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  1. I remember you too Janty I too have been gone for a while but missed having chickens so much (moved house and garden and neighbours did not permit) but now I'm back and have 2 lovely ladies who make me smile every day
  2. We incubated 12 quail eggs and have only had one hatch (so far) and to be honest not sure what to do now! I thought we'd have at least 4 so very disappointed. Shall I get some more eggs and try again asap? Will our lonesome chick be ok on her own? I've put a mophead in the brooder in the hope she doesn't feel lonely in there. Do I try and source some other chicks locally although I'm not sure about transporting them
  3. My DS and his girlfriend are also at Download, they went on Weds so have managed to catch most of the rain! They text on Thursday to say that the tent (brand new!) leaked and all of their things were soaked but they stuck it out and I'm collecting them tomorrow morning. Not looking forward to the mess, am planning on covering the entire inside of the car in tarpaulins At least they're having fun!
  4. I cringe whenever someone says 'pacific' when they mean 'specific'! Oh and my yoghurt still has a 'h' too
  5. I had a card left yesterday from Hermes saying that my parcel has been left behind the dustbins even though I have a large sign on my door asking couriers not to leave parcels as we've had them go missing in the past! I checked and surprise surprise no parcel! When I tried to call the number on the card, it tells me to contact the sender.....how on earth do I know who sent the parcel if it's not here?? There are no other numbers on their website so I've had to lie and say it was a Hermes parcel just so that I can contact them via email!! Have also been contacting the various companies that I've ordered from in the last few days to see who uses Hermes.
  6. I've used Shake n Vac on a couple of occasions but mainly to hide/eliminate smells ie when the kids were younger and couldn't get to the loo in time when they had a bug and vomited on the carpet. (they seemed to work!) I just assumed as Cinnamon says that they have an absorbent aspect to them?
  7. I'm missing my blackberry services too makes me realise how much I depend on emails etc. On a lighter note, this made me smile, (hope it's ok to post link to youtube, there's no swearing etc)
  8. Fantastic !! I started my new job today...as a postie should be a fun winter!
  9. My son has been working at McDs for almost a year now. When he was 16 he went around all the local businesses and they told him they couldn't employ someone under 18 due to H&S reasons. He then got a job in McDs at 16 using the deep fat fryers! I am so proud of him for sticking at it, the shifts are worked out weekly so you only find out on the Sunday what shifts you have that week (!) most of the shifts he works are 4pm-11pm, and he gets £4.35 per hour. He has learnt that work is tough (his feet ache after most shifts) and also he now has much more respect for money, when you earn £4.35 per hour, you realise that £20 for his girlfriend and him to go to the cinema is a lot of money whereas before he was earning it, he wouldn't think twice about asking me for it. Although McDs have their bad points they also have good ones too and they have many benefits to working there. Money off driving lessons etc. They also have a scheme where you can do a course which is worth several GCSEs and get paid to do it. When he first started there his friends all took the mickey because he was frying chicken but now most of them work there too. Even my best friend looks down her nose and refuses to let her son work there! But at least my son is happy earning some money and some independence My older son has Aspergers and that just opens a whole other can of worms looking for work!
  10. Right todays update The vets called me this morning and said that the first family had given permission for me to 'take over' Dexters care (he's a labradoodle btw) and she said that he had his first vaccination on 18th July and was not microchipped, I said 'Great, can I get an appointment for Monday as that's when his 2nd one will be due?'. She said that due to Data protection they could not vaccinate without the certificate...which they would be posting out to the first family today who would then have to post it to the breeder who would then have to post it to me.... unbelievable! I said ok so we're relying on 3 lots of post and 2 people posting it straight away. I asked what happens if it gets lost and she said that they would have to start all over again! Is it me or is this ridiculous??? They gave him the 1st vaccination....the first family have confirmed that we are now his owners...what's the problem??? So I rang a different vet and they agreed to vaccinate him (2nd one) on Monday. I will make sure I get the paperwork as obviously he will need it as a record. I am also anxious too (Donna) and won't really settle until I have had him checked over by a vet (Monday 12.30 - I'll let you know how it goes). Oh and the breeder also called me back today (finally) and said that she thought the vets were being a little over- protective too. (she advised trying a different vet) In the meantime he's a fantastic dog...the only damage he's done is burning 2 t-shirts that came in the post and the kids put on the ceramic hob....he then turned it on!! I didn't believe the kids til I saw him do it myself Thanks for all your advice and fingers crossed for monday
  11. The only problem I can see with asking for his next vacc is not knowing the first families name Chucky Mama, otherwise it's a good idea and I may well just turn up and plead with them Dogmother that's certainly an option - thanks
  12. We bought a new dog on Friday, he's beautiful. He's nearly 5 months old and we were told by the breeder that the first family who had him brought him back because they had a disabled son who was scared of him. We were told that he had already had his first vaccination and his second was booked for tomorrow (Friday). When we collected him the breeder said that she had forgotten his vaccination certificate and would post it on to us.....alarm bells rang then. Despite numerous requests by me by text (as she won't answer when I ring) she keeps saying she's forgotten to post it, so today I decided to take more direct action and call the vets directly where he was supposedly booked in. They won't speak to me without her permission, so I left them her number and asked them to call her. They called me back this evening to say that they still couldn't speak to me as it was the first family who had him vaccinated (allegedly), she could not tell me anything without their permission so I don't know if he has had anything done! She did tell me that there was no appointment made for tomorrow though. I have to wait for this first family to give their permission for me to know his history....I'm so angry....he is an absolutely fantastic dog, really well behaved, responds to all commands well etc. We're thinking he's almost too good to be true! My kids are desperate to walk him and I think the longer we leave it the harder it's going to be...we've tried to walk him around the garden to get him used to the lead but it's not going well He wasn't wearing a collar when we got him, so we put one on straight away and he's tolerating it now. I understand Data protection issues etc but I'm trying to be a responsible dog owner and I'm concerned that I'm going to have trouble walking him especially if they make me start his vaccs all over again...which they've mentioned so he'll be almost 6 months before he's allowed out. Any advice please
  13. I screamed ....my son sat behind me screamed .....the dogs came running to see what was wrong! When I finally got my heart rate down we laughed til we cried. Thank you for that
  14. Gervaise Phinn made me laugh out loud. He's like James Herriot but a school inspector...very funny. Also Tony Hawks....not the skater (or whatever he is) but the comedian - Round Ireland with a Fridge, Playing Tennis with The Moldovans and A Piano in the Pyrenees are great but I didn't enjoy One Hit Wonderland. He accepts silly challenges / bets and tells the story of the ensuing journey...great fun
  15. Constantly on the look out for fun things to keep the kids amused, I came across a website for spymissions for kids in Milton Keynes. It all looks pretty cool and my twins are very very into 'spies' at the moment and I wondered if anyone had tried them? I prefer to go on peoples recommendations and when I looked for reviews only came across 3, 2 great and 1 awful...so of course my next thought is always 'consult the omlet oracle'

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