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  1. Thanks for your reply - sorry I've only just seen it! I got my eglu & my two little piggies. They are about 6 months old & have been indoors. As the weather is still warmish they are outdoors at the moment & seem fine/getting used to being handled. They really like snuggling up in a cozy pocket thing I bought for my french lops (who always ignored it), so I am going to get them something smaller to fit in the eglu (they have some vet bed in there at the moment). I think they will be fine in winter with the insulation cover & a snuggle safe/cozy pocket & some hay... but they will probably need exercise time indoors if the run is inaccessible (snow & the like). Quite charmed with them Thanks again, Rhianna
  2. Hi there, I'm going to be getting some guinea pigs in around a week or so (looking at getting ones that need rehoming). I have just bought a pink eglu + 2m run that should be arriving any day. I was planning on keeping them outside all year, with the piggies having an extreme temperature jacket + a snuggle safe / hay if necessary... however, I've been reading that although the eglu is advertised as suitable for guinea pigs all year round it actually isn't & that the piggies should be brought indoors in the winter & def kept off the grass? Thoughts/opinions please! I'm new to keeping piggies, although I have bunnies (mostly house bunnies, as they thumped like crazy in their hutch at night)... ! I'm sure I'd figure it all out, just want to be prepared Thanks X

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