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  1. My chickens are all 6 years + and totally unphased by cats, which I think probably doesn't help. A bit of squawking and flapping could be quite useful. I've got the hose set to jet wash at the ready. I'm just hoping I'll see them in time.
  2. I've kept free range chickens for about 15 years, mostly little Pekins and never had an issue with cats, even big farm cats. They've recently been moved from a rural village to a town garden and obviously have just started being let out to free range in the garden and I'm seriously worried about the cats round here. They clearly haven't seen chickens before and I've had 2 in the garden today both seriously stalking them. Should I be worried?! The first one I shooed off. The second was stalking them despite my dog being in the garden too. My dog doesn't chase cats, but did intervene when the cat lunged at them. I don't know if it just seems worse as I'm working from home and can see them?
  3. It is covered with a mesh, just not covered as in to keep out the rain. So not covered as in under cover, but covered as in not uncovered. Hope that makes sense?! (The cube run inside it is rain proof though).
  4. Thanks - I'd forgotten about that. I've never seen one other than in photos. Omlet - how about a classic up?!
  5. Thanks everyone. You've confirmed my suspicions about the Go not being as robust. I still love the design of the Go Up though. Sigh. If the Go was the same material as the Classic and the Cube, there'd be no stopping me!
  6. I recently decided to branch out and get some Speckled Sussex Bantams. I think they are unhinged though! They absolutely will not sleep in a house. My set up is a cube and a classic in a walk in run. Everybody gets locked into the walk in run at night. My existing flock sleep in the cube and the newbies have a choice of cube or classic - they were kept in the classic when they were babies, so they should be used to it. But no. No matter how many times I try to convince them otherwise, they insist on roosting on top of the cube and make a disgusting mess pooing all over it. Every night. Even in torrential downpours. I have spent weeks of each night picking them up and putting them into a house, to no avail. If I am a bit late shutting them in the walk in run, then they roost on top of the run itself and then I can't even reach to get them down. Does anyone have any suggestions? Help! p.s. I've even been considering getting them another house, but it seems crazy when they have more than enough room
  7. Thanks ANH I had been looking at this one, before your better school table suggestion: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00EF3VAPC/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=2CBCGE3EDBFOW&coliid=II1O8PWM10LQG It's almost eglu colours!
  8. That looks great ANH. Just need to try and find one now! What would you say would be the smallest length and width that would work? I know the classic is meant to be 80 x 80cm, but I get the impression that you could get away with smaller than this? Thanks
  9. I've read reviews of the Go saying that the plastic is more fragile and can crack - something my Classics have had plenty of encouragement to do, (small children), but never have. Omlet assure me they are made of the same material and that the Go is just as robust as the Classic. Really?
  10. I have a Cube and I have a Classic (the other one doesn't count because it has guinea pigs in it). I need (no, really) another house. Do I get another Classic or do I get a Go instead, so I have the option of turning it into a Go Up? I really like the idea of an Up, but I'm worried that I won't like the Go as much as the Classic. HELP!!! I need to decide today and I'm not doing very well...
  11. I was planning to get a Go Up, but I'm having a last minute wobble about not liking the Go as much as the Classic... (also, him indoors is less likely to notice there is an extra one if it is a Classic too like the others!)
  12. I'm looking for a table to put my eglu classic on in an uncovered run. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to get one that is a good fit size wise. If it matched the green of the eglu, that would be even better! Thanks
  13. A bit late answering your question, but I haven't been on here for absolutely ages. I have a Harrod Horticultural run - 3m x 6m Overall, I'd say it is very good value for money for the size of run that your chickens end up with. It has good points and bad points though: + lots of space for the cost compared to other runs + u"Ooops, word censored!"trusive - we have the aluminium tube one and barely notice it is there + you can get spare poles if needed + it is high enough to walk in comfortably - don't bother with the extruded mesh sides - rats chewed big (fox sized) holes in it - there is no way of putting a roof on it - you need to take the mesh roof off if it snows, otherwise the weight will bend the poles (HH send email reminders to take it off if snow is forecast) In summary, overall I am really pleased with it. Our set up is like this: HH aluminium frame 1 x 0.5" weldmesh sides that go down to a foot below ground level HH mesh roof as supplied I lock the door in the middle and at the bottom and like this I am happy to leave my chickens loose in there at night. As for the roof issue, initially I wished I had a wooden covered run, but now I am actually glad that the run is open to the elements - it is healthier and a more natural environment for the chickens. Inside the run, I have a cube with 3 run sections covered with a tarpaulin, so 4m in total of covered run. This covered bit gets very dusty - I actually hose it down when I wash the Cube. The uncovered run is far less dusty as it gets rained on, which is much healthier for the chickens. The run floor is bare earth covered with a generous layer of free green wood chip from the local tree surgeon, so the rain, earth and associated natural bugs and worms etc means that it slowly composts down - I don't need to poo pick, there is no smell and my chickens are very healthy. I top up the green wood chip at the end of the summer and don't have any problems with mud - my Pekins have lovely clean foot feathers. I hope that helps - let me know if you want any further info or some pics x
  14. I have mostly always kept Pekins, with a few Wyandotte Bantams too, but I have been offered some Speckled Sussex Bantam chicks. Has anyone kept both? How would you say they compare, in size and character? I LOVE Pekins, but I'm very tempted!

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