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  1. Opinions please! Based on looks, character description and what is available from my two local reputable suppliers I am narrowed down to a few hybrids. A Bluebell is a definite and I can get one from either place. Then I fancied a Black Rock/Rhode but these are all reserved now and I would have to wait until April before the next batch arrive. I really wanted to try and get the newcomers for Easter as we are off to do refereeing if needed so that idea seems out. My other options are a Skyline/cream legbar or a speckledy Sussex...... Can anyone put a case forward for one vs the other or throw another into the mix? I know I'll be happy with whoever we end up with but I am enjoying browsing for potentials! Ideally I want a good layer, friendly and unlikely to go broody - I have two Partridge Brahmas for that already First world problems!
  2. You might find a bargain of a Cube on eBay of course........
  3. It is because of the risk of antibiotic resistance in humans. For example the antibiotic they use for a nasty food poisoning - like campylobacter is very similar to baytril. I think it is unknown how long there is residual drug in the egg (they won't fund looking into this in hens) and the fear is you would be resistant to the antibiotic should you need treatment for such a thing. So it isn't that eating them will make you ill at all. So I guess that is up to you. My husband and I have talked about it and are unsure as yet what to do, but probably would give it 28 days at least before eating the eggs and I'm still un-decided about eating them at all! Personally I won't be giving them to my children, just because they have many more years ahead of them where they may need antibiotics. Over-use of these drugs are very much a problem in both humans and animals, we are very aware of this now in my vet practice.
  4. I'm very tempted by a Bluebell I have to say. Good news is, MG is back out with the others and doing really well. The other excellent news is that my husband has agreed to extend the run space, meaning MOREHENS!!!! Whoop Whoop! Hoping to get him building and then getting some new girls during the Easter hols, when we are around to referee a little
  5. Yes, the NOAH compendium supports that too. So no eggs. One of mine has been on it too, I have another Brahma and they lay very similar eggs, so I have to hope I see which one is laying otherwise I can only have the eggs from one of my three. There are subtle differences - the baytril one tends to lay smaller eggs, but without comparisons it may mean the bin for most of our eggs The next ladies who join the flock will definitely need individual egg colours!
  6. My own dog was very excited around them in the days following Redsunset. I wonder if she had actually been out there then instead of chasing it she might have got excited and joined in as well? Dunno if she could just smell the Brahmas wounds and that was making her act out of character or what she thought she was up to! Mother Gothel is back out full time with the others now, still a way to go but healing mostly fine. There is one area under her tail I'm a little concerned over but we will see, I'm keeping a close eye. She just needs some feathers back now, poor old baldy butt.
  7. Yes we also have standard livestock fencing down the bottom of the garden. As she was chased out she cleared it like it wasn't even there. She was a Pointer. I think the likes of her and lurchers are amazingly good jumpers!
  8. I've just sprayed her bum with iodine and put her out for her first roam with the other two. They have been 'visiting' her in her crate and she spent a couple of hours in the run (in her crate) with them this morning. Elsa gave her a good peck on the head to remind her who is boss but that was all the squabbling done and they're just having a mooch about. I gently told my son that we may be able to get another just yet and he seemed to accept that. I'll bet I get talked into some stick insects instead! Mother Gothel is the wicked witch from the Disney film Tangled - Rapunzel's "mother'! There is a brilliant song that she sings about Mother knowing best and I sing it to the kids all the time. The Hens arrived on Mothers Day last year so it seemed apt
  9. Oh dear My poor son will be upset. Hey ho, never mind, we'll concentrate on getting poor Mother Gothel back to her beautiful old self instead.
  10. No, I don't really have room for two more. Should I not be introducing just one of any breed then?
  11. Hello, I posted on Sunday after losing one of my girls to someone's dog One of my brahmas was also seriously injured but is recovering well so far. We will be getting another hen once the brahma is fully recovered and back with the other two full time, so a good few weeks to go yet. I'm debating whether to get an ex batt or another posh bird? I have two Partridge Brahmas and a Wheaten Maran. I love the idea of an ex batt, but someone I work with introduced one to an established flock and it pecked one of the original birds to death overnight! She thought it best to only get ex batts when you are getting a few as a group together. Would introducing just one to my posh ladies be a bad idea? Either from her point of view or my current girls....

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