hope she continues to improve.
  12. Oh this is so sad it’s brought tears to my eyes. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had to say goodbye to Gemma but I’m glad she had a lovely last day, that it was quick and somewhere she felt safe and that you were there to give her a stroke. xxx
  13. Sorry - busy day!! All - including little fighter cheep whose crop is so full it looks all lopsided - seem to be doing well 😁 Here they are… The brown stripeys are the Barnevelder bantams that I hatched, the black and white are the maran bantams I bought. In the one with the two Barnevelders, the one on the left with the crooked toes is the little fighter 😍
  14. This page has a calculator https://www.flytesofancy.co.uk/hardwood-woodchip-for-poultry-runs-handy-bag.html
  15. Awful news from Germany about the flooding and terrible loss of life and destruction. Shocking to hear - I think I always (wrongly) imagine something like that would never happen in Western Europe.
  16. I think I’ve been in the forum 7 years and don’t recall seeing your name pop up so blimey it must be a good few years. Lovely girls in the sun - what an old lady 😍
  17. Blimey - things are never easy are they?! What a stressful 24 hours that was! After the chick above hatched - we waited. Of the other two eggs one had already pipped 5 hours previously and the other pipped as the first was hatching (around lunchtime on Wednesday). By bedtime on Wednesday still nothing from the other two and they hadn’t rocked much at all or cheeped. We went to bed fearing the worst. Obviously I hardly slept and when I went down to check in the middle of the night, still nothing. But then when I got up yesterday morning, the one that had pipped at lunch time was half way through unzipping!! It took a couple of hours but eventually hatched unaided and seemed perfectly healthy blundering around the incubator. Once it was out I quickly whipped the first chick out of the incubator (literally took seconds - it had been in there fluffing up for around 24hrs and I assumed the remaining egg wasn’t going to hatch) and took it to the brooder box. By the time I got back to the incubator - maybe 5 minutes at the absolute most - the chick that had just hatched was dead!! It was lying with its head on the midddle bit of the incubator above the water holder. Absolutely gutted!!! No idea what happened but it’s head was really floppy as if it’s neck was broken. Could not believe it. Anyway - as I took the dead chick out I noticed a tiny bit of movement from the last egg which by this point had pipped well over 24 hours ago. So I made sure the humidity was OK and left it there. It made a slightly bigger hole so you could see it’s beak breathing but that was it. I didn’t think it would make it so I just left it and went out for the afternoon fully expecting it to be dead when I got home. It wasn’t though! I got home at about 6pm and it was still cheeping away but hadn’t moved to get out of the shell at all. Now over 36hrs from pipping. So I did what I know is a bad idea and got it out of the shell. It’s navel hadn’t fully healed and did bleed a bit, in fact I thought it would die straight away (I thought it would die if I left it in the shell too though so I thought it was worth a try) - but now nearly 24hrs later it’s still with us and is bouncing around the brooder box with its sibling and 2 same age maran bantam chicks that I managed to source and buy (the wonder of Facebook groups) to keep the first chick company. I’m not sure it’s legs are quite right but it’s getting around and eating and drinking so we’ll give it a chance. Pics to follow…. Phew 🤯
  18. Yep - what she said ⬆️ I have a mark 1 Cube run butted up against an Omlet WIR - they’re connected with a combination of run clips and cable ties.
  19. The thing that got my Polly eating when she’d been stung was scrambled egg - basically just an egg cooked in the microwave and scrambled halfway through - I didn’t add any milk (or salt and pepper!). So pleased that she seems to be feeling better.
  20. First one is out! Other two have pipped so hopefully there will be three by tomorrow 🤞🏻 The one that’s hatched is doing it’s best to get the others to hurry up!
  21. We’ve started feeding a mouse on the deck outside our patio doors (I am aware we may regret it 🙈) and on Sunday night there was a frog sitting there too. The mouse went right up to the frog nose-to-nose as if saying ‘What are you?’

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