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  1. I'm having a dilemma - I had to say no to the Buff Columbians as my neighbour's flock was ill, but they've been returned and mine all seem fine. So, I thought I'd get some hatching eggs, but no-one is broody! I've only had one broody Pekin this year! What is going on?! Anyway, do I keep waiting for a broody and then hatch, or do I get a few of the 3 week old Pekins I've located, or do I look for some growers that have been sexed? My head is swimming with Pekins and I can't think straight!
  2. For me, red looks like a girl and purple looks like a boy. Can't really see blue's face well enough Are they lf and nearly as big as mum already?!
  3. I think they'll get over it and mingle a bit more soon. I think it is a bit like when one of your friends is away from school for a while - friendships may alter for a bit, but when they are back, it all goes back to like old times!
  4. Having said the above, I still haven't forgive Jacobs for taking the ridges off their fig rolls. I want ridged and cut before baking please. Very important. Also, I am still bearing a grudge against McVitie's for making Ginger Nuts 'not suitable for vegetarians' for a brief, yet very important exam period during the mid 1990's.
  5. I'm having no problems with this 360g bar, but then again I'm eating it out of desperation and not really analysing the flavour too much.
  6. Please could someone identify this clematis for me? I thought it was particularly beautiful and understated. I think you can see it in the photo, but the flowers are pale green with dark pink veins. Thank you
  7. I am so sorry to hear your sad news. What a despicable and disgusting thing for someone to do. I think someone else said they must have been in show circles to have known which were the best show birds to steal - does that mean that they are now actually going to dare to exhibit them??? Revolting and vile people.
  8. Pekins! They are utterly adorable and lay lovely little eggs. They are very chatty, busy, friendly, intelligent, easy to handle and long lived. They burble and meep when they are talking to you. One of my Pekins used to get in my son's buggy with him when he was little and purr like a kitten when he stroked her. They do much less damage to gardens than hybrids and you can get more for the same space as they are so dinky.
  9. Just read ANH's story - great idea. Has given me a bit of an idea about the cat from next door and it's multiple daily visits to our flower beds. I won't be wasting any of my new poo bags on it though. I could either post it all through the letterbox or catapult it back over the fence with a bamboo cane, (that's what my dad used to do with slugs and snails...). They're only renting next door, so I wouldn't have to live with the repercussions for too long and they don't even reply as it is when I say hello, so I haven't much to lose
  10. Garden cat is back - it dug up a new plant and then pooed in the hole. Me and little 'un went twig collecting and now the garden is a veritable jungle of bramble twigs. Looks a bit odd, but hopefully worth it - thanks Couperwife. I haven't tried the lion dung yet - my dogs eat every other variety of poo going, so I thought it may end up going the same way . I had sprinkled cayenne pepper everywhere and that didn't stop it, but I'll try the teabag thing next if needs be. Blooming cats!
  11. I'm getting something about crime figures going down?!
  12. Depends on the quality of the bag. That went wrong once. I learn fast.
  13. Ok, I'm really sad and no, I don't get out enough, but pets at home have started doing spotty and stripy pink and blue and purple poo bags. If you've got to carry around a bag of poo, it may as well look nice on it's way to the bin!
  14. I don't know what all the bones are - a variety of bits and species I think - I wasn't there on the afternoon in question, (the dogs went for a play because I hadn't been well enough to take them out), so I didn't get to see what it was she chewed in particular, but I know she gets raw bones from the market in town. I'll have to ask. It would be nice to not have to brush their teeth so much - Schnauzer beard and dribble and toothpaste and dog breath aren't a great mix . Having said that, we're both veggie and I really don't think it would go down too well with OH if he came home to find them gnawing a raw carcass in the garden
  15. I think that's what wore down my dog's teeth during her afternoon of obsessive chewing in my neighbour's garden - it is littered with raw bones (I don't think they are human...) Mine seem to do well with Nylabones - they go all bristly like toothbrushes when they chew on them, but they are still no substitute for regular toothbrushing, (other than a whole dead rabbit or something )
  16. I don't think you need to worry too much about tonight - I'd be very surprised if they peck her in the dark. Chickens are normally very good about being quiet after lights out, (unlike my three year old who was just yelling 'mummy come back' down the stairs - at nearly 10 o'clock!!! ). Perhaps you could post a close up photo of her bum in the morning? People would be better able to advise you about how to deal with it. Try not to worry too much - what ever happens in these first few settling in days, she will still be a hell of a lot better off than she would be if you hadn't adopted her
  17. I think, from what other people have said, they do all tend to try and cram in together. I had a classic first and had the same dilemma as you. In the end, I got a cube, (in a walk in run), and kept the classic. It is useful to have a spare house, for quarantining new additions, hatching, as a hospital wing etc
  18. As in, just putting one in its shell on the rack? I suppose I should just try it really, but I haven't quite recovered from cleaning the oven yet and I didn't want to land myself with a similar job to do on the barbecue.
