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  1. Cute hens and I love the egg dust bath, where did you get it?
  2. No worries Dogmother Mullethunter, definitely getting hybrids now - they are still pretty birds and have such character!
  3. Yes, I think hybrids may be the way to go too! I have one hen left because I had to rehome the 2 Polish hens (one turned out to be a cockerel the other was bullied). So although I have had bad luck, only 2 of my 5 have died in 3 years. One had foul pox, the other the infection today so I do know why I sadly lost them and the vet wasn't worried. It doesn't fill me with confidence though
  4. Hi everyone! I am looking to increase my 'flock' because as of today, I sadly only have one girl left It was the same situation with Marjory my Goldline hen last September when her Speckled Maran friend Florence passed away. Thinking she was quite friendly, I introduced 2 Polish and 1 Faverolles hen and although Marjory was initially reluctant to share, they eventually became friends! Now Marjory is all alone again, and I am thinking about options of breeds to go with her. She is 3 yrs old and no longer laying so it would be nice to get some eggs again! She has today been diagnosed with a heart condition by the vet (not the best of days), but is a strong old girl! What I am after is robust, gentle, friendly birds foremost and it would be nice to get some eggs too! I was looking at Pekins and bantam Orpingtons (but am worried I will spend all my time stopping them from being broody). Other options are Sussex, Skyline, Welsummer or to go for Hybrid girls as I don't seem to have much luck with pure breeds! Any advice on breeds and suggestions of combinations gratefully received, they will be living in my Eglu Go in a 8ft x 9ft covered WIR with occasional free ranging. (Although I am tempted to upgrade to a Cube!) Thank you in advance for your help! There are so many beautiful hens out there and I am indecisive at the best of times...
  5. Goodbye to my sweet Faverolles girl Sibel. I had only had you since October, but you were such a lovely quiet gentle bird. You lost a lot of weight very quickly and there was nothing that could be done so I made the hard but best decision for you at the vets this morning. I will miss your comical squarky chatter - I kissed you goodbye and hope you are already running with the other chickens up in the sky somewhere - its so sad, I will miss you and so will your friend Margory...
  6. Grandmashazzie I am glad I am not the only one! I have managed to find him a good home with a lady who has other Polish hens only half an hour away from me. She's coming to collect Malcolm on Wednesday which will be sad but it's for the best! I found his new home on Facebook's 'Cockerel Trader' - highly recommended!
  7. He does have a nice quiet crow! We can't hear it in our house but our garden is quite long and the hen house is at the bottom... bless him, he is a sweetie!
  8. Cat tails I have contacted the breeder but she is an hour and a half away... Need to see what she says, I have also had another kind offer of taking him but they are not local either. I would rather he went to a good home though so at least I have options. Now to plan the hens I will get to replace him...! (Definitely not from the same breeder!)
  9. Thank you Cat tails, I will remember that for next time! I am now looking into whether any of my local friends knows of a good home for him. So sad
  10. Oh no, it's looking likely Mabel has changed sex!! Now what to do?? (Nothing until I am certain) I don't really want a cockerel with my 2 girls and I only have an eglu go so can't buy a much larger hareem for him! He is such a sweet little thing and so pretty, hopefully someone will want him... Where is best to advertise, I'd want him to go to a good home. (By the way how do you get the image to post on the forum page instead of the link?)
  11. So what happened Chickabee? Did you keep him? Here are some pics of Mabel, any thoughts on whether she is in fact a he appreciated - not done this before so hope it works:
  12. She does have lovely tail feathers and elaborate head feathers but I thought that was normal. In fact I had to trim the hair do a little last week as 'she' couldn't see! There is a red lumpy bit on top of her head, again I thought this normal. I got her at the beginning of Autumn so if it is a girl I was hoping for eggs soon... May explain the crowing as he is coming to maturity? Is that when they start cock-a-doodle-doing?? Worried if she is a he as I only have 2 other hens, but they are larger... Will try and find a way of showing images when back from work! Thanks for all your help.
  13. Hoping someone can help! The other day my husband mentioned that he thought someone in the neighbourhood had a cockerel as he heard it crowing... This morning I heard it too and it came from my Polish chicken 'Mabel' as I let her out of the hen house this morning. How do you tell if a Polish is a boy or girl? Also I've become rather fond of 'her'. If she is a boy is it ok to keep her with my Goldline and Faverolles hens? (I only have 3 chickens) I don't want to end up with fertilised eggs for breakfast! Any help appreciated! Thank you
  14. I started my hen keeping adventures with 2 hens just over 2 years ago. One recently died, since then my Goldline stopped laying and was looking very lonely so I decided to get her some friends... I got 3 more birds, introduced them to the eglu at night hoping for Margory to be over joyed when she was aware of their presence the next day. Couldn't have been more wrong! She chases them around the run pecking at them, stressing them out. I came home from work 3 days in to find one shaking in the middle of the run all hunched up - she had her eye pecked at and had to return her to the lady I bought her from so she could recover! Now with just 2 new birds, I have resorted to separating them and introducing them for an hour a day supervised but each time I try to introduce them Marjory goes for them. I can't even put them together at night for this reason and have had to get a spare house. They have a large walk in run and we have made a smaller area that can be separated off from the rest which is where the new birds go at the moment. I have had them just over 2 weeks now. I realise this will take time but wondered if I should try a bumpa bit on Margory. I have read they help stop feather pecking and thought that I could at least leave them to TRY to get along without the worry of finding a badly injured bird again which was heart breaking! Do people think this may work or at least limit any damage? Grateful for any advice!

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