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  1. Thanks for all your replies have now moved her to a dog cage and she's much happier
  2. my hens are constantly picking and chasing one individual all of the time quite stressing her out .I have no where to remove her to does anyone have the same problem and a possible solution
  3. Thanks for your comments super chicken I am sure there's no predators about and they have been treated for red mite although they were clear .I have changed the hay in their nesting compartment today for shredded paper as that's the only thing that I think they may not like See how that goes.
  4. What is it with my four rirs I open them up at 6.30 to 7 in the mornings to find 2-3 smashed eggs in the waste trays.Their just not using the nesting compartment.I have tried putting a dummy egg in their but no good ,any suggestions besides giving up keeping poultry.
  5. My road I reds have gone into a moult and stopped laying ,is'nt it bit early in the year to start moulting.
  6. I do keep my eye on the ones coming out of the cube and go to the nest box straight away but once one jumps up to go to nest the others usually jump up to and stand in the cube as if they all want to lay together
  7. Thanks crissie yes have checked and cleaned out nest box but with no results
  8. Two of my four road I reds are periodically laying on the roosting bars instead of the nest box with the result that the eggs are getting smashed and falling into the trays underneath.Has anyone had the same problem and managed to overcome it.
  9. Thanks to all those that have replied to my calcium query your replies have been most helpful and with luck you've given me the solution to my problem
  10. Although my hens have a constant supply of grit and oyster shell I'm still getting 20%thin or shell less eggs is anyone aware of any calcium supplement available that I can add to their water

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