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  1. Oh yes there are tunnels! I keep joking it should get a job with Eurotunnel! I'm assuming you mean flood it out? Every time I block a hole, it digs round it or digs a new tunnel. I swear I will go in the garden one day and vanish into a sink hole Thanks for the chicken comment. I will keep letting them FR for a while longer then and watch to see how they are doing .
  2. I've joined this discussion a bit too late but will add my thoughts if that's ok. I have three dogs, a 11 year old retired greyhound, Ben, he joined us in sept 2014 (rescue). 8 year old English show springer Arnold (bought) and a 4 year old lurcher Ruby, we've had since she was ten weeks but born into rescue. I was a volunteer foster mum for GRWE greyhound rescue west of England and have various friends throughout dog rescue. knowing what I know now, I would always look for a rescue dog first. I also feel we have enough dogs in this country needing a home and should think twice about importing more. There are dogs being put to sleep daily as no rescue space can be found for them. That said once and overseas dog is here, they need a home. Finding a rescue dog is like dating. I'm guessing most of us haven't ended up staying with the first man/woman that we dated. It takes time and any rescue worth its salt will find the right dog for you. GRWE don't have open kennels so you can't go and pick your dog yourself, they look at your requirements and match it up to you. Of course if you don't gel they will start again. I would stress very strongly that if you take on a rescue dog you need to make sure the rescue is reliable. A good rescue will home check you and do a follow-up to make sure the dog has settled and be there if you need support. And if the worst comes to the worse and it doesn't work out you should be able to return the dog. I really hope the pup works out for you, I just hope you have the support you may need.
  3. Morning everyone, Thanks again for the replies. I think progress is being made. The three existing girls and two new ones have been free ranging in the garden everyday together for longer periods. There is still a "them and us" situation but the severity of the telling offs are reducing. The new girls just seem to keep out the way. How and when do I deal with the next step please of putting them in the same coop at night? I don't think they would fair well if they don't have room to run and escape even though their run is 80' square. I'm thinking pop them in at night when everyone is sleepy and get up at the crack of dawn to open the run door to the garden so they have room to escape? Please feel free to say "not yet" or any other suggestions. I'm also trying to deal with a rat Poison is out of the question as I have dogs and we have owls etc about. I've got an electric rat trap I'm hoping to try (saw that suggestion on here) or I may try the Eradibait, again suggested on here. It can't get in the run as I've chicken wired the floor, but I have the awful feeling it's burrowed underneath that and is living there.
  4. Can anyone point me in the direction of threads relating to introducing new hens please, rather than me asking already asked questions. If tried the search facility but can't really find anything. Thanks Jo
  5. Hi, can i ask is that a box you've made them and if so, what have you put in it please? I made one with play sand in and they weren't impressed. So I chucked the sand in the run and blow me, if they didn't bath in it!
  6. We had a green oak framed room built last year (still on going) and had some fabulous trades people.......and a couple not so. Sadly the joiners who built the frame would arrive at 9am - cuppa. 10am down tools, pull out some garden chairs and have a late breakfast 11am cuppa, this too involved sitting down. 1pm lunch, another sit down for 20 mins half hour. Around 3.30pm they were winding it down and packing up and gone by 4pm. We ended up having a word with them and it all sadly became a bit awkward. After ten months of every trade going stomping through our house, getting through their body weight in tea and munchies, I was very glad when they all left!
  7. Thank you for the replies Have taken note and must learn to be more patient. Everyone is out in the garden at the mo, with the new girls in a smaller fenced off bit. They are constantly trying to get to the other three though. Gluttons for punishment or a case of grass is always greener? Jumping forward a week or so, have people had the most success mixing them in the coop at night? Do I then still split them up during the day? Sorry if this is frustrating questions as this must have been asked a thousand times.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'm sorry but I have a question that's probably been asked before. I only started keeping chickens around June last year (3 hybrids - light Sussex, speckledy, Rhode Island). I picked up two more on Tuesday and have split the run/coop in two and all have access to sectioned bits of the garden. Yesterday and this morning I let the Sussex and speckledy mix with the new two and there was hardly any upset. A bit of very minor pecking. I felt quite positive as I had started to wonder if I should be upsetting the status quo. Then I let Ginger in for a short time. She was evil! At one point she pounced on my Bluebell, pinned it to the floor and pecked its neck pulling a few feathers out. I'm a bit surprised as I wouldn't say she was the top bird out of the three and is the smallest. I guess my questions are, are red chickens known for being more aggressive and what else am I doing wrong? Is it too soon to mix them together? How will I know when's a good time? How much aggression is too much. It's horrible to watch isn't it?? It's hard to picture everything will ever be peaceful at the moment and I'm wondering if I shouldn't have been greedy and just stuck with my three happy hens Thanks for any replies Jo
  9. Why aren't they allowed treats or allowed to roam when being wormed?
  10. Ahhhhhhh!!! Thank you. Once I have a kitchen and not a building site I shall get one .
  11. Thank you "ain't "Ooops, word censored!"ody here" for posting my photo (waves a cheery wave in thanks). "mullethunter" please explain your "no treats + worming" comment. "LunaKiw1" A what?? Intrigued of Hertfordshire.
  12. Thanks for the replies. When I said giant, I meant THIS big Not sure if the picture link will work?
  13. Hello everyone. I'm Jo, first time chicken owner to 3 POL hybrids. I've had them 3 weeks now and absolutely LOVE them, especially my little ginger girl. Am I allowed a list of questions?? Firstly, the coop came with perches that were only about an inch square. I replaced them after reading somewhere they like have their feet flat, not curled around like a wild bird, with 4" perches. They still don't use them, so I re-read and have now replaced them with 2" perches. I'm lost..................what size should they be and why don't they use them please? They prefer to sleep in the egg boxes which I now block and they then sleep in front of them on the floor. Secondly - twice now a GIANT egg has been laid. I don't know who did it, but it seems to be over night or early hours. It really is huge compared to the normal little ones I get. Any idea why please? Lastly - treat? I give them dried meal worms and make them fruit and veg kebabs I've got a list of what can and can't be fed, but I don't know how often treats are allowed. Daily, weekly? Thanks for reading and any replies. Jo

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