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  1. Awww that's sad when a fox gets them. I had one of my favourites taken by a fox and it broke my heart. Now we are careful!
  2. They can be right madams! Well it turns out I had bought a 'natural' anti peck spray from the farm. Ended up buying one from the internet which smells and tastes awful - I I know this as I sprayed it into my own hair..... The girls tried to continue pulling Amber's feathers but don't seem to like it very much! Every now and again they seem to forget about the taste and have another go I am sure we will get them to stop in the end though now. If not they will defo get the bumpa bits!
  3. Hi All, Firstly thank you for all the help in advance! Have had chickens for well over 4 years so most things we have learnt as we've gone on. Have a strange one though regarding feather pecking. I've had this trio of hens for well over a year now. However the last month has seen the eldest hen have her vent feathers pulled out by the other two. The girlies have plenty of space in the run and get a few treats in a hanging cage so I didn't think it is boredom that is the issue. As I write this they are all outside on the kitchen step and I can hear squawking as they continue to pull them out (even though they have the whole run of the garden) I note that one hen seems to be eating the feathers so clearly she has a taste for them. I went down to the local farm to buy some anti peck spray but this has done absolutely nothing so I am wondering if anyone has some other brands they could suggest? As I only have a trio at the minute it would be difficult to separate them. Thanks
  4. Poo's generally fine! The run has wood chips which have gotten a little wet (even with a rain cover) and I did a complete eglu deep clean over the weekend. She does feel a little bit skinnier than usual now that you mention it and she's been walking a little slower....but other then that she chases the cat when she sees him, she eat mealworms and she still tries to sneak into the kitchen to snoop for left overs! Could it be wet wood chips or the flubenvet just doing its job??
  5. Hello All, Its been a while since I've had to post anything hen related! Our Amber star has recently been opening her beak wide and stretching her head forward. She only seems to do this in the morning and other than the beak thing seems to be fine. This morning she looked a bit miserable but we've had torrential rain and she refuses generally to leave the comfort of her covered run on those days. The other 2 hens are fine and all were wormed last week with flubenvet! The only thing I can think of she may missed a dose as its powder and is mixed in with her food? If its gapeworm how can I be sure?
  6. It's hard to put them in a crate - my OH is too sensitive to do it so in the end let her out today she's gone back to crazed broody but at least he had the decency to put a flower pot and and ice pack in the nesting box. She's sat defiantly on the roosting bars growling. Back to the beginning over the weekend I think!
  7. Hello All, I have a bluebelle hybrid who is about 1 year's old and has decided to go broody. This would be great if I wanted chicks but I don't have a cockerel and don't need any extra hens at the moment. As a lot of you have broody breeds I need some advice! She has been like this a whole week and we have resorted to keeping her in a wicker cat carrier but leave this carrier in the run so she can be with the other girls. For the first 2 nights I brought her inside thinking a change of location might fix this....but it hasn't. Nor has placing plastic ice boxes underneath her helped. Now my OH is telling me I'm cruel for keeping her in solitary confinement. I have been letting her out in the garden to FR for an hour every day but she is clearly searching to get back to her next box. She was the lowest on the pecking order but now she is vicious and refuses to move without a fuss and she keeps making this gentle cooing sound which I can only presume is to call her chicks?? How long can this go on for??
  8. Hi all, One of my hens has clearly lost some weight but is still laying. It takes her a few hours but she gets there on the end! Other than this she is her chirpy happy self. On average for a hybrid how much should they weigh? Planning to keep of their weights just in case!!
  9. Awww so cute - green with envy over here!
  10. I love all the responses! Maybe we should have a topic just dedicated to annoying people in general!!
  11. Hi All, I've had two recent cases where I got really annoyed with peoples remarks to chicken keeping. I mentioned to a friends mother that I kept hens in my garden and her reply was 'you can't do that you'll get bird flu' The second was from ANOTHER friend who also used to keep hens. She explained that her hens were pets and she could never eat the eggs that they produced as to her they were aborted hens! Really?! So I presume she disposed of all eggs which seems like such a waste! Why keep hens if you won't eat the eggs! O.K rant over! What have people said to you recently that really got you ?
  12. Hi, I think my hens may have early stages of scaly leg but I really can't tell. When I look online I only see severe cases. In Nov of last year I mentioned that one of the middle toes looked like it had a bubble and got infected but it didn't seem to bother our bluebelle and we hoped it would go away. Unfortunately she still has it and I don't think the scales look as smooth as last year. I don't think she has got rid of those old scales still. It can time a long time to get new ones though. I attempt to treat all girls with a Nettex spray but it might as well be the devil to them Only one hen seems to enjoy the pampering! They had a foot spa treatment with nice warm water and a bit of soap and the spray and I think most ended up on me! What is the best way to check? Apart from the awful spray have you got any tips on treating it? My OH thinks I am over reacting (well they are my girls......)
  13. Great post will definitely be trying this one out! I've got some old mint flavoured vodka lying around the house somewhere which will do!
  14. Thanks all! I am happy to report that we've had no more fox attempts at all in the last week. The last time we saw a fox we threw a stone at it to scare it away and that seems to have done the trick for now! Fingers crossed that all stays well
  15. Well done! Enjoy your first eggs I remember that experience very well! Now I have the problem of too many eggs - I have got lovely neighbours who are quite willing to take a few boxes off my hands!

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