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  1. I've had a double yoker from Grizzie every week since she started laying!!
  2. by the way the antibiotics name began with a 'T' - its wasnt Baytril.
  3. Well I have been using the eggs - ooppsss - I havent grown extra limbs or become 'Clive' yet!!
  4. Well Jesschicken24, I did notice Grizzy in the dustbath bathing on Sunday
  5. Do I need to withdraw eggs from consumption when the girls are taking antibiotics? Thanks Claire
  6. This sounds exactly the way doris has been the last week. I took her to the vet and she could nt find anything wrong either but prescribed anitbiotics and a course of flubenvet. She's to have picked up slightly over the last few days and has started eating and drinking again. I found she would eat a prridge of pellets and meal worms but cant do that now i am worming. Its fustrating not knowing what is wrong. I hope she picks up soon.
  7. Mine dust bath anywhere they can..apart from the dustbath I bought for them...they just poo in that (well it was a cat litter tray!!) ...I think they like space around them to dust bath, hence why the litter tray doesnt work!
  8. Doris Update; Last Wedensday/Thursday I had some long days at work so didnt get a chance to spend any time with them but was working from home on Friday. It was apparent that Doris was not good. She wasnt eating or drinking and just sat under the run. At this point I decided to take her to the vet. The vet checked her over and she had no crop problems and also felt her abdomen and that was OK. The vet commented that she felt thin as well. The vet suggested a course of anti-biotics and worming and to keep her seperate from the other hens. Well I got home and seperated her and it was quite obvious that she was severley depressed at being seperated from her friends; the others were adjitated too. So, with the vets approval I am worning and antibioticing them all to enable Doris to be with her friends. Over the weekend I made some mealworm porridge for the girls and managed to get her to eat some and on Sunday she started to eat out of the feeders and drink. I also noticed that her poos seemed to be getting back to normal. Yesterday she even ran to get the meal worm treat!! I think she might be gradually getting better but she is thinner than the others. I've started worming them today, so no treats or out of the run for a week! Its been really upsetting stressful as I havent known what to do for the best and to help her get better. I just hope that she is on the road to recovery.
  9. ...for the last week GRizzy has been laying double yokers bar a missed day of not laying and Sunday a tiny wee egg with a smidgen of yolk. Now I am not particularly worried as she is her usual self but are chickens like humans in the fact there are a finite number of eggs in the ovaries? If so, Grizzy will be 'free-loading' early in her life at this rate!! Not that it particularly bothers me as they are definitely pets to me rather than a food source! One thing that is in the back of my mind is that I think she laid a softie a few days before she started laying double yokers. I put that down to her getting used to laying as they are only around 28 weeks. They have grit available in a little feeder but dont seem to use it at all!
  10. Her eyes are clear and no mites; she has developed diarrhoea today and my other two's poo's are a bit runny too. I changed there food on Saturday to another brand and I wonder whether this is the problem. I've bought more of there original brand today and put that I their feeders and also put some poultry tonic in their water. I've also got some poultry drops that I'll give Doris tonight. Really worried about them, so much so that I've cancelled my weekend away, which I wouldn't enjoy if I knew they were poorly. I bought the girls at the end of July from a very reputable source as point of lay; do you think they could need worming this soon?
  11. Hi everyone I'm a little worried about Doris - she seems a little forlorn at the moment. I first noticed it on Sunday, she isn't fighting for mealworms like the others and took herself off to bed early and generally seems a little slower...she isn't an old lady as I got the chucks at the end of July. Doris is at the bottom of the pecking order and I wondered whether this was getting her down; I've seen Amber head butt her several times. I'm also worried about her feeding; the girls are only seem to like to eat out of the grub at the moment and ignoring the other feeder I have, so I'm wondering whether she can't get to feed. Last night me and hubby shut the cube door when she went in early and took her out and gave her some mealworms and I did a quick check over and she seems to be fine. Do chucks go a little melancholy at times? Any other suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!
  12. Go Hedwig!! All of mine are laying now and I've had 4 double yokers too; Grizelda layed one yesterday, it was double the size of her normal eggs, no wonder it took her an hour to lay!!!
  13. Whoop, whoop!! You can't beat that first egg feeling!!
  14. I'm glad this post has surfaced; I was going to put my aubiose/poo mix on my garden as mulch and compost the rest but my friend said not to put it on the garden till its well rotted down as it will take all the nutrients out of the soil. Is he right?
  15. I was quite worried about the ladies on Monday with all the rain we had; they didnt want to seek shelter under the cube and where really wet and very muddy!! They seem to be OK now and are looking alot cleaner!
  16. Well as predicted all my 2 chucks that hadn't started laying, started when I was on holiday!! Anyway, my Hubbie bless him studied thee laying behaviour for me and figured out which eggs where layed by which chicken. However, today, when I got back there where some strange eggs. Below is a picture of the eggs split into who we think layed the ; The most puzzling is the box on the left layed by Amber (we think!); can eggs from the same hen vary so much in colour? There was a soft shell egg in the coup rather than nest box but I think this is probably normal for the beginning of laying.
  17. My girls are soo picky...I have a plum tree and they will happily eat plums that have fallen on the ground but if I pick one and give it too them they leave it unless I squidge it and break the skin for them!!! I left a little gem lettuce with them in the run yesterday and when i returned home there wasnt any sign of it..either I have a magician in the flock or theyreally like it and completely mullered it!!...didnt like the brocolli though!!
  18. Woop, woop I got another today which I didn't expect!!
  19. I haven't got Silkies ( wish I had they are sooooo cute!) but I noticed with Doris, who started laying yesterday that over the last week her wattles have got really large as did her comb. Are your silkies doing the 'squat' when you try and stroke them?
  20. Got another one today too!! top bird Doris!! OH is looking after them so I ought to let him eat a couple!!
  21. I poached it this morning for breakfast - it was small but perfectly formed and delicious!! ..and yes it was Doris!! I might even get a few more before my holiday!
  22. Yay, I have my first egg!! Whoop, woop...well done Doris!! I'm sure it was Doris as she was in the nest box making a 'nest' this morning - bless her!! I am soo excited and pleased...my baby girls!!!

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