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  1. Great peeps, thanks for your feedback on this subject. Although i feel rather let down by the fella who set me up I'm glad I have been able to use all the wonderful people on this forum to learn and understand the whats, whys and wherefores. Here's to the future, Chin Chin!
  2. Brilliant, off to shop first thing. My chickens are about 20weeks now so will that be ok for layers pellets?
  3. Hi there, that's what I read in other posts, I'm thinking of doing the same. It seems to me that there is more other stuff than the pellets which seems wrong to me. Is there a guide to what ratio to feed the ladies of pellet/ oyster etc
  4. Hi all! Just a quick one. When I got my chooks I was told to get asack of poultry gold, which I did, but what are people thought s on this for a POL hen? I only ask as I think there seems to be an awful lot of "stuff" in there that isn't pellets/oyster shell and particuly lots if corn/seed.
  5. as they get more comforatble eating from your hand do they calm there peck down as my Sussex has a vicious Peck on her!
  6. My condolences, its never nice to say goodbye to one of your ladies, but as you say you gave her a most egg-cellant retirement, she would of passed on in peace and comfort.
  7. My friends chickens are eating and drinking and moving around OK but they have a nasal discharge and are sneezing/coughing. Now his original 2 hens are sneezing as well so he is not a happy bunny. Another worry i had is that they are from the same place i got mine, one of which died of a chest infection. The breeder said he will replace her but im concerned since my friend just got 2 and they are ill. If this is a common occurrence i will take him up on his offer of replacement (im making quarantine quarters to keep my Sussex safe), otherwise i think i will go elsewhere
  8. Is this the norm as a friend of mine has just purchased some chooks to join his other two and after a day or two developed colds. I'm concerned as there from the same breeder as mine and I had a death due to a chest infection
  9. Thanks for your thought's everyone, I'll let you know what i choose and how it goes.
  10. Hi there folks, as some of you may know I've gone from 3 to 1 hens, all were young POL approx 18weeks old (can not remember what breeder said). Now I am getting at least 1 new hen next week but would really like to get 2. At this early stage (I've only had them for 3 weeks now) would it be A: reasonable to just introduce 2 hens straight away B: better to introduce just the one hen straight away C: Or should i follow the 3 week plan of introduction. Thanks for your thoughts.
  11. Hi there, does he do this constantly?
  12. Thanks for the support their After reading some more posts it would seem that chickens are abit wimpy when it comes to colds (a bit like men says the missus) I did t realise how final a cold can be for them. Live and learn eh!
  13. Oh well, just headed from my chicken man that bluebell (after looking well yesterday) past on in the night. So 2 down, Sussex is doing brilliantly she looks gorgeous strutting around pecking and scratching and chasing bugs. Well my chicken man said he will replace her for me for free which is nice, I just hope I have abit more luck. I can't see it was anything I have done directly (still doubt yourself though) but how do you protect against cold/chest infections, maybe if she was older she would have pulled through.
  14. Hehehe, can we post sound bites on the forum. It would be excellent to have a library of voices (and their assumed meaning real or fake) to here and compare.
  15. HI there Mr H sounds like you are on top of things, just as a little note there is a worming advice page here that may help you with administering the medicine:- http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=4619 As a new keeper i have found the information and people on this forum to be invaluable so any questions do ask Good Luck with your Bantam

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