  19. We seem to have solved the pooing in the garden bit - by going to the garden centre and getting a load of bedding plants. Things will need to be thinned out as they grow to fill their spaces, which is a shame, but at least I'm not cleaning up after the next door cat several times a day. As for the allotment, the cat had been cat-leaping over Omlet netting to get in there. However, the cat in question had a bit of a tete-a-tete with one of my Mini Schnauzers at the weekend and I haven't been troubled by it since, touch wood. The dogs were out with us for the afternoon, free ranging inside the Omlet netting with the chickens. Cat appeared, obviously wanting to answer a call of nature. Cat saw Poppy, (very solid, very muscly Mini), and did the typical cat nonchalance thing of sitting, sunning itself and sort of half dog watching, with a 'oh, I hadn't really noticed you there dog' demeanour. Poppy stood rigid and motionless, staring at cat for a good 20 minutes. Cat upped its game and moved closer, as in a metre away from Poppy, still the other side of the netting. Poppy waited another 10 minutes, until cat was getting really quite relaxed. Cat didn't realise that Poppy can do a Platform 9 3/4 job on the netting and only just managed to escape in time when 8kg of very cross Schnauzer suddenly appeared at the other end of its whiskers.
  20. My little Pekins, (queens of broodiness), are never aggressive towards me when they are broody, even if sitting on eggs. My silver laced Wyandotte bantam on the other hand, would quite happily take my arm off, shred it and stir fry it whilst I bled to death. I hope your hen is ok. I had an internal layer, (rip Violet ). She still went into the nest box to try to lay and would sit there for a while, but it was not like being broody, where they sit in there 23 3/4 hours a day for 3 weeks!
  21. Thank you for your responses. My walk in run currently has a lower skirt, (3 foot above ground, 1 foot under ground), of 1" x 1" 19g (1mm thick) weldmesh. I'm wanting to put stronger mesh on from the ground up to the roof, in addition to the existing weldmesh. From your recommendations, I'm planning on ordering 1/2" x 1", 1mm thick, 72" x 15m roll of weldmesh. I'll ring Hills of Devon first to discuss it, but does that sound sufficient? Thanks
  22. I always quarantine newbies well away from my existing flock, for at least 2 weeks, (usually longer as I prefer them to grow up getting to know us, rather than buying at point of lay). However, I have never bought any chickens that have turned out to be ill, (touch wood). I know some people do not have the option to set up a distant quarantine area, but recently there seem to be quite a few cases of new birds being ill and even passing disease onto the existing flock. So, I wanted to do a bit of a survey that will hopefully be of benefit to others. If you have ever bought new chickens that have not been 100%: - what was wrong with them, (e.g. respiratory problem / parasites / specific disease etc) - which county did you buy them in and when - what was the outcome (e.g. infected existing flock / recovered with treatment / died / returned to seller etc) (Please do not mention any specific suppliers on the forum, as I'm not sure about the repercussions of this!)
  23. We get ours free from the tree surgeon too. Ask for 'green wood chip' and explain what it is for, so that they don't give you a batch with yew or anything toxic in it. The last lot we had was fantastic - really chunky nice chips! You do need to spread it out as soon as you get it though, being green, otherwise it will heat up and start going funny very quickly.
  24. I was going to start today, my plan being to have starvation, sorry 'fast', days coincide with the two mornings my little boy has lunch at nursery. However, a combination of chicken related upset and finding a box of Guylian chocolates on top of the kitchen cupboard, foiled my plans. Wish me luck for Thursday!

